Toshie Osanami: Japanese Female Psychic Who Conducted a Psychic Experiment in Court to Extract “Divine Water” From Thin Air [Part 1]

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Toshie Osanami (1863 – 1907)

This is a true story of a Japanese female psychic who conducted a psychic experiment in court to extract “divine water,” which cures all illnesses, from thin air.

On December 12, 1900, an unprecedented psychic experiment was conducted at the Kobe District Court.

Kobe District Court

In the courtroom, under the presence of Judge Iwae Nakano, Associate Judge Kishimoto, Prosecutor Takagi, and attorney Kotaro Yokoyama, the defendant, Toshie Osanami (37 years old at the time), performed an experiment to extract “divine water” from thin air, which was said to cure all illnesses.

In this article, I would like to present the background leading up to Toshie Osanami’s psychic experiment to extract “divine water” from thin air at the courthouse.

Toshie Osanami: A Japanese Female Psychic Who Extracts “Divine Water” from Thin Air to Cure All Illnesses

Toshie Cured Numerous Sick People with Divine Water

Toshie Osanami had come to Osaka from her native Yamagata in the spring of 1900 by her brother Yukichi to have her mysterious psychic abilities verified at Kyoto University.

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