Japanese Spirituality

English Japanese Spirituality Onisaburo Deguchi Prophecy

100 Years Ago, the Release of Apple Watch Was Predicted by a Japanese Psychic


photo credit: mak1e Steve Jobs 1955-2011 via photopin (license) On April 24, 2015, Apple Watch was r ...

English Harumichi Hida Japanese Spirituality Spiritual Philosophy

Scientific Principle of Zen Enlightenment (Satori) Discovered by a Genius


Teachings of Zen Master, Dogen Zenji Dōgen watching the moon. Hōkyōji monastery, Fukui prefecture, c ...

English Japanese Spirituality Spirit World Tenmei Okamoto

Crack the Codes of God to Reveal the Secret of the Spirit World


On June 10, 1944, Tenmei Okamoto, a deputy of a Shinto priest of Hachiman shrine (also known as Hato ...

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