Amazing Psychic Computing Experiment by a Man Who Acquired Superhuman Ability

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This is a true story of a man who conducted amazing computing psychic experiments.

Harumichi Hida (1883-1956) is a founder of Hida-siki spirited body training system (Kyoken-jutsu) in Japan.

Harumichi Hida (1883-1956).

Harumichi is not well known outside Japan, but he is known as an amazing man who acquired superhuman power.

Harumichi was so sickly child that he was told twice by a doctor that he would die young.

Actually, when he was 5 years old, Haruichi was stricken with measles and fell critically ill.

So, he could not enter junior high school until 18 years old.

Furthermore, Harumichi was often dubbed skinny,” because he was emaciated from his childhood.

Harumichi in his childhood. He was so emaciated that he was dubbed “skinny.”

After he had a narrow escape from death, Harumichi had a serious desire to get a better body.

So, in his eighth year, Harumichi decided to become stronger.

He studied and practiced a huge number of physical health methods and body training systems of all ages and all countries.

As a result of his intensive research and practice, Harumichi developed his own body training method by incorporating Western weight training into the traditional idea of Japanese Hara (Tanden)”.

Various styles of martial arts describe hara as being just below or directly behind the umbilicus.

In Japanese tradition, hara is considered to be the physical center of gravity of the human body and is the seat of ones internal energy (qi, prana).

In the following figure, the point A represents navel, the point B represents the lower back and the point O represents the centre of the body. 

In the Japanese tradition, masters of Japanese calligraphy, swordsmanship, tea ceremony, martial arts, and the other arts, are considered to be acting from the hara.

Harumichis training method is characterized in straining the abdomen and lower back equally to concentrate all power in the centre of the body at an accelerated pace.

Actually, Kyoken-jutsu transformed Harumichi’s body beyond recognition in just two years.

Harumichi retained nothing of the frail and skinny boy that he once was.

He turned into a young man of strong build just like an ancient Greek statue.

Harumichi practicing Kyoken-jutsu. Harumichi retained nothing of the frail and skinny boy that he once was.

Amazingly, Harumichi acquired superhuman strength and power through the training of Kyoken-jutsu.

On the night of June 18, 1923, Harumichi practiced Kyoken-jutsu enthusiastically in a 2-meter-square small hut.

Suddenly, the great power that he had never experienced before spouted from the center of the abdomen and lower back.

Harumichi was surprised by the power that came from the center of his body.

Then, he tried to stomp hard on the floor by his right foot while keeping the body posture.

Amazingly, Harumichi put his right foot through the sturdy floor one inch thick without feeling any resistance.

The part of the sturdy floor one inch thick punched out by Harumichi’s right foot. The shape and the size of the part correspond to those of Harumichi’s right foot.

Furthermore, when he trampled down the floor, Harumichi snapped off even the wooden floor joist, just like he was breaking a twig.

The wooden floor joist that snapped off by Harumichi’s foot.

In this way, Harumichi actually became a superman with superhuman strength and power.

If you are interested in the details of the amazing life of Harumichi Hida, the Superman of the East, please click the link below.

By the way, Kyoken-jutsu awoke Harumichi’s psychic power.

So, Harumichi performed a number of amazing psychic experiments.

Actually, many people participated in the Harumichi’s psychic experiments and observed his amazing psychic power.

Here, I would like to introduce some of the Harumichi’s amazing psychic experiments.

Amazing Psychic Computing Experiment

One day, Harumichi performed a psychic computing experiment to demonstrate his amazing psychic power at Meiji Shrine located in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

Source Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa) – Own work

Torii located near the JR Harajuku Station, at the entrance to the Meiji Shrine (Shinto) in Tokyo, Japan.

Source Bjørn Christian Tørrissen – Own work by uploader,

Priests and maidens wear traditional dress in preparation for a wedding at the Meiji Shrine

In this psychic experiment, dozens of people including religious leaders participated.

Before the experiment, Harumichi put on a specially manufactured blindfold.

This blindfold was made by stacking iron sheets in layers and its surface was covered with a cloth.

