Kaiji Tomita: Amazing Japanese Reiki Master Who Saved Seriously Ill Women With Hand Healing [Episode 3]

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This is a true story of a Japanese Reiki master who saved seriously ill women with hand healing.

Kaiji Tomita was a Japanese man living in Osaka in Japan in the Taisho era (1912-1926).

Tomita learned the original Reiki directly from Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki at the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (Usui Reiki Therapy Society).

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After that, in order to spread Reiki in Japan, Tomita opened his clinic in front of Ichioka Junior High School (the current Ichioka High School) in Minato-ku, Osaka, where he established the “Tomita Hand Healing.”

Source Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa) – Own work

Amazingly, Tomita gained a miraculous healing power to cure all kinds of diseases in only 10 hours of Reiki training.

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In this post, I would like to introduce the story of how Tomita saved seriously ill women with hand healing.

Tomita Saved a Seriously Ill Woman with Amazing Hand Healing

Humans are strange creatures.

When he became able to cure minor illnesses, Tomita was starting to feel somewhat uninteresting.

I’d like to do a great job of treating someone with a life-threatening illness!

He was starting to feel that way more and more.

By the way, in front of his house, there was a sweets shop named Kato.

One evening, Mr. Kato, the owner of the sweets shop came to Tomita’s house with a pale face.

Kato had a 54 or 55-year old sister and said to Tomita,

My sister living in Kita Ward became suddenly ill and hasn’t been able to get any food down her throat for the last 4 or 5 days.

So, my relatives got together to have a serious discussion about it.

But we’ve run out of measures to take.

Then, I suddenly remembered you.

So I told them about you and they said they would greatly appreciate it if you would treat my sister.

I know you are very busy, but could you please take on the task of treating my sister, if you are willing to do so?

So Tomita took on the task of treating his sister and promptly accompanied Kato to check on her.

She was lying in a three-tatami room adjacent to the shop floor.

In the midst of a scorching hot summer, she was suffering from fever, and the people around her were clamoring to bring her ice and water to cool her fever.


This sick woman is exactly what I’ve always been waiting for!

Tomita was secretly pleased and was motivated to treat her in spite of the summer heat to show off his skills.

Her hair was disheveled, she looked distraught, and her words were choppy.

She looked like a creepy sick person.

Her fever was over 40 degrees Celsius (about 104 degrees Fahrenheit).

Tomita got back into a therapeutic mood and began to treat her.

There were three people behind him constantly fanning him with a paper fan.

Tomita was grateful for their thoughtfulness, but he felt kind of sorry for them, and it bothered him.

So, he politely declined to them saying that they didn’t need to fan him.

And, Tomita was covered in sweat and began to treat the sick woman.

The root of the disease is the uterus.

This seems to be a fever from the uterus.

He figured.

Her kidneys seem to be failing from the coldness of the uterus.

But it’s odd that the uterus gets cold in this hot summer.

Maybe she went swimming or something?

Thinking that way, Tomita asked her husband,

Did she go swimming?

Her husband replied.

Yes. She did.

From the outside, this disease looks serious, as if the patient is facing a life-or-death situation.

But in reality, it’s a disease that patient can recover from more quickly than expected.

She would be cured of her illness in about seven or ten days.

By treating her uterus as much as possible, she will be completely cured!

Tomita thought.

If this were a medication therapy, it would be beyond the doctor’s control for patients who can’t get anything down their throats.

But with hand therapy, it doesn’t matter if nothing goes down the patient’s throat.

This disease is the perfect match for Reiki therapy!

Tomita was inwardly amused.

As he treated the sick woman, he forgot about the summer heat and everything else.

Her relatives couldn’t understand what was going on, and all they could do was watch Tomita’s face.

They are only concerned about what Tomita would pronounce on her medical condition, apparently.

Tomita was convinced, given her condition, that she was doing well and that she would eventually recover.

At that time, he was only treating one person in a day, although he worked during the day.

So he put a lot of effort into treating her.

This made him feel much more tired of himself, so he finished his treatment for the day.

The sick woman seemed to have fallen asleep and feel better.

Tomita was the only one who could see how sick she was, so he was relieved and wanted to just leave.

However, the sick woman’s relatives stopped Tomita from leaving and desperately wanted to ask him about her condition.

Come to think of it, I was the only one who found out about her condition, but I hadn’t told them anything about it yet.

Tomita realized and said to them.

Don’t worry, she’ll be fine in ten days or two weeks!

When he said that, they all looked at him with a strange look on their faces.

Then on the third day, she started asking for food.

On the fifth day, she wanted to go to the latrine, and as he predicted, she began to heal.

Very successfully, his Reiki treatment helped the sick woman to recover!

