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Japanese Clairvoyance Psychic Versus Newspaper Reporter

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This is a true story written by a Japanese writer and a politician of the Liberal Democratic Party, Tōkō Kon.


Tōkō Kon (1898-1977). He was a Japanese writer and a politician of the Liberal Democratic Party. He wrote the novel "Ogin-sama" in 1956, for which he received the 36th Naoki Prize, a Japanese famous literary award.

Man possessed by a Fox Spirit

According to Kon, one day, his friend, Mitsuzo Sasaki came to his home and said,

Why don’t you see Mr. Onisaburo Deguchi?

I was very surprised!

Mitsuzo Sasaki (1896-1934). He was a Japanese novelist. He was best known for samurai novels, including "Umon's Detective Story" and "Taikutsu otoko Hatamoto" These novels gained such popularity that each of their volumes were cinematized.

Sasaki was crazy about literary from his early days and he always wore a red turkish cap.


So, Sasaki was known as a famous figure of Meji University in Tokyo.


Since Sasaki was very mature for his age and nothing could surprise him, Kon was sure that Onisaburo must be a really amazing man.


Sasaki said to Kon with excitement,

I went with someone to see Mr. Onisaburo.


We sat in front of Mr. Onisaburo to exchange courtesies with him.


Suddenly, he breathed on my shoulders and fluttered his hands as if he drove away something.

Deguchi Onisaburo (1871-1948). He was a spiritual leader of religious movement in Japan in the early 1900s. He left a voluminous amount of prophetic writings. According to some of his followers, Onisaburo's prediction rate is more than 95% and his predictions are coming true even today.

Sasaki was wondering why Onisaburo was doing such a strange thing.


So, he asked Onisaburo,

"Excuse me, Sir.

 What are you doing?"

 Onisaburo smiled at Sasaki,

I saw an old fox which possessed you sat on your shoulders.

So, I just drove it away now.

A depiction of a woman possessed by a fox, by a Japanese artist, Okada Gyokuzan. This state of possession by a fox was called  "Kitsune-tsuki " in Japan.

And Onisaburo added,

Your life must have been full of cares and worries, since that old fox possessed you. 

Onisaburo’s words came home to Sasaki's heart.


Actually, as Onisaburo have mentioned, Sasaki's life was really full of cares and worries, because he was burdened with huge debts after his brother’s death and he took care of all his brother's family.


In addition, Sasaki also took care of family of the boarding house in which he had lived during his young days, because the family had helped him in deep trouble.


Therefore, no matter how much money he earned, it wasn’t enough.


So, Onisaburo's words hit the nail on the head.


Sasaki could not restrain his excitement.

Mr. Onisaburo told me an old fox had possessed me and this was why I have lived a hard life, so far.


So, you should see Mr. Onisaburo, because I think something like a fox may possess you, too!

In this way, Sasaki urged Kon to see Onisaburo.

Clairvoyance Psychic vs. Newspaper Reporter

Later, Sasaki also told a newspaper reporter his amazing experience, but the reporter did not believe him.


On the contrary, he mocked Sasaki,


A fox spirit possessed you?

That's absolute nonsense!

You are being deceived by a crazy man!

I think Onisaburo uses a cold reading!


It’s a conventional technique used by psychics, fortune-tellers, mediums and scam artists to imply the reader knows much more about the person than the reader actually does.


I bet you are deceived by such a cunning fraud!


Take me to Onisaburo immediately!

I will catch the fraud out!

Thus, Sasaki took the reporter to Onisaburo.


Sasaki told Onisaburo that the reporter was skeptical about Onisaburo's spiritual power.


Onisaburo nodded with a grin.

I got it.

He as well as most people is suspicious of my spiritual power.


In particular, people today believe that skeptics are so cool.


Well, I will make him believe so that he cannot doubt enough.

So, Onisaburo turned to the reporter, and said,

I will tell you how much money do you have in your wallet.


Do you know how much money you have now, to the small coins?

The reporter answered diffidently.

"Umm, I don't know that exactly. "

That's how it is with most people.

Well, I will tell you how much money you have now.


You have a 10 yen bill, a 5 yen bill, three 1 yen bill and the loose coins are 38 sen.


Thus, the total amount of your money is 18 yen and 38 sen.


Now, let's see money in your wallet!

Then, the reporter took out his leather wallet and coin purse out of his pocket.

Amazingly, the total amount was exactly 18 yen and 38 sen, just as Onisaburo told.


The reporter’s jaw dropped to the floor.

No way!

How do you know?


I can't think you are a mindreader, cause even I didn't know exactly how much money I had in my pocket!

How is it possible?

After all, the reporter had to admit Onisaburo's spiritual power.

I'm sorry, Sir.

I got to hand it to you.

He apologized for suspecting Onisaburo's spiritual power.


Onisaburo told him with a smile.

It’s quite simple.


Today, there are quite a few people who call them as leaders of new religions.

But, they can’t even do something as simple as this.


However, anyone can do this, if they have enough spiritual power.


This spiritual power is called as “Houriki” in Buddhism.

Furthermore, Onisaburo added as follows, 

So, it's no wonder Christ performed many miracles.

Christ Walks on Water, by Ivan Aivazovsky, 1888. To many Christians and Muslims, it is believed that the miracles of Jesus are actual historical events. According to Onisaburo, it is no wonder that Jesus performed many miracles. 

This episode may be unbelievable to you, but it is the true story written by a Japanese writer and a politician of established reputation.


Some day, you may also gain an amazing spiritual power!


June 3, 2018



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