Then, two sheets of paper were put up on a front wall of the room.

After these preparations, Harumichi scribbled twenty-some-digit number on the paper to the left.

834690512 …

Then, Harumichi foretold proudly.

This number should be the accurate answer!

Some participants stared at Harumichi with curiosity, but others sneered Harumichi sending a skeptical look at him.

Then, Harumichi said to the participants,

Please write down any number on the paper to the right.

You may write any digit number you like.

Is there anyone who can help me with this experiment?

After a while, a retired Admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy, Eisuke Yamamoto, who was also present in the experiment, stepped forward.

Eisuke Yamamoto (1876-1962). He was a Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet of Imperial Japanese Navy.

Yamamoto said twenty-some-digit number with which he came up at random.

And he wrote the number on the paper to the right.

Then, Harumichi asked Yamamoto to carry out some calculations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division based on the number written by Yamamoto as follows.

Please divide the number by two at the Xth digit.

Then calculate the difference between the divided two numbers.

Please extract the Yth digit of number from the current number, then multiply the current number by the extracted number.

Please square each digit of the current number, then write the obtained result below the current number.

Please sum up each digit of the current number, then multiply the current number by the sum.

Yamamoto performed calculations some dozen times according to Harumichi’s instructions.

Of course, Harumichi was blindfolded during the calculations.

So, Harumichi could not see any number written on the paper by Yamamoto.

Ok, that’s all!

Then, please write the final result just below the first number that I wrote on the paper to the left!

Yamamoto wrote the final answer just below the number that Harumichi scribbled on the paper to the left at the start of the experiment.

834690512 …

834690512 …

Amazingly, the final answer written by Yamamoto perfectly matched with the number foretold by Harumichi in every digit!

Strangely enough, Harumichi did not even know how many digit of number Yamamoto wrote on the paper, because he was blindfolded through the experiment.

Nevertheless, Harumichi foretold the final answer written by Yamamoto with great accuracy!

It was really amazing psychic power!

Harumichi’s Incredible Psychic Computing

In addition to the above experiment, Harumichi demonstrated the following experiments.

(1) Psychic Time Computing

Harumichi found the answer of a plurality of calculations within one second.

(2) Numberless Computing

Before a person determine a number in his mind, Harunichi foretold the answer.

(3) Timeless Computing

Before a person choose a number from a plurality of numbers for calculation, Harumichi foretold the answer.

(4) Remote Computing

First, a person calculated freely using the numbers with which he just came up at random.

At the same time, Harumichi foretold the answer in the next room or the remote place dozens of meters away from the person.

In this remote computing, Harumich did not know about the numbers which the person used for calculation.

Harumichi called the above experiments ‘number games.’

The notebook used by Harumichi in the telepathy experiment.

Bugyo Kuriyama, a researcher on Japanese Shinto stated about Harumichi’s psychic power in his writing “Mythical Philosophy.”

Bugyo Kuriyama, a researcher on Japanese Shinto

Kuriyama actually took part in the Harumichi’s psychic experiment.

He wrote about the blindfold that Harumichi used for the experiments as follows.

The blindfold used by Harumichi was not a conventional one made of cloth.

It was specially manufactured one.

Specifically, it was made by stacking iron sheets in layers and by forming them into cylindrical shape.

Furthermore, the surface of the blindfold was covered with a cloth.

So, when you put the blindfold over your head, it encircles your whole head to the shoulders.

Also, it was manufactured so solidly that you cannot see anything through it.

However, even though Mr. Hida put the blindfold over his head, he took a person by the hand and then he pointed out accurately the subtle lines of the palm and even the small stain!

Even more surprisingly, Harumichi was able to see events near the bus stop five to six hundred meters (about 550 to 660 yards) away and sometimes events that occurred abroad.

Furthermore, Harumichi was also able to foretell events, before they actually occurred.

In this way, Harumichi was also a superman with an amazing clairvoyant power!

Published on November 4, 2018

Updated on May 27, 2020

Written by OTAKUPAPA


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