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Amazing Psychic Experiments of a Superman Who Gained a Divine Power

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This is a true story of a man, who was born frail and almost dying once but finally became a superman.


His name is Harumichi Hida (1883-1956), a founder of Hida-siki spirited body training system (Kyoken-jutsu) in Japan.

Harumichi Hida (1883-1956). He was a superman of the East.

If you are interested in Harumichis amazing life to become a superman, please click the link below.

Amazing Psychic Experiments of a Superman

Incredible Power and Strength

In the previous article, I introduced the curious life of Harumichi who had an incredible power and strength like a superman.


Harumichi was able to punch out a lump of board from a sturdy floor one inch thick (2.4 cm) with his foot without feeling any resistance.

A lump of board one inch (2.4 cm) thick punched out with Harumichi's right foot from a sturdy floor. The shape and the size of the board correspond to those of Harumichi's right foot.

Furthermore, when he trampled down the floor, Harumichi was able to snap off even a wooden floor joist together with the floor board.

The wooden floor joist snapped off by Harumichi.

In this way, Harumichi gained a divine strength and power through the training of Kyoken-jutsu.


However, Kyoken-jutsu also awoke even his psychic power.


Actually, he performed a number of amazing psychic experiments and many people participated in his experiments and observed his amazing psychic power.


Here, I will introduce some of Harumichi’s amazing psychic experiments.

Psychic Computing Experiment

Harumichi performed a psychic computing experiment at Meiji Shrine located in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

Priests and maidens wear traditional dress in preparation for a wedding at the Meiji Shrine

In this experiment, dozens of people including religious leaders participated.


Harumichi put a specially manufactured blindfold.


This blindfold was made by stacking iron sheets in layers and the surface of the blindfold was covered with a cloth.


And two sheets of papers were put up on a front wall.


After these preparations, Harumichi scribbled twenty-some-digit number on the paper to the left.


Then, he foretold proudly.

That’s the right answer!

Some participants stared at Harumichi with curiosity, but others laughed in derision sending a skeptical look at him.


Then, Harumichi said to participants,

Please write down any number on the paper to the right.


You may write any digit number all you want.


Can someone take part in this experiment?

After a while, a retired Admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy, Eisuke Yamamoto, who was also present in the experiment, stepped forward.

Eisuke Yamamoto (1876-1962). He was a Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet of Imperial Japanese Navy.

Yamamoto said twenty-some-digit number with which he came up at random and wrote off the number on the paper to the right.


Then, Harumichi asked Yamamoto to carry out calculations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division based on the number that Yamamoto wrote off.

Please divide the number by two at the Xth digit.


Then calculate the difference between the divided two numbers.

Please extract the Yth digit of number from the current number, then multiply the current number by the extracted number.

Please square each digit of the current number, then write down the obtained result below the current number.

Please sum up each digit of the current number, then multiply the current number by the sum.

Yamamoto performed calculations some dozen times according to Harumichi’s instructions.


Of course, Harumichi was blindfolded during the calculations.

Ok, that’s all!


Then, please write down the obtained result below the number that I wrote on the paper to the left.

Yamamoto wrote down the final answer below the number which Harumichi scribbled at the start of the experiment.



Amazingly, the result coincided wholly with the number foretold by Harumichi in every digit!


Strangely enough, Harumichi did not know even how many digit of number Yamamoto wrote.


Nevertheless, Harumichi foretold the result with great accuracy.


That was certainly a kind of psychic power.

Incredible Psychic Computing

In addition to the above experiment, Harumichi demonstrated the following experiments.

(1) Psychic Time Computing

Harumichi found the answer of a plurality of calculations within one second.

(2) Numberless Computing

Before the other person determined a number in his mind, Harunichi foretold the answer.

(3) Timeless Computing

Before the other person chose a number from a plurality of numbers for calculation, Harumichi foretold the answer.

(4) Remote Computing

First, the other person calculated freely using numbers with which he just came up at random.


At the same time, Harumichi foretold the answer in the next room or a place, which is dozens of meters away from the other person.


In this remote computing, Harumich was not informed of the numbers which the other person used for calculation.


Harumichi called the above experiments as ‘number games.’

Fig. 1 The notebook used by Harumichi in the telepathy experiment.

