Crack the Codes of God to Reveal the Secret of the Spirit World

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On June 10, 1944, Tenmei Okamoto, a deputy of a Shinto priest of Hachiman shrine (also known as Hatomori Hachimangu) received a divine revelation in Ameno Hitsuku Shrine located in Narita, Chiba, Japan.

Tenmei Okamoto wearing a garment of a Shinto priest

Suddenly, his right hand began to move spontaneously and Tenmei wrote characters on the papers against his will.


That was the beginning of the final revelation of God that created the universe.


If you are interested in Tenmeis amazing experience of receiving the final revelation of God, please click the link below.

Crack the Codes of God

The revelation is called as Hitsuki Shinji meaning “the Sun and the Moon Revelation”.

The original text of Hitsuki Shinji. The text includes a lot of numbers and symbols and thus it looks like it is written in ciphers. 

Even Tenmi himself could not read Hitsuki Shinji, because the original text of Hitsuki Shinji was written almost in numbers and symbols, not ordinary characters.


Thus, Tenmei asked his fellow Shintoists to help him and a team for deciphering the codes of Hitsuki Shinji was formed.


The result of deciphering was marvelous.


Hitsuki Shinji covers a variety of topics from right foods for human beings, future politics and economics, philosophy, vast amounts of future predictions, a lot of clues to divine science, the disclosure of the spirit world and so on.


By the way, why did God give Tenmei the final revelation written in ciphers?


The reason is written in Hitsuki Shinji, Volume of Jishin, Chapter 13 as follows.

Higher spirits do not use characters.


They use only symbols of a dot (・), a circle (○) and a positive sign (+) as bases of characters.


Some higher spirits also use almost exclusively numbers, because numbers include a lot of secret meanings compared with the other characters.

Hitsuki Shinji, Volume of Jishin, Chapter 13 is written in various symbols.

Also, it is written in Hitsuki Shinji, Volume of Constellation, Chapter 18 as follows.

Numbers are commonly used as the words of celestial beings.

It is written in Hitsuki Shinji, Volume of Constellation, Chapter 19 as follows.

Celestial beings can convey meaning corresponding to tens of thousands of words in only one celestial word, because celestial words include the truth.

Strange Coincidence with the Spiritual Journeys of Emanuel Swedenborg

Curiously, the above description about numbers is consistent with the description of a Swedish scientist and philosopher, Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1722) in the 18th century.

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1722). In 1745, Swedenborg began to record his experiences of being in contact with the spirit world in his personal diary.

In 1741, at 53, Swedenborg entered into a spiritual phase in which he began to experience spiritual awakening.


He received a revelation that he was appointed by the Lord Jesus Christ to write The Heavenly Doctrine to reform Christanity.


According to The Heavenly Doctrine, the Lord had opened Swedenborg’s spiritual eyes so that from then on, he could freely visit heaven and hell and talk with angels, demons and other spirits.

Interestingly, there are a lot of similarities in the description of the spirit world between Hitsuki Shinji and Swedenborg.

Angels Use Numbers as a Means of Communication

For example, Swedenborg describes about numbers in Spiritual Diary 5571 as follows.

Sometimes numbers appear, a paper filled with them;


They also appear on the walls – which signify such things as the celestials think; but scarcely anyone is able to know them except those who belong to such [i.e. celestial] heaven.


When numbers are simple – as, for example, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc., to 12 – then they have a significance according to those things which are described in the Arcana Coelestia; but when they are compound, they have another sense: for example, 90356/358.


These signify, God be with thee; and every single number something: the sense named, however, is according to those things which are above [referred to].


[Take] 358, here.


These numbers, which are here and there, determine the sense into such a series.


They who are of that [i.e. celestial] kingdom, understand immediately; and this without instruction, as if of themselves.


Every single idea has its own number.


In general, even numbers correspond to good, as 2, 4, 8, and odd numbers – as 3, 9 – to truth.

Swedenborg also describes in Spiritual Diary 5584 as follows.

What all numbers signify, therefore, comes also from the celestial kingdom; but it is from a loftier origin than can be described in a few words.


Hence [is the signification] of the numbers in the Word; as, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, to 12, and so forth.


I saw writings of numbers alone sent thence: but the numbers are there differently written: they fall in the natural sphere [according to the methods of calculation].

As described above, higher spirits such as angels use numbers as their characters, according to Swedenborg.


In this way, there is a strange coincidence in the description of the spirit world between Hitsuki Shinji and Swedenborg.