Tomita Saved a Seriously Ill Woman Who Even the Doctors Could Not Save

The sick woman’s home was a place where people usually gathered, so gossip spread around that Tomita’s Reiki treatment had cured her incurable disease.

So Tomita was annoyed since everyone offered to treat their illnesses to him.

By the way, the family of the woman Tomita had treated had a close relationship with another family, just like brothers in the same family.

But the young lady of the house was so seriously ill that she could never get up again, and even the doctors could not help her.

The family had recently received a few tens of thousands of yen*1 in connection with a certain affair, and there was no inconvenience in that regard.

This was a considerable amount of money.
At that time, the starting salary of a college graduate elementary school teacher was 50 yen.

But the family member pleaded with Tomita, saying that their only daughter’s illness was the only thing that bothered them.

So Tomita was determined to go to the house to check on the sick woman.

Tomita could tell at first glance that she was very sick.

She had a big belly.

Just recently, her doctor, who examined her, told her family members,

She looks like a praying mantis holding a kumquat!

The doctor was really right.

Her body was thin, but her belly was large.

What an appearance!

He’d had enough just looking at her.

It would be hard for anyone in this house to have such a very sick daughter, no matter how much money they had.

But now that I’ve come this far, there’s no point in regretting it now.

Thinking this, Tomita began to treat her.

After a couple of days, his Reiki treatment had a tremendous effect, her belly was somewhat smaller and she felt better.

So, the whole family was delighted with her recovery from her illness.

Then her old mother said,

It looks like spring has come to my house!

Her mother was delighted, and Tomita was happy to hear it.

Tomita Suffered a Terrible Tragedy

One day later, on his way from the government office where he worked, Tomita went to treat her in his boots and an umbrella, despite the rain.

When he was ushered into her room, the sick woman was up and happy as usual.

But before the Tomita’s seat was even warmed up, there was an unexpectedly loud voice at the front of the house.

Tomita had no idea what was going on.

He thought it was odd, but he didn’t pay attention to it at that time.

Then the voices seemed to get louder and louder, and the number of voices seemed to increase.

There was the sound of saber-rattling and the room next door started to get noisy.

Before Tomita could wonder what was going on, his freedom was already constrained under the order.

All police officers under the chief of police blocked traffic in the area of about a dozen houses around that house, which was strictly segregated.

When Tomita was about to go out front to take a leak, several officers stopped him by holding their hands out in front of him while backing away.

They yelled at him in a loud voice,

Don’t get out!

Also, in support of them, the sergeant and the chief yelled at him, which made Tomita feel so miserable.

In the house next door, the children were out playing, so their parents couldn’t hold their children in their arms, which was hell on earth.

The people in the house of the woman Tomita was treating cried loudly, saying they were sorry for him.

Tomita-sensei, we are truly sorry.

I can’t tell you what to say after causing you so much trouble.

I can’t bear to cause any more trouble to you, so please get out of the back door of the house!

The sick woman’s husband said.

But her mother countered by saying,

If Tomita-sensei runs away here, it would be a recipe for disaster at a later date!

There was an argument between the family members that came from compassion for Tomita.

Tomita was starting to feel like he was just a major culprit and wondered,

Was it like this when Ishikawa Goemon*2 was arrested?

Ishikawa Goemon (1558-1594) was a legendary Japanese outlaw hero who stole gold and other valuables to give to the poor. He and his son were boiled alive in public after their failed assassination attempt on the Sengoku period warlord Toyotomi Hideyuki.

What’s all the fuss about?

Tomita asked, and the police officer replied.

It is suspected that a cholera case has been found in the house right next door.

The sick person came home to the house without knowing it, but it turned out that the person was a real cholera patient.

So, we decided to quarantine the entire area around the house.

Tomita had not had time to ask them about it, so he had no idea what it was all about.

This is a problem.

I don’t mind this, but I think it is unavoidable.

However, I am concerned that if my patient, who had been slightly better, is surprised and sad like this, her disease will not get better, but worse.

When Tomita said this, his patient cried out,

If it weren’t for me, I wouldn’t have caused Tomita-sensei so much trouble…

Tomita felt a pang of pity for her.

If only I could die sooner,

She lamented,

I wouldn’t have all this grief!

It was not unreasonable for her to lament in that way, Tomita thought.

Midnight was approaching, but the front of the house was still roped off.

No matter what Tomita told them, the grim-faced police officers would not listen to his allegations.

The second order was given to Tomita and the others:

Early tomorrow morning, we’re going to quarantine all of you to Rat Island*3, so be ready to go this evening!

There was a small island called “Rat Island” in the middle of the old Nakatsugawa River in Fukushima Ward, Osaka City (which no longer exists today because the river was decided to be abandoned in 1896 and reclaimed).