Bugyo Kuriyama, a researcher on Shinto stated about the psychic power of Harumichi in his writing “Mythical Philosophy.”

Bugyo Kuriyama, a researcher on Shinto

Kuriyama actually took part in the Harumichi’s experiment.


He wrote about the blindfold that Harumichi used for the experiments as follows.

The blindfold used by Harumichi was not a conventional one made of cloth.


It was specially manufactured one.


Specifically, it was made by stacking iron sheets in layers and by forming them into cylindrical shape.


Furthermore, the surface of the blindfold was covered with a cloth.


So, when you put the blindfold over your head, it encircles your whole head to the shoulders.


Also, it was manufactured so solidly that you cannot see anything with it over your head.


Amazingly, although he put that blindfold over his head, Mr. Hida took the other person by the hand and he pointed out the subtle lines of the palm and even the small stain.

Even more surprisingly, Harumichi was able to observe events near a bus stop that was five to six hundred meters away as well as sometimes events that occurred abroad.


Furthermore, he was also able to foretell events before they occurred.


In this way, Harumichi was also a superman with a clairvoyant power!

Psychic Experiment Using Dice

Furthermore, Kuriyama also reported another psychic experiment using dice.


In this experiment, a plurality of six-sided dice were used.


Each face of the dice had at least 3-digit-number which were different each other.


The procedure of the experiment is as follows.


The other person put several dozens of dice on a tray and threw them upwards into the air.


Then, the dice pattered on the tray, on the table and on the floor.


In a moment, Harumichi wrote down two answers.


One answer was the sum of the numbers on the top sides of the dice.


The other answer was the sum of the numbers on the bottom sides of the dice.


Amazingly, those answers coincided perfectly with the pips of the dice.

The dice used by Harumichi in the psychic experiment. The moment the dice were thrown, he was able to work out instantly the sum of the pips of them by calculation.

Even more amazingly, Harumichi worked out the right answers by calculation, even though some of the dice were still rolling on the table and the others were still in the air.

That was really a marvelous power!

Kuriyama wrote about Harumichi’s amazing psychic power like this.

Psychic Experiment Using a Bow and Arrow

Further to that, Kuriyama also introduced another experiment of Harumichi’s psychic power.


In this experiment, Harumichi used a toy bow and arrow set for little kids.


Kuriyama stood apart from Harumichi and he held a piece of wire directed upwards in his hand.


Then, Harumichi wore a blindfold headpiece made of iron plate.


Nevertheless, when he launched an arrow at the wire, the arrow hit the wire.


Harumichi tried again and again changing location, but each arrow accurately hit the wire.


Kuriyama wondered what had happened and so he asked Harumichi,

If you repeat ten million times, would you make at least one mistake?

Harumichi said with a smile,

I will never make a mistake, because I loose an arrow after I scored a hit.

Lifted a Heavy Stone with a Paper Hook

Furthermore, Harumichi performed another experiment using a stone, too.


In this experiment, Harumichi wired a heavy stone.


Then, he folded down one end of a strip of paper to form a paper hook.


After that, he hooked the stone on a paper hook and tried to lift it, calling out,


Amazingly, he lifted up the heavy stone with a paper hook!

Harumichi lifted up 44 pounds (20 kg) of stone with a paper hook.

It may sound improbable that a heavy stone can be lifted up with a paper hook.


However, when Harumichi adjusted his posture to draw out a divine power in his body, he was able to lift up 44 pounds (20 kg) of stone with a paper hook.


Harumichi explained about this miraculous phenomenon as follows.

If you adjust your posture correctly, you can draw out the universal force.


When this universal force is transmitted to the paper and the wire, their physical strengths are further enhanced by the force.


However, if your posture is deviated by just 0.1 mm from the correct posture, you could not draw out this universal force.

Clairvoyant Experiment

A Japanese researcher in psychotherapy, Kaoru Umeda writes in his book “Enhanced Psychotherapy” about Harumichi’s clairvoyant power as follows.

Mr. Hida put a blindfold made of a tin plate over his eyes.


Then, he told me to open and read a book such as a dictionary and a law book.


Even though I opened the book with its spine directed to Mr. Hida, he said,


'Now, you are reading the X page of the book.'


Then, he recited the part of the book which I was just reading.


Surprisingly, his repeated word for word what I was reading!