Analogy to a Computer Model

Here, the following question may come into your mind.

Why do higher spirits use numbers in communication?

One possible reason for the above question is that numerical concept is common to all spiritual beings.


In order to explain this, take a computer model as an analogy.


The relation between the physical world and the spirit world corresponds to that between a computer display and a cloud database.

In this analogy, an element in the physical world corresponds to an image displayed on a computer display and an element in the spirit world corresponds to a data unit in the cloud database.

This is a theoretical model of the relation between the spirit world and the physical world based on Shinto philosophy.


In this analogy, computer hardware corresponds to physical matters (e.g. a human body) in the physical world and software corresponds to spirits (e.g. a human mind) in the spirit world.

Language Structure of the Spirit World

From the above perspective, the language structure of the spirit world is understood as follows.


As to Characters such as the English, Greek and Arabic alphabets, they correspond to the hardware-dependent firmware that provides the low-level control for the device’s specific hardware.


The reason is that the characters vary among racial and ethnic groups and thus it is considered that they depend on the physical environment, just as the firmware depends on the hardware.


On the other hand, the numerical concept (not specific characters) is common to all racial and ethnic groups.


Therefore, it is considered that numbers correspond to the hardware-independent software that is not limited by the specific structure of the hardware.


In the previous post, I showed that the structure of the spirit world can be explained from an analogy with the structure of software, as shown in the following table.

The Computer Model

The Universe

Code generator

Spirit creator (God)

The origin 
of the universe

Software described in a unified programming language

Higher spirits (Angels)



Hardware-independent software described in various programming languages

Spirits (Body-independent)
Farmware (Hardware-dependent software)


(Specific devices)

Physical matters (Bodies)

Physical world

From the above table, you will intuitively understand that higher spirits use numbers as their own alphabets, because the numerical concept is not limited by the specific physical environment and the higher spirits are the intelligences which transcend such a physical environment.


On the other hand, the lower the levels of the spirits, their characters become closer to the human characters.


In Hitsuki Shinji, Volume of Jishin, Chapter 13, it is written about the change of numbers,

But, they (numbers) do not remain unchanged.


Numbers gradually change and become increasingly similar in characters of earthly people as they approach to the earthly world.

The above words seem to support the language structure of the spirit world. 

God Used Symbols for Creation of the Universe

Furthermore, the spirit creator (God) use the symbols such as a dot (・), a circle (○) and a positive sign (+) as his own characters, because each symbol stands for each action of force of the universe.


For example, a positive sign (+) stands for the action of force that combines two opposite elements.


A dot (・) is called as qi or prana which stands for an elemental action of force of the universe.


A circle (○) is called mi, which stands for the state of balance between various action of forces.

SymbolsCorresponding Actions of Forces
Positive sign (+)Combining two opposite elements
Dot (・)Elemental action of force of the universe
Circle (○)Balancing

In Shinto philosophy, it is considered that symbols correspond to the actions of forces of the universe and God used those symbols for his creation of the universe.


Just as the code generator generates the various codes, God creates the various spirits by actions of forces.

Consistency with the Bible

Viewed from another perspective, you can judge the source of a revelation by the characters written.


If a revelation is originated from higher spirits, it would be written in numbers as their characters.


If a revelation is originated from God, it would be written in symbols as his own characters.

 Means of Communication
Human BeingsCharacters

In this regard, it is considered that God’s words are creating actions of forces and God himself is a kind of a creating force of the universe.


This view seems to be completely consistent with the following Bible verse, John 1:1

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

From this perspective, some researchers consider that it is highly credible that Hitsuki Shinji is originated from God and high-ranked spirits, because most of the words are written in symbols and numbers, not human characters.

Hitsuki Shinji, Volume of Jishin, Chapter 10 is written in plus symbols (+)

Hitsuki Shinji, Volume of Jishin, Chapter 16 is written in symbols like Bagua of Taoism.

And that is the reason why the predictions of Hitsuki Shinji have the accuracy of 100%.


In the computer model, if you wish to know how the computer will work, the surest way to fulfill your wish is to directly read the words written by the developer of the computer.


Similarly, if you wish to know the future of the universe, the surest way is to directly read the words written by the creator of the universe, that is, God.


Thus, Hitsuki Shinji is highly regarded as the final revelation of God among the spiritual researchers.


Someday, you may also receive codes of God written in symbols and numbers to reveal a spiritual secret to you.


October 8, 2018



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