Hitsuki Shinji: The Final Revelation of God Radically Changes the World

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This is a true story of a man who received a revelation in cipher through automatic writing from God that created the universe.

A Psychic Experiment to Receive a Revelation from a Spiritual Entity

On April 18, 1944, a Japanese group, Shushi Kyoyokukai (Historiographical Cooperation Association) performed a psychic experiment in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan.

The member of Shushi Kyoyokukai studied ancient history of Japan.

In the experiment, they used a method of planchette writing called as Fuji.

Fuji is a Chinese method using a tray to guide a stylus that writes characters in sand as shown below.


In this experiment, they placed a tray covered with sand four inches thick on the table.

Then, two media called jishou held a stylus in the shape of “T” (in the above figure, in the shape of “Y”) over the tray.

The stylus consists of a branch and a pencil attached to the bottom of the branch.

During the session, a god (kami) or a spirit possessed the media and moved the stylus to write some characters in sand.

Tenmei Okamoto, A Japanese Painter and Shintoist

In the experiment, Tenmei Okamoto (1897-1963), a Japanese painter and a deputy of a Shinto priest of Hachiman shrine (also known as Hatomori Hachimangu) acted as a spiritual judge and a master.

Tenmei Okamoto (1897-1963) wearing a garment of a Shinto priest

Hatonomori Hachiman Shrine

Source Thirteen-fri – own work

A spiritual judge assesses a god or spirit that possessed media to judge its authenticity.

Thus, a spiritual judge must have extensive psychic experience and a broad knowledge of spirit world as well as good judgement.

Tenmei was well qualified for a spiritual judge, because he had plenty of spiritual knowledge and psychic experience seeing ghosts and hearing their voices from his childhood.

By the way, among the participants in the experiment were Zeku Takai, the president of Taiyo Kogyo corporation and Kiichi Ogawa, a major general in the Imperial Japanese Army.

Most of them were Japanese intellectuals and thus they did not believe in psychic phenomena such as spirit possession.

So, Tenmei suggested to them that some of the participants act as media in the experiment, because he wanted the experiment to be unquestionable.

Shinto God, Ameno Hitsukunokami Possessed Media

In the first experiment, the president Takai and a Japanese woman acted as media and they held the stylus in one hand.

A few minutes later, the stylus slowly moved, drawing a line in sand.

At first, a Chinese letter that means “Heaven” was written.

Then, a Japanese letter “Hi” was written in hiragana (a Japanese syllabary).

After that, two hiragana letters “Tsu” and “Ku” were followed.

Is that the name of a god (kami)?

Tenmei asked the god that possessed media, but there came no reply.

Then in the second experiment, the major general Ogawa and another person acted as media and they tried the experiment.

As a result, the letters “Hitsukunokami” meaning “God of the Sun and the Moon” were written in sand.

After that, some couples of the members tried experiments.

However, in any experiment, they received the same answer from the god, that is, they received the name “Hitsukinokami” or “Ameno Hitsukinokami” meaning

Heavenly God of the Sun and the Moon

To other questions, there was no reply.

However, all participants were fascinated by the mysterious result.

No one there knew about the god named “Ameno Hitsukunokami.

So, they looked up the god name “Ameno Hitsukunokami” in some dictionaries of god names, but they could not find it in any dictionary.

Ameno Hitsuku Shrine Actually Existed

After all, they finished the experiment without knowing the god name “Ameno Hitsukunokami” that day.

A few days after the experiment, Tenmei heard from one of the participants that the shrine “Ameno Hitsuku Shrine” was in an encyclopedia published by Heibonsha, Ltd.

According to the encyclopedia, Makata Shrine was located in Daikata, Kozu village, Inba district (the present Narita city), Chiba Prefecture.

And Ameno Hitsuku Shrine was the undershrine of Makata Shrine.

The Makata Shrine

Source Hoku-sou-san – own work

Tenmei was very surprised to know that Ameno Hitsuku Shrine actually existed.

The Beginning of Automatic Writing

On June 10, two months after the experiment, Tenmei was invited to visit his acquaintance’s house.

Tenmei asked the acquaintance’s address to get directions to the house.

By a curious coincidence, the acquaintance lived in Kozu village where Ameno Hitsuku Shrine was located.

This must be an invitation from the god, Ameno Hitsukunokami.

Tenmei followed his intuition and he determined to visit Makata Shrine without hesitation.

Makata Shrine

Source Hoku-sou-san – own work

Tenmei went to Ameno Hitsuku Shrine which is an undershrine of Makata Shrine.

Ameno Hitsuku Shrine

Source Hoku-sou-san – own work

At that time, Tenmei always carried Xuan papers for painting and portable writing sets with him, because he was also a Japanese-style painter.

After praying, Tenmei took a little rest in a shrine office.

Suddenly, the blood vessels of his right hand bulged out and Tenmei suffered great pain.