Umeda continued about Harumichi's clairvoyant power as follows.

Mr. Hida said to me,


'Enter to the next room and take out any book there.


Then, open the book and read any words or any lines of any page you like.'


So, I entered the room and took a book at random.


When I read the book and returned to Mr. Hida, he said to me,


'You have just memorized these words on page Y of the book titled Z, haven’t you?'


Then, he quoted the words which I had just memorized strictly word for word.


I was totally amazed by his clairvoyant power!

Find a Beetle with a Clairvoyant Power

As for Harumichi's psychic power, there is an interesting anecdote .


One day, a Harumichi’s grandchild Akira caught a rhinoceros beetle.


Akira tied the horn of the beetle with a white string.


He was playing with the beetle, but soon after that, he lost the beetle.


Harumichi could not bear to hear his grandchild cry.


So, he said to Akira,

I will find you your lost beetle.

For a moment, Harumichi adjusted his posture to gain his psychic power from the center of his body.


Then, he said to his grandchild,

That way.  


Follow me!

Harumichi went down with his grandchild and the others.


A short time later, they arrived at a waste ground of the hill behind Hida’s house.



Look under that tree.

Harumichi pointed to the ground beneath a tree.


It was an overgrowing place left unkempt for many years where dead leaves lay thick on the ground.


Akira dashed there and he pushed through the dead leaves.


Amazingly, the beetle with a white string appeared, just as Harumichi predicted.


Akira danced a little jig of joy to find his beetle.


Harumichi said to him,

Akira, make this the last time.

He did not want to use his psychic power privately as much as possible.


However, two days later, Akira lost the beetle again.


He looked all over for the beetle, but he could not find it.


Harumichi said to him,

As for the beetle, it is no use looking for it, because it is already dead.


Look at the ground under the northeast eaves of the house.

Akira went there according to Harumichi's advice.


Amazingly, he found that the beetle with a white string was dead covered with a little earth.


This is the only exception where Harumichi used his psychic power privately.


Harumichi drew a line between public and private.


He said as follows,

My psychic power is harmonized with the truth.


When I began the training of Kyoken-jutsu, I swore to the divine truth that I would never use this power for worldly affairs.

So, Harumichi never used his psychic power for his interests with the above exception.

Levitation Experiment of Body

It may be hard to believe, but Harumichi even levitated his body.


This levitation experiment was performed as follows.


First, Harumichi remained lying down with a compass on his stomach.


For a moment, he controlled his breathing quietly in that position.


Then, his body floated up in the air.


Furthermore, Harumichi began to spin his body around in the air.


He was able to change the direction of his body freely.


Actually, he turned his body northward and southward floating in the air.


Amazingly, he was able to levitate his body as well as another body, if the condition was right.


The following is an eyewitness report of the levitation experiment of Harumichi.

My master set up a thread running north-south in the room ceiling.


When he lay down along the line of the thread, he suddenly floated up in the air.


I stared with amazement at his body in the air.


Then, my master told me to pass under his body.


I passed cautiously under his body and thus I confirmed that my master really floated in the air!


After a while, my master said to me,


'I think I can levitate your body too.'


I was somewhat doubtful, but I lay down the way my master told me to.


He gave me precise instructions as follows.


'Move your head a little further to the right.


Pull your shoulders down a little.'


When I adjusted my posture correctly, my body also floated in the air!

In this way, Harumichi also gained an amazing power to fly in the air.


Thus, he was really a superman of the East.


In addition to these experiments, dozens of experiments have been reported about Harumichi’s psychic power.


For example, it has been reported that he parted the water of the sea in two walls like Moses.


Nevertheless, Harumichi repeatedly emphasized that these experiments were nothing to him.


He performed them to verify scientifically some of the truth of the universe.


Originally, Harumichi was not a special person.


Actually, he was a sickly boy than average.


Therefore, Harumichi emphasized that everyone could gain a divine power like him, if they learn the correct posture and right training through Kyoken-jutsu.


Accoring to Harumichi, it’s not a miracle, but it could be realized by a science which remains undiscovered.


To prove this, he demonstrated the above psychic experiments.


Someday, you may see a lot of people float in the air, just as Harumichi once did.

Then, you will find that it is the Ascension Day which was described in the Bible prophecy.


November 4, 2018



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