Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa: A Japanese Sister Who Received Amazing Messages From Our Lady of Akita

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Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa (born May 28, 1931) is a Japanese sister.

Sr. Sasagawa is a member of a Catholic community, the Seitai Hoshikai (Handmaids of the Holy Eucharist) at Yuzawadai, Akita, Japan.

In 1973, Sr. Sasagawa reported the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary which is known as Our Lady of Akita in Catholic world.

Sr. Sasagawa received messages from the angel and the Virgin Mary.

Amazingly, those messages are closely related to the messages the three children had received at Fatima.

Here, I would like to introduce the wonderful life of Sr. Sasagawa.

Sister Sasagawa Has Overcome Many Hardships in Her Life

Katsuko Sasagawa was born prematurely.

Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa

Since she was a child, Sasagawa always had a weak constitution.

At the age of 19, she was struck by a paralysis of the central nervous system caused by a mistake during an appendectomy.

Since then, she became immobilized for 16 years.

During that period, Sasagawa was transferred from hospital to hospital and underwent one operation after the other.

In this way, she suffered her great hardship.

However, in a clinic in Myoko, Niigata, she met a nurse, Ms. W..

Ms. W. was a fervent Catholic.

Thanks to the devoted care of Ms. W., Sasagawa’s condition improved and it made her take her first steps in the Christian faith.

Awakened to the love of God, Sasagawa wanted to enter a religious community, because she earnestly desired to become devoted to the service of God.

At first, her parents feared because of her health, but they finally allowed her to join the community of the Sisters of Junshin (The Congregation of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary) in Nagasaki.

In 1969, Sr. Sasagawa heard about the Institute of the Handmaids of the Eucharist, a community in which one could live a consecrated life while remaining in society.

Upon the invitation of Bishop Ito, founder of the Institute, Sasagawa joined the Handmaids.

In addition to caring for the church she taught catechism.

Sr. Sasagawa Lost Hearing in Both Ears

However, shortly after that, Sr. Sasagawa suffered her great hardship again.

Towards the end of January of 1973, she began to notice a diminution of hearing in both ears.

On Friday, the 16th of March, when she went to answer a telephone call from the Motherhouse of the Handmaids, Sr. Sasagawa suddenly realized that she had completely lost her hearing.

She heard the bell, but when she took up the telephone, she found herself plunged into total silence.

She was stunned by the sudden hearing loss.

An ENT doctor of a hospital of Niigata, Dr. Sawada performed a detailed examination.

As a result, Dr. Sawada found that she lost her hearing in her right ear.

He also diagnosed her as suffering a progressive hearing loss in her left ear with little chance of recovery.

At this time, Sr. Sasagawa was in a state of extreme fatigue.

She was immediately hospitalized to receive a treatment and rest cure.

Afterwards, she took an intensive course in lip reading in order to regain social contact.

Sasagawa continued with uninterrupted training during the succeeding 43 days until she left the hospital.

Then, it just happened that she received a letter from the Handmaids of the Eucharist.

The letter offered her to live in a life of prayer in the Motherhouse of the Handmaids of the Eucharist.

Thus, on May 12, 1973, Sr. Sasagawa left her home and arrived at the convent in Yuzawadai accompanied by her sister and her sister-in-law.

In this way, Sr. Sasagawa was welcomed like a member of the family by six sisters of the community.

After that, Sr. Sasagawa experienced a lot of amazing miraculous events.

Sr. Sasagawa Saw a Mysterious Light From a Tabernacle

On June 12, 1973, when Sr. Sasagawa got inside the chapel, she saw a mysterious light from a tabernacle.

The next morning, Sr. Sasagawa was struck by the blinding light in the chapel again.

The following Thursday, on June 14, when Sr. Sasagawa was praying before the Blessed Sacrament with her fellow sisters, she saw a mysterious red light.

According to Father Yasuda, it was the sign of the approaching visit of the Virgin Mary.

If you are interested in the mysterious lights that Sr. Sasagawa saw, please click the link below.

The Apparitions of Angels

Then, on June 28, 1973, the eve of the Feast of the Sacred Heart, adoration was made by four sisters including Sr. Sasagawa.

