Amazing Near-Death Experience of a Japanese Man Who Made Miracle Apples

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This is a true story of a man who succeed in growing the world’s first chemical-free apples.


His name is Akinori Kimura (1949.11.8 ~), a Japanese farmer.

Kimura developed an apple cultivation method without any use of pesticides and fertilizers which had been long considered to be impossible.


Therefore, the apples that he grew are called as “miracle apples.”


If you are interested in Kimuras amazing story behind the development of miracle apples, please click the link below.

However, Kimura’s miracle is not limited only to apples.


Actually, he had a lot of amazing experiences in his life.


Here, I would like to introduce his amazing near-death experience.

Kimura’s Amazing Near-Death Experience

One day, Kimura caught a flu.

The doctor said to him,

Please have a good rest.


You’d better not take a bath tonight.

However, Kimura did not take a bath last night.

Taking a bath is nice for a change, too.


So, if I take a bath tonight, I may get well unexpectedly soon.

Furthermore, he had an appointment to see someone tomorrow.


Thus, Kimura thought that he should at least wash his hair and take a shave.


So, he took a bath against the doctor’s advice.


However, he had a sensation of dizziness while taking a bath.


He lost a sense of balance, which made him feel sick.


He was so dizzy that he could not stand up.


When he looked at a ceiling, the ceiling was spinning round and round.

Oh! I’ve lost my sense of balance!

After a while, he felt a chill and shivered, even though it was not cold season.

I feel chilly!

He could not stop shivering all over.


He got shaky and his teeth chattered with cold.


He felt abnormally cold.

It’s really freezing!

So, after he took a shave, he got out of a bath in a hurry.


He was alone in the house, because his wife went out for shopping.


He turned on two heaters and an electronic blanket.

He was shivering in the abnormal cold and thus he wrapped himself naked up in an electronic blanket.


However, he suddenly felt sick and fainted.

Looking down at His Own Body

After that, he gained consciousness.


He wondered how much time has gone after he fainted.


He was in a room.


Big babbles floated around the room and they were falling down slowly.

Kimura stared blankly at the bubbles.


Next moment, he found himself inside one of the bubbles.


He did not know how he came inside the bubble.


Without knowing it, he was inside the bubble.


The bubble floated up slowly enveloping his body.


He could move his body freely and relax in the bubble.


He found that his body stopped shivering and he was all right.


The bubble passed through the roof of the house and stopped at a height of 3 meters (about 10 feet).


Amazingly, he looked down at his own body from the above.


His body was wrapped in a blanket lying on a bed.

Who is lying on the bed?

At that time, Kimura had out-of-body experience, but for some reason, he did not know that the person lying on the bed was himself.


Then, Kimura noticed that he had teeth.


He was surprised to touch his teeth, because he had lost all teeth.

Oh, I cut new teeth!

Furthermore, he also noticed that he was wearing a colored checkered shirt, pants and canvas shoes.


Just a little while ago, he was lying naked on the bed.

Could it be that I’m already dead?

His bubble floated up in the air higher and higher.


Kimura noticed two bubbles floating up in the air out there.


He saw a woman in each bubble.


Kimura thought vaguely,

Perhaps, those women may also go to the afterlife with me.

The bubble was so fluffy that he felt good.


He leaned against the bubble surface.


However, after a while, Kimura found himself standing alone in a dark place.


He did not remember what had happened to the bubble enclosing him and how he arrived there from the bubble.


He looked around.


It really was a quiet, dark place.

But Kimura quickly began to walk without getting confused as if he was guided by someone.


He walked on along a dark road.


He nearly lost his balance on the road.

It’s hard to walk here.

Kimura complained about the road condition.

Reunion with His Deceased Grandparents

As he walked along, he thought,

I’d like to see my deceased grandparents.

He thought that he may see his deceased people if he is really dead.


So, he thought that he might see his deceased grandparents.


To his surprise, at that moment, his grandparents appeared right before his eyes.


They have not changed one bit just as he remembers them.


They were hale and hearty.

Hey, it’s me!


It’s Akinori!

However, despite his expectation, his grandfather answered frowning at him as if it’s someone else’s problem.

Who are you?

To hear his grandfather’s cold voice, Kimura felt sad.

It’s Nori!


Your grandchild, Nori!


Do you remember me, grandpa?

Kimura strongly urged his grandparents to remember him, but they did not understand that he was their grandchild.


Not only his grandfather but also his grandmother treated him bluntly.


His grandmother gave a black look.

Why did you call me here?


What do you do that for?

It was anything but an emotional reunion.


They gave him an accusatory look all the time.


Then, suddenly, they disappeared in a blink of an eye.


Kimura became puzzled by that unexpected development.

Is this the afterlife?

He had no choice but to walk again.


He felt lonely.


Then, Kimura did not remember how long he walked.

Gigantic Stone Gateway

After he took fairly long walks, a huge stone building with two pillars appeared.

It looked like a gigantic gateway.


He looked upward the gateway, but the top looked blurred because it was so gigantic and towering.


Kimura entered through the gateway and kept on walking.


After a while, another gateway appeared.


Then, he passed through some gateways.


At that time, it was getting bright.


Everything around himself became more clearly.


He saw mountains in the distance.


