Amazing Revelation from a Guardian Angel in a Dream: The Miracle of Our Lady of Akita

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This is a true story of a Japanese sister who received a revelation from her guardian angel in a dream which saved her and her fellow sisters from a disaster.

Have you ever had the same dream over and over again?

Such a dream may be a kind of revelation from your guardian angel to save you from an upcoming disaster.

In this post, I would like to introduce a Japanese sister who was saved by her guardian angel many times, which was a harbinger of the following supernatural phenomena, that is, a miraculous wooden statue of the Holy Mother Mary that wept 101 times.

Our Lady of Akita, a miraculous wooden statue that wept 101 times.

The Miracle of Our Lady of Akita

The following story is based on the book “Akita: The Tears and Message of Mary” written by Father Teiji Yasuda (1916 – 2013), chaplain of the convent in Akita, Japan.

Father Teiji Yasuda (1916 – 2013)

In this book, Father Yasuda introduced “Our Lady of Akita,” a miraculous wooden statue of the Holy Mother Mary that wept 101 times and shed blood from its hand.

It may be hard to believe, but on March 14, 1989, the Most Rev. John Shojiro Ito (1909-1993), retired Bishop of Niigata approved this book in the following words:

I recommend this book and testify that its contents are true.

Bishop of Niigata, the Most Rev. John Shojiro Ito (1909-1993).

Actually, the weeping and bleeding statue of the Virgin Mary was so miraculous that it was broadcast on Japanese national television.

Furthermore, it gained notice with the miraculous healing of hearing loss of Sr. Sasagawa who received messages from the Blessed Virgin.

Therefore, it was a miracle happened to an obscure convent in Akita.

Source Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa) – Own work

The Guardian Angel Saved the Covenant from a Fire

On the night of August 3, 1973, a small but strange incident happened to Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa (born May 28, 1931).

About midnight, she was suddenly awakened by shouts,

Get up!

Get up!

It was the voice of her guardian angel.

So, Sr. Sasagawa sprung out of bed and opened the door.

The hallway was filled with strange smell.

She smelled like something was burning.

Following the smell, she went down the stairs and stepped into the kitchen.

At that moment, the blazing kettle like a ball of fire caught her eye!

Sr. Sasagawa was stunned and her drowsiness went away.

She run to the kettle and reflectively shut off the gas.

Then she got some water and desperately poured it on the incandescent kettle which was about to burst into flame.

Finally, in the dissipating steam, the kettle became a worthless wreck.

In the bottom, the herbs, which was burnt black, was still giving out a strange odor.

Sr. Sasagawa heard about it later that a sister had gone to bed forgetting that she was preparing a decoction.

If it had been little later, the convent might have been on fire.

The sisters were greatly relieved to find that nothing serious happened.

If Sr. Sasagawa had not noticed the kettle on fire, the terrible thing might have happened.

In this way, the guardian angel saved Sr. Sasagawa and her fellow sisters in real life many times.

The Guardian Angels Accompanying Sisters

After that, on October 2, 1973, Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels, Sr. Sasagawa had another strange experience.

That day, the Mass began at 6:30 and then at the Consecration, a dazzling light suddenly appeared.

It was the same light as the impaling radiation from the tabernacle which she had seen during three days from June 12.

So, Sr. Sasagawa repeated in her heart.

My Lord and My God!

At that moment, she saw angels praying to the shining Host.

They were on their knees with their back to Sr. Sasagawa and making a semicircle around the altar.

Obviously, they were not human beings.

She felt that they were on their knees, but it does not mean that she saw their legs, because she could not confirm them.

Furthermore, she did not know for sure what kind of clothes the angels were wearing, because she felt that they were just enveloped in white light.

They looked like human beings, but they were somethings between adults and children.

Rather, they were intermediate existences that transcend human age.

Nevertheless, they were substantial entities, not illusions.

Even if they do not have wings, one cannot mistake them for human beings, because their bodies were enveloped in a kind of mysterious light.

Sr. Sasagawa was amazed to see the angels.

Is that an illusion?

So, she blinked and rubbed her eyes.

However, the eight angels were still making a respectful adoration to the Most Blessed Sacrament.

While she was watching this mysterious scene, she was beside herself forgetting to respond to the prayers, because she was so moved, or struck with awe.

The chapel was quite small and Sr. Sasagawa was in the front row, a little to the left of the altar.

Thus, she was drawn into the splendid scene unfolded right before her eyes.

She was stunned for a while forgetting the prayer.

Then, when it was the time of Communion, her guardian angel approached to invite her and lead her to the altar.

At that time, Sr. Sasagawa clearly recognized that the guardian angels accompanied each sister in front of her.