Shortly after the beginning of the silent meditation, Sr. Sasagawa saw a cloud of angels appeared around the altar.

The next day, Friday, June 29, was the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

The moment Sr. Sasagawa and the superior Sister K. begun the Rosary, a mysterious figure appeared to Sr. Sasagawa’s immediate right.

The person was Sr. Sasagawa’s guardian angel.

The angel taught her a lot of knowledge.

Some of the knowledge were prayers that Sr. Sasagawa did not know.

Amazingly, it was later proven that one of the prayers taught by the angel were the same as as taught by the Virgin to the three shepherd children at Fatima.

In 1916, nine-year-old Lúcia dos Santos and her cousins Francisco and Jacinta Marto were herding sheep at the Cova da Iria near their home village of Aljustrel in the parish of Fátima, Portugal. They later said they were visited three times by an apparition of an angel. They said the angel, who identified himself as the “Angel of Peace” and “Guardian Angel of Portugal”, taught them prayers.

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Bleeding Wooden Statue of Virgin Mary

On June 28, 1973, when Sr. Sasagawa saw a cloud of angels appeared around the altar, another mysterious event happened to her.

During the prayer in the chapel, Sr. Sasagawa felt as if her left palm begun to hurt.

When she opened her left palm, there was a noticeable cross-like welt in the center of her palm.

The wound was as if a cross had been engraved in the skin.

Then she found a small hole in the center of the cross-like wound in her left palm and blood was oozing from the hole.

It was the wound of stigmata.

Particularly, when she felt an acute pain, fresh blood gushed out of the hole in her left hand.

Amazingly, there also appeared a wound in the middle of the little palm of the wooden statue of Virgin Mary.

It was the same cross-like wound as that of Sr. Sasagawa and blood oozed painfully from the central hole.

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The Revelation from the Guardian Angel in a Dream

On the night of August 3, 1973, a small but strange incident happened to Sr. Sasagawa.

About midnight, she was suddenly awakened by shouts,

Get up!

Get up!

It was the voice of her guardian angel.

Amazingly, the angel saved Sr. Sasagawa three times.

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The Attacks of the Devil on Sr. Sasagawa

On August 4, 1973, Sr. Sasagawa was about to go into the chapel for the evening office.

Suddenly, to her surprise, she felt herself grabbed roughly by the shoulder from behind and pulled back.

Sr. Sasagawa turned to the left to look over her shoulder.

Then she noticed a dark shadow flopped over her.

It was an attack by the devil.

Amazingly, Sr. Sasagawa was attacked by the devil several times.

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Sweating Wooden Statue of Virgin Mary

After that, on September 29, 1973, when some sisters were reciting a prayer during the course of the evening office, the next surprising incident happened.

Toward the end of the prayer, the statue began shine brilliantly.

Then the sister at the front noticed that the statue began streaming with something like sweat.

Amazingly, the whole body of the statue was drenched with the sweat.

Especially, on the forehead and the neck, no matter how much they wiped the statue, something like oily sweat oozed out endlessly.

Furthermore, the sweat emitted heavenly fragrance!

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Miraculous Cure of Hearing Loss

On May 18, 1974, during the morning Eucharistic adoration, the guardian angel appeared to Sr. Sasagawa.

To her surprise, the angel said as follows:

Your ears will be opened in August or October.

You will hear and your ears will be healed.

But, that will last only for a while.

You will become lose your hearing again, because the Lord still wishes this as an offering.

As the angel told her, Sr. Sasagawa’s hearing loss was cured.

However, as the angel had announced, her return of hearing lasted for only five months.

Although it was temporary, this miraculous cure was as predicted by the angel.

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Weeping Wooden Statue of Virgin Mary

It was about 9:00 a.m. on January 4, 1975, the first Saturday.

When Father Yasuda was in the presbytery, he suddenly got the shocking news.

The statue of the Virgin Mary is weeping!

Actually, both eyes of the carved wooden statue were glistening.

They were filled with tears and the tears overflowed and streamed down.

It really just looked like the statue was weeping.