The island was home to a quarantine facility for the sick and dead during the plague outbreak in Osaka.

The name “Rat Island” is said to have been derived from the rats that spread the plague germ infection.

There was another round of cries in the house.

Tomita and the others were more and more troubled, but they felt that this was unavoidable.

So they decided to stay upstairs for the night as the police officers told them to.

Tomita had looked around the area a lot since he had come to live in Osaka, but he had never been to Rat Island.

But it was even rather refreshing to think that he could rest there for five days.

The next day, the third-order to leave was finally given.

In order to prepare for their departure, people gathered in front of their houses, carrying nightgowns, rice, Shichirin (small charcoal grill), etc., as if they were the victims of the earthquake.

Here, for the first time, the families next door met each other.

You too?

Yes, me too…

That was fine, but when his patient indoors saw Tomita’s back, she began to cry aloud, as if it were a new thing.

Seeing this, Tomita was more and more embarrassed and ran out of words to comfort her.

On the other side of the rope at the front of the house, all the people watching the scene were wiping tears from their eyes with white handkerchiefs.

All eyes were on Tomita.

Perhaps because he had previously cured Kato’s sister’s illness, he seemed to be considered a living god by those in the vicinity.

The living god is going to be quarantined on Rat Island!

So, this would be our farewell to Tomita-sensei for the rest of our lives!

It was truly a situation like a final farewell.

Next, a car arrived and the policemen ordered Tomita and the others to get in it.

The police officer said to the onlookers,

Get out of the way!

If you touch them, you’ll catch cholera!

And he was loudly directing traffic.

People in the vicinity could not hold back their tears, saying,

We’re afraid of cholera, but we want to see the people sent to Rat Island.

Since only the sick were quarantined in their homes, his patient was crying so loudly again indoors that Tomita was speechless.

The people were all in tears, perhaps out of sympathy.

As Tomita and the others walked toward the car, following the police officer’s command, he noticed that he was passing the corner of Kato’s house where the patient he had once treated with Reiki was living.

Here another sadness had begun.

The patient subsequently got well, but since she was debilitated and had just recovered from her illness, she was still sleeping at home.

But she was both surprised and saddened to hear of the commotion.

Oh, my life-saver is going to be quarantined on Rat island!

If I hadn’t asked Tomita-sensei to treat that sick woman, I wouldn’t have caused him so much trouble.

Can’t we somehow help Tomita-sensei…?

But still, I want to see him even if it’s just for a brief moment!

With that, she threw the comforter off frantically.

I understand how you feel, but right now your illness is more important to me.

What has happened is inevitable.

Be quiet, because making a fuss is not good for your illness!

Her attendant tried to restrain her, but she squirmed.

Even if I die, I’m going to see Tomita-sensei!

As they passed the corner of the house, Tomita and the others heard her crying and were deeply moved.

Although curing a disease with medicine and curing a disease with Reiki therapy seemed to be the same, but Tomita felt that curing a disease with Reiki therapy could create an inexplicable emotional connection between the practitioner and the patient.

The teary-eyed faces of the people who watched Tomita and the others walk away were etched in his mind, and he would never forget them until later.

People were swarming in the vicinity of the black car.

That’s Tomita-sensei, the Reiki Master!

But I really feel sorry for him.

People’s voices of sympathy reached Tomita’s ears.

Some twenty-four or so men and women, young and old, rushed by car to the Island, also abominably named “Rat Island.”

What a turn of events in this world!

I came to take away disease, but instead, I was taken by disease.

Needless to say, my own freedom was also constrained…

This is like a cat being caught by a mouse!

Tomita felt so ashamed of the results he made.

On the other hand, the kids were innocently excited.

Dad, I wish I could get in a car sometimes!

A child said in the car, which made everyone laugh.

Tomita could not even report his absence to the government office where he worked.

My patients I’m treating will be in trouble while I’m gone…

He was greatly disturbed by the fact that he would leave his patient for a long time.

Then a child in the car saw a child playing on the side of the road and shouted,


This one call was more than enough to sweep away the pain and tears of Tomita and the others.

The children are truly innocent, almost god-like.

Tomita thought.

Then the temporary quarantine station in the rough fence of bamboo came into view.

The people in the house where the cholera outbreak occurred just said,

We’re sorry.

We’re so sorry…!!

And they didn’t raise their heads to anyone else until the end.

People from the town came daily to visit them and comfort them.

This was another event that impressed Tomita and the others.

Unfortunately, soon after, the woman who had cholera passed away in her sleep, leaving three children.

Perhaps if she had also received Tomita’s Reiki treatment, she would have been saved as well.

(To be continued in Episode 4)

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  1. Kaiji Tomita (February 1933). “Reiki To Jinjutsu: Tomita-Style Hand Therapy.”

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