Japan Air Lines Cargo Flight 1628 incident: Boeing 747 Chased by a Gigantic UFO over Alaska [Part 2]

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This is a true story about a Japan Airlines Boeing 747 cargo plane being chased by a gigantic UFO over eastern Alaska on November 17, 1986.

A Japan Air Lines Cargo Boeing 747-200F similar to the one involved in the incident
Source: Communi core by S.Fujioka – I scan the photograph which I photographed with MINOLTA single-lens reflex camera with a copier

In my previous article, I introduced the incident on November 17, 1986, when JAL Flight 1628, a Japan Airlines Boeing 747 cargo plane, encountered two small UFOs in the skies over eastern Alaska.

The above image is for illustration purposes only.
The above image is for illustration purposes only.

After that, JAL Flight 1628 encountered a gigantic UFO and was persistently chased by this gigantic UFO for more than 20 minutes.

Weekly World News article reported an incident in which JAL 1628 encountered a gigantic UFO.

In this article, I would like to introduce in detail how JAL 1628 encountered the gigantic UFO over Alaska, based on the communication record of the time and Captain Terauchi’s written statement, which are published in, both of which have been made public on Japanese Airlines JAL 1628 UFO Encounter, November 17, 1986 of The Black Vault.

Japan Airlines Boeing 747 Encounters Gigantic UFO the Size of an Aircraft Carrier Over Eastern Alaska

Captain Terauchi See Two Pale Flat Lights Moving in Formation

After the two flying objects have left the aircraft, Captain Terauchi saw two pale flat lights moving in formation at the same altitude and speed as the JAL 1628 in the direction the two flying objects had flown away.

The above image is for illustration purposes only.
The above image is for illustration purposes only.

Lights are visible at 10 o’clock and at the same altitude. Is your radar detecting them?

Japan Air sixteen twenty eight; roger, and I’m not receiving any radar replies.

According to Captain Terauchi’s notes, he had the above communication with Anchorage ATC, but such communication was not recorded in the communication records.

Meanwhile, the two pale lights moved to the left side of JAL 1628, 30 degrees to the left diagonally aft, and when they moved right next to the aircraft, they completely disappeared from the JAL 1628’s onboard radar.

The two pale lights were slightly above the altitude of the aircraft when they were positioned in front of JAL 1628, but after they moved, they descended to a position slightly below the altitude of the aircraft and difficult to see from the cockpit. The distance from JAL 1628 to the two pale lights was 7 to 8 miles.

As JAL1628 began to pass over the position where Fort Yukon was visible diagonally to the lower right, the sunset sky to the southwest turned a little reddish, and the border between the dark ground and sky became just a little brighter by about a few millimeters wide when viewed from the cockpit, but the east side was still dark.

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