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Scientifically Proven Miracle of the Weeping Statue of Virgin Mary

August 22, 1981, Father Yasuda placed the cotton in contact with a teardrop on the chin of the statue to absorb it.

Then he brought it to Akita University.

Father Yasuda asked Professor Kaoru Sagisaka of the forensic medicine class of the medical department at Gifu University to conduct a scientific test through Professor Eiji Okuhara of the first biochemical class of the medical department at Akita University.

Prof. Sagisaka Kaoru (1934 –) is well known as an authority on forensic medicine in Japan.

The results were amazing.

If you are interested in the results of the scientific test of the weeping wooden statue of Virgin Mary, please click the link below.

The Complete Cure of the Hearing Loss

On March 25, 1982, the Feast of the Annunciation, which is a most important Feast of the Institute of the Handmaids of the Eucharist, Sr. Sasagawa received a message from the guardian angel again.

The angel said:

You feel painful in your lost hearing, dont you?

The time of the cure which I had promised you is close at hand.

Just as before, through the intercession of the Holy and Immaculate Virgin, your ears will be completely cured before Him who is truly present in the Eucharist.

And thus the work of the Most High will be accomplished.

Amazingly, just as the angel had predicted, Sr. Sasagawas ears was healed.

The detailed examination of Sr. Sasagawa’s ears showed that they had been completely cured.

The doctor seemed very impressed by the complete cure of her ears.

If you are interested in the complete cure of the hearing loss of Sr. Sasagawa, please click the link below.

A Korean Woman in a Vegetative State due to Terminal Brain Cancer Miraculously Cured by Our Lady of Akita

On October 15, 1983, Korean pilgrims led by Father Oh Ki Saun came to Yuzawadai, Akita, Japan.

Among the pilgrims was Ms. Theresa Chun and her elder sister.

Ms. Theresa Chun was 46 years old woman living in South Korea.

Ms. Chun had been in a vegetative state due to terminal brain cancer.

But, amazingly, she was miraculously cured by the grace of Our Lady of Akita.

Ms. Theresa Chun was completely cured by a miracle of Our Lady of Akita

Actually, there are X-ray images of Ms. Chun during the sickness and after the complete cure.

X-ray image of the brain of Ms. Chun in a vegetative state

X-ray image of Ms. Chun after the complete cure by Our Lady of Akita

Thus, it is a scientifically proven miracle.

Messages of Virgin Mary Warning a World Catastrophe

By the way, why did these miraculous phenomena happen in Akita, Japan?

In this regard, Bishop Ito pointed out that those miracles had something to do with the messages from the statue of the Virgin Mary which Sr. Sasagawa received with her deaf ears.

The heart of the third message given by Our Lady at Akita is a warning which can be summed up as follows:

If men do not repent and better themselves, there will be a terrible chastisement.

At Fatima, Our Lady had said that if Her requests were not heard, 

Error will spread from an atheist Russia throughout the entire world, fomenting further wars, the good will be persecuted, the Holy Father will suffer much, and several entire nations will be annihilated. 

Furthermore, on October 2019, shocking news that Sr. Sasagawa received new messages from her guardian angel after more than 30 years of silence made headlines around the world.

According to Sr. Sasagawa,

I felt the time is near.

Thus, we should focus on the future messages of Sr. Sasagawa to prepare for the approaching apocalypse.

If you are interested in the messages from Our Lady of Akita and Sr. Sasagawa’s new messages in 2019, please click the link below.

Visit Akita and Confirm the Miracles of Our Lady of Akita

As described above, Our Lady of Akita worked various miracles, such as the miraculous cures of a deaf woman and a patient with terminal brain cancer as well as the bleeding and weeping statue.

Nevertheless, some people still cannot believe these miracles.

For such skeptical people, I recommend that you go and see if the miracles of Our Lady of Akita are true.

Especially, if you plan to visit Japan for the 2020 Summer Olympics, you should go to Akita!

For the detailed information of Our Lady of Akita, please click on the following link.


1, Soelgawa Yuzawadai, Akita-shi, Akita-ken 010-0822, Japan

Please go and see the miracles of Our Lady of Akita with your own eyes!

Published on September 24, 2019

Written by OTAKUPAPA


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