The guardian angels were a little shorter than their accompanying sister and leaning on each sister’s right shoulder.

Just like Sr. Sasagawa’s guardian angel, they seemed to be protecting and guiding their sisters gently and familiarly.

From just one look of this amazing scene, Sr. Sasagawa deeply realized the significance of the existence of the guardian angels better than any detailed theological explanation.

Sr. Sasagawa said,

Looking back, I saw indeed eight angels at that time.

We are seven sisters and we are eight including the Bishop.

I wonder if the angels chose the Feast of the Guardian Angels to show the example of adoration and their honorable manner to lead us to the Lord.

The Guardian Angel Saved the Convent From a Disaster

On January 30, 1974, the other strange event happened.

That year, the region where the convent was located was hit by the heaviest snowfall recorded since the founding of the Akita Local Meteorological Observatory.

Thus, the heavy snowfall of the year remains in the local peoples’ memory.

Especially on January 30, it had been snowing heavily all day.

That night, Sr. Sasagawa woke up after midnight, then at one-thirty and at twenty to four.

Strangely, each time she was threatened by the same dream that the roof of the convent was about to collapse under the weight of the snow.

In the dream, she strained to support the collapsing ceiling in her arms.

She woke up to find herself getting stiff shoulders, feeling pain in chest and covered in sweat.

I’m glad that was a dream!

Sr. Sasagawa was relieved to know that it was only a dream, but she was concerned about the constant snow.

In the dream, each time she felt the weight of the collapsing ceiling to be more than she could bear, her guardian angel appeared to support the ceiling for her.

In this way, the angel saved her three times.

Sr. Sasagawa thought,

From the look of the heavy snowfall, the snow would be lying heavily on the roof of the convent.

Maybe, the roof is really in danger of collapsing under the weight of snow!

So, in the next morning, I have to ask others to get the snow off the roof as soon as possible.

Sr. Sasagawa could hardly wait for dawn to break.

After that, when she woke up at 4:30, it was still dark.

But, through the falling snow, she could see two meters (about 6.5 inches) of white snow covered on the roof of the priest’s house opposite.

Oh, that’s dangerous!

She thought that something must be done about that.

However, she held back from proposing the others to remove snow, because she could not do a heavy work.

After Lauds, she waited for an opportune moment.

Finally, in the breakfast, she told her concern to the sister responsible and begged her to remove snow as soon as possible.

I had strange dream indicating danger three times!

Sr. Sasagawa told the sister honestly, but she was turned away.

The sister said confidently,

When we built this house, we used sufficiently thick pillars.

So, it’s strong enough to bear such a snow!

However, Sister Sasagawa told the sister about her own dreadful experience of the violence of a snow at Myoko city.

When she was in Myoko city, a two-story house collapsed because of the heavy snow.

However, no matter how perseveringly Sr. Sasagawa persuaded the sister, her plea was completely ignored.

Nevertheless, Sr. Sasagawa asked the other sisters to put in a good word for her, because she could not help but feel anxious.

As a result, the sister responsible decided to go out to see the roof for just in case.

When the sister looked up the second-floor roof, her face turned pale.

Most of the roof of the main house collapsed to about 10 centimeters (about 4 inches) above the window frame!

It seemed that a bunch of roof rafters had already broken under the weight of the snow.

But, strangely enough, the roof remained miraculously intact in the area just above the room of Sr. Sasagawa and thus it was kept to its original height only in the area.

As a result, the roof has been deformed into convex shape, after both sides of the roof had collapsed.

Confronted by the fact showing the truth of the Sr. Sasagawa’s dream, the sister responsible said,

This is really the divine power which has saved us from a disaster!

That’s great!

She seemed to have been struck by a feeling of deep admiration.

But, soon the sisters were in an uproar.

We have to do something quickly!

At that time, everyone in the village was busy getting snow off the roof of their house, because of the unexpectedly heavy snow.

Furthermore, all those who could work were mobilized to remove snow.

However, two man came from the village to the convent to their rescue.

They climbed on the roof and then got the snow off the roof of the convent.

After they shoveled snow of the roof,  a white cliff was formed on the ground along the eaves.

Later, after the winter melted in the spring, a carpenter came to repair the roof.

He was startled to see the damaged roof of the convent.

He said,

That’s terrible!

As many as 42 rafters are broken!

To hear that, everyone of the community was struck with horror.

So, they gave a prayer of thanksgiving again.

In the same way, the guardian angels are always watching over you to save you from disaster.

Published on October 13, 2019

Updated on November 23, 2019

Written by OTAKUPAPA


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