They were steep mountains with precipitous cliffs like the Grand Canyon.

Oh! There are mountains in the afterworld, too!

Then, he kept on walking.


When he passed through the fifth gateway, he saw a bright spot far ahead.


It was very small dot but it glowed white in the dark.


Kimura walked toward the bright spot.


As he got close to the spot, it got bigger and bigger.


It was a dim light, not a brilliant one.


He did not know what the light was for and where the source of the light was.


As he continued on his way, he saw the sixth gateway.


That gateway seemed to be the ending point.


When he passed through the gateway, he saw a gigantic building in bright light.

I finally arrived!

Inhabitants of the Spirit World

After a while, two persons appeared from somewhere.


They wore white dresses.


Kimura was not sure that they were males or females.


They said to him.

We’ll show you around.

Kimura found that they did not walk on their legs but they hovered a little off the ground.


They were wearing long white dresses that covered their legs to their toes.


To his surprise, they moved without moving their legs.


They moved so fast that Kimura could barely keep up with their speed.


After a while, Kimura reached an open place, where countless one-story houses stood side by side.


Strangely enough, every house had the same structure and had neither windows nor doors for some reason.


It seemed that in each house, one person whose gender was unknown lived.


They were coming and going through the walls of their houses.


Kimura saw a mountain in the distance.


He found a white swath continuing to the foot of the mountain.


Then, the two guides took Kimura to the mountain.


When Kimura got closed to the mountain, he knew what the white swath was.


It was a long line of people wearing white dresses.


Kimura did not know how old they were, because they looked old but young either.


They walked in two file in a perfect array.


They looked almost identical to each other.


Kimura realized that only he wore a plaid shirt in the afterlife.

River of the Spirit World

Kimura walked past the people in line.


The guides took him to a white door.


On the other side of the door, there was a shallow river.

He had no clue about where the lower and the upper reaches of the river leaded to.


Kimura noticed that two persons wearing white dresses were in the river.


They threw people in line into the river one by one.


They took the person in their arms so that the person lay face up and turned his or her head downstream of the river.


Then, they threw the person into the river.

They repeated the same process in a mechanical way.


Everybody there was in silence.


Kimura asked the guides.

What on earth they are doing?

The guides replied.


It’s a necessary ceremony for them to be born again.

Then, the guides gave him a warning.

You must not cut across at the back of the people inside the houses.

He did not know what the point of their warning is, but he replied that he would follow their advice.


Then, the guides took him back to the open place where countless one-story houses stood side by side.


At that time, Kimura was curious what people inside the houses were doing.


Just then, one of the people got out of a house and began some work.


So, Kimura got close diagonally to the front of the person.


However, the person suddenly turned his or her back on.

As a result, Kimura cut across at the back of the person against his will.


To his surprise, the person started to deflate like a punctured balloon and collapsed to the ground.


The guides noticed the collapsed person.


Kimura got into a panic.


The guides were furious with anger.

We told you this many times!


You’re a trouble maker.

Kimura was scolded by them.

Sandy Ground of the Spirit World

After that, the guides took him to another building.


They said,

Have a rest here.

And the guides entered that building.


The space around the building was much brighter than other places.


Thus, Kimura could see the ground for the first time, since he came to the afterlife.


There was nothing but sand as far as his eye could see.

No wonder it’s hard to walk here.


All the ground in this world may be sandy.

At that moment, he just had an idea.

Okay! I’ll sow soybeans.


I’ll make vegetables here.

Kimura wanted to make pesticide-free delicious vegetables to get the people in the afterlife to eat them in the same way as he was doing when he was alive.

Underground Rumbling Sound

When Kimura thought about that, he heard an underground rumbling sound.


To hear a crazy sound like massive earthquake, he reflectively lay his body down on the ground.


The rumbling occurred four times trembling the sandy ground.


After a while, the rumbling occurred four times again.


He got down on his hands and knees and groveled to keep from falling.


Suddenly, Kimura noticed that the fourth rumbling sounded like “RI.”


So, he listened to the rumbling carefully.





He was surprised to hear that sound, because his first name is “Akinori.”

I wonder someone is calling me.


But, what should I do? 

The moment he thought of what to do, he found himself inside a gigantic bubble.


He did not know where the bubble came from and how he got inside it.


The bubble carrying him began to take a nose dive.

Kimura was speechless, because he got confused by that unexpected development.


He found the bubble carrying him hovered three meters (about ten feet) off the ground.


Under him, his body was wrapped up in an electric blanket in bed as before.


Kimura tried to get slowly inside his body from the bubble so that his mind could overlap with his body.


Suddenly, he woke up and found that he came back to life again.

He did not know how long he stayed in the afterlife.


After that, Kimura recovered fully from the flu in three days.

Was that real?


Or did I dream it?

For a while, he wondered whether or not it was the near-death experience.


Kimura told his strange experience only to his wife.


He did not think that he had a dream or an illusion, because he had a clear sensorium in the afterlife.


After that, Kimura encountered a strange happening to confirm that his near-death experience was true.


I would like to introduce the strange happening in the later post.


Some day, your city may suffer a catastrophe.


At that time, you may see the entire city encircled in a gigantic bubble and ascending to heaven.


Published on April 7, 2019

Written by OTAKUPAPA


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