Oh! My hand hurts!

Tenmei moved his right hand in pain.

Then, Tenmei found himself putting his pen on the paper.

Surprisingly, his right hand began to move spontaneously.

And Tenmei wrote some characters on the paper with pen against his will.

That was the beginning of the revelation of the god, Ameno Hitsukunokami.

From that day, Tenmei’s automatic writing happened intermittently and it continued for seventeen years by 1961.

The revelation was called as

Hitsuki Shinji


The Sun and the Moon Revelation

that came from the name of the god Ameno Hitsukunokami.

A Secret Revelation Written in Cipher

The words of Hitsuku Shinji are written in Chinese numerals, Japanese cursive syllabary (hiragana) and symbols.

The original text of Hitsuki Shinji

The opening words in Hitsuki Shinji, Volume 1, “Uetsumaki” are as follows.

Here, when we replace Chinese numerals with Arabic numerals and write hiragana characters in English and replace a circle having a central point with @, the above opening words are written as follows.







As you can see, the above words include a lot of numbers and symbols and thus they seems to be written in cipher.

In this way,

Hitsuki Shinji is a revelation written in cipher.

Therefore, even Tenmei himself could not understand what Hitsuki Shinji said.

To understand it, it was necessary to decipher the code of Hitsuki Shinji.

A Professional Team for Deciphering “God’s Code” Was Formed

At first, Tenmei tried to crack a code of Hitsuki Shinji by himself, but he could not.

So, Tenmei asked his fellow Shintoists to help him with his deciphering work of Hitsuki Shinji.

Responding to his call, a professional team for deciphering God’s code was formed.

It was a complicated work, but they advanced deciphering work of Hitsuki Shinji step by step.

Here, I would like to give some examples of deciphering the code of HItsuki Shinji.







In the above opening words, the number string “22” can be converted as “Mt. Fuji” and the number “8” can be converted as “is.”

228: Mt. Fuji is

Then, the string “8Re10” can be converted as “clear”.

8Re10: clear

Thus, “2288Re10” can be converted as follows.

2288Re10: The sky is clear above Mt. Fuji

Then the string “2Hon8Re” can be converted as “cloudless.”

2Hon8Re: cloudless

And the string “@No92No” can be converted as “in the Kingdom of God.”

@No92No: in the Kingdom of God

Furthermore, the string “Ma910” can be converted as “truth.”

Ma910: truth

Then the string “@No” can be converted as “God.”

@No: God

The string “ChiKaRaWoARa8Su” can be converted as “the power is shown.”

ChiKaRaWoARa8Su: the power is shown

The string “4107ReRu” can be converted as “The age is coming.”

4107ReRu: The age is coming

After all, the above opening words can be converted as follows.

The sky is clear and cloudless above Mt. Fuji.

The age is coming when the true power of God in the Kingdom of God is shown.

The Final Revelation of God That Created the Universe

The result of the deciphering work of Hitsuki Shinji was astonishing.

It was divine revelation from God that created the universe.

Actually, Ameno Hitsukunokami declared that

Hitsuki Shinji is the final revelation of God, following the divine revelations of every religion around the world including Christanity, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism and so on.

By the way, it may seem strange to you that the revelation received in Japan has something to do with all religions around the world.

However, it is no wonder that the final revelation of God was provided in Japan for the following reasons.

According to Japanese Shinto Philosophy, it is considered that

All religion originated from the same source (God).

Actually, Onisaburo Deguchi (1871-1948), the greatest psychic and philosopher of Japan said,

All religions spring from the same origin.

Deguchi Onisaburo (1871-1948), the greatest psychic and philosopher of Japan.

Furthermore, Japan is the only country where the Eastern culture and the Western culture can coexist and religion and science can fuse into one.

The Final Revelation of God May Change Everything in the World

Surprisingly, Hitsuki Shinji covers a wide range of topics from the future prediction, the structure of the spirit world, the new economic system to replace current capitalism, new political form and the new principles of philosophy and science and so on.

Especially, it is full of innovative ideas that can overcome the deadlock of modern science and capitalism.

In addition, according to some Japanese spiritual researchers,

The predictions of Hitsuki Shinji have been fulfilled with 100% accuracy.

In this way, Hitsuki Shinji is an amazing revelation.

Nevertheless, Hitsuki Shinji is not widely known outside Japan, although it is well known in Japan.

However, the wisdom and the philosophy revealed in Hitsuki Shinji has potential of causing radical changes in everything in the world, including science, economy, politics and so on.

And this is the reason why I decided to introduce Hitsuki Shinji and its amazing philosophy and innovative ideas in English.

Someday, the age may come when the true power of God in the Kingdom of God will be shown, as Hitsuki Shinji declared.

Published on September 8, 2018

Updated on July 7, 2019

Written by OTAKUPAPA


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