Kaiji Tomita: Amazing Japanese Reiki Master Who Cured Diseases Without Any Drugs [Episode 4]

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This is a true story of an amazing Japanese Reiki master who cured diseases without any drugs.

Kaiji Tomita was a Japanese man living in Osaka in Japan in the Taisho era (1912-1926).

Tomita learned the original Reiki directly from Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki at the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (Usui Reiki Therapy Society).

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After that, in order to spread Reiki in Japan, Tomita opened his clinic in front of Ichioka Junior High School (the current Ichioka High School) in Minato-ku, Osaka, where he established the “Tomita Hands-on Healing.”

Source Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa) – Own work

Amazingly, Tomita gained a miraculous healing power to cure all kinds of diseases in only 10 hours of Reiki training.

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In this post, I would like to introduce the story of how Tomita cured diseases without any drugs.

Tomita Cured Diseases Without Any Drugs

Whenever a problem arose at Tomita’s house, Mr. Isobe would be the first to arrive.

One day, Tomita learned that Mr. Isobe’s wife had been suffering from severe abdominal pain for the past four or five days.

So he immediately went to visit her.

The abdominal pain is much better now, so it’s easier.

She said, but her words were choppy.

So it still seemed like her stomach was hurting.

By the way, her nephew was a doctor, K. who worked at a hospital.

So all matters regarding her treatment were left to K., and he was doing his best to medicate her.

Tomita was relieved to learn that, but he pondered,

Now, in this case, should I treat her with Reiki therapy?

Or should I refrain from it?

This thought came to Tomita.

He wondered to himself how these sorts of thoughts sometimes came to him.

Reiki therapy is a therapy that treats diseases by exerting the natural abilities of living beings.

So, it is not related to medication, nor is it a therapy designed for the use of medication.

Why does the idea that I should refrain from Reiki treatment because of the availability of drug treatment, bother me?

Unless it was a difficult illness that he didn’t know if it could be cured or not, Tomita was confident that simple illnesses, such as abdominal pain, could always be cured with Reiki treatment.

Also, he had cured many illnesses with Reiki and was confident that he could cure many diseases with Reiki.

And yet, for some reason, the idea occurred to him at every turn that he should refrain from Reiki treatment if a medication was available.

He couldn’t understand why such an inexplicable idea came to him at all.

Tomita wondered if he should try to treat Dr. K.’s aunt.

No, wait, wait!

K. is a doctor by profession.

Dr. K is a specialist and is responsible for her treatment.

And yet, wouldn’t it be like interfering with Dr. K’s treatment if Tomita started Reiki treatment on her?

Wouldn’t that make Dr. K. lose face?

So, Tomita eventually decided to leave that day without saying a word.

He thought about many things that night.

Dr. K. and he were very close friends.

Every year on New Year’s Day and the day of the Festival, they used to play go together.

By the way, the year before, Dr. K.’s oldest son had developed acute pneumonia from measles.

At the same time, not only did Tomita’s eldest son come down with measles, but his second son also came down with it, which worsened to acute pneumonia.

But they recovered completely through Tomita’s Reiki therapy.

So, Tomita thought about going to Dr. K.’s house for treating Dr. K.’s son with Reiki, too.

He was motivated by the fact that his child was cured of acute pneumonia after only a few hours of Reiki treatment and that he had actually cured several sick people.

But when he thought about it calmly, he realized that he should refrain from Reiki treatment, because it was the illness of Dr. K’s precious only son, and it was causing such a fuss that a medical doctor, Tomita and even his father (a doctor) in Omi rushed to his house.

The medical experts were monitoring the progress of Dr. K.’s child’s condition after consulting with each other.

So, Tomita thought it was none of his business and decided to leave the treatment of Dr. K.’s child to them.

That’s what happened a year earlier.

And now Dr. K.’s aunt has fallen ill.

Tomita pondered whether he should sit on the sidelines and let Dr. K.’s aunt be treated by them, just as he had done with Dr. K.’s son, or whether he should treat her himself with Reiki.

Which of these actions should I take to ensure a true friendship with Dr. K.?

The more he thought about it, the more unsure he became, and Tomita finally fell asleep without reaching a conclusion.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The next day, when his work at the government office was over, he went to visit Dr. K.’s aunt.

However, something terrible happened that day: Dr. K.’s aunt was in extreme pain and writhing in agony.

Tomita, seeing the sick woman in agony, could no longer afford to refrain from the Reiki treatment because of Dr. K.’s profession and honor.

Would you like me to treat your disease?

Tomita unwittingly offered her.

I need your help.

I’d like to see more specialists, but given my nephew’s situation, I’m not allowed to say that.

My nephew has been working very hard to treat my illness and I have been putting up with this pain every day.

However, I can’t stand this stinging pain, and I can’t even afford to think about duty and humanity to my nephew.

If there is a way to cure this pain, please help me in any way you can!

Nothing can replace life!!!

Saying that she begged Tomita with tears in her eyes to treat her with Reiki.

Tomita immediately began to treat her and put all his energy into it.

He wasn’t sure if the timing of her healing just happened to come at that moment, but her stomach began to rumble.

Oh! The pain is gone and I felt better!

She rejoiced.

So Tomita finished his Reiki treatment for the day.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

After that, Tomita treated her once in the morning and once in the evening for a couple of days.

Then she became very happy because the major pain was gone through 24 hours.

Dr. K. had no idea that Tomita was treating her.

Dr. K.’s aunt also didn’t seem to tell Dr. K. about it.

Before that, my meds were changing every day, but for the last couple of days, my nephew would give me the same meds.

Saying that, she pulled out the pills Dr. K. had given her from the closet and showed them to Tomita.

However, since Tomita started going to treat her, she hadn’t taken her medication and they had all been shoved into the closet.

Tomita didn’t tell her to take the pills or not to take them but left her to her own devices.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The next day, Tomita went to see her and she told him that Dr. K. was very pleased.

According to her, never before had Dr. K. been so concerned about her.

The very pricey medications prescribed by the hospital did not work at all for my illness.

The hospital director’s instructions did not help my treatment at all.

Dr. K. consulted his father in Otsu, who is a doctor, and asked him to dispense the medicine, but it didn’t work.

Dr. K. exchanged telegrams with his brother, who was practicing as a doctor in Nagoya, to discuss my illness, but to no avail.

As a result, I couldn’t even sleep at night.

However, Dr. K. was pleased to see that the medicine he had invented worked in the end with good results.

Upon hearing this story, Tomita’s wife, perhaps out of respect for him, said as follows.

This time, your disease was cured by Reiki therapy.

It’s not the effect of Dr. K.’s medicine!

The proof is in this closet with all the medications Dr. K. has prescribed!!!

And then she pointed to the closet.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

After that, Tomita met with Dr. K. on several occasions but finally said nothing to him about it.

Dr. K.’s aunt would not have divulged anything about his Reiki treatments either.

So maybe they think her illness was cured by medicine.

By the way, Dr. K.’s diagnosis was that her illness was caused by a gastrointestinal malfunction.

On the other hand, the diagnosis Tomita felt with Reiki was that her illness seemed to be kidney failure.

As a matter of fact, Tomita often found himself in a situation where he had to compete with medical experts like those mentioned above.

But this experience has led him to believe that it’s perfectly natural for him to perform Reiki treatments without worrying about competing with doctors.

Nevertheless, Tomita cautions that we shouldn’t argue from a humanitarian point of view whether the cure of the disease was due to the medication prescribed by the doctor or to the Reiki treatment, whichever is more of an achievement.

(To be continued in Episode 5)

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