What is Reiki? The Mysterious Nature of Reiki Revealed by the Japanese Shinto Philosophy

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What is Reiki?

Here I would like to present an explanation of the nature and identity of Reiki, based on the Japanese Shinto philosophy.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a kind of life energy that fills this universe and was discovered by its founder, Mikao Usui (1865-1926), who attained enlightenment at Mount Kurama in Kyoto, Japan in 1922.

Mikao Usui (1865-1926)

Mt. Kurama in Kyoto.

Source Alexrk2  (Chumwa)  – Own work

Shrine at Kurama Temple

When the practitioner places his hands on the diseased part of the sick person’s body and sends spiritual energy through the palms of his hands, the symptoms of the disease are improved.

Reiki produces the same therapeutic effect on birds, animals, insects, and even plants and trees as on humans.

This is because Reiki is spiritual nourishment common to all living things.

If you are interested in the details of the amazing life of Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, please click the link below.

Unfortunately, Usui left few documents about Reiki.

However, Tomita describes in his book many research findings and insights gained from his own numerous Reiki treatment experiences on Reiki.

Kaiji Tomita

Tomita described in considerable detail how to develop his Reiki healing abilities in his book “Reiki to Jinjutsu: Tomita-Style Hand Therapy.” which was published in 1933.

The cover of Tomita’s book “Reiki to Jinjutsu: Tomita-Style Hand Therapy.”

According to Tomita, the amount of Reiki emitted from the palm of the hand depends greatly on the practitioner’s mental state.

The practitioner can gather Reiki in the palm of the hand by unifying the spirit.

Conversely, if the practitioner’s mind is upset and disturbed, the practitioner has difficulty radiating Reiki from the palm of his or her hand, and it often disappears.

This relationship between Reiki and spirit is evident from the fact that the founder of Reiki, Mr. Usui himself discovered Reiki shortly after reaching the state of enlightenment through Zen practice on Kurama Mountain.

If you are interested in the episode of Kaiji Tomita’s Reiki treatment shortly after he learned Reiki, please click the link below.

How to See Your Reiki with the Naked Eye

How to see your Reiki with the naked eye?

According to Tomita, you can see your Reiki with the naked eye by doing the following.

Put a black cloth on the wall of the room and sit calmly and quietly in front of the black cloth in the dark of night, with electric light at your back.

Then, while sitting calmly and quietly, look at your hands clasped together in front of the black cloth.

Then, when enough Reiki is emitted from both hands, you can see Reiki rising, flickering from the fingertips of both hands just like a candle flame.

Relationship Between Reiki Treatment Effects and Sunlight/White Electric Light

Interestingly, Tomita reported that exposure to sunlight or intense white light during Reiki treatment greatly reduced the healing power of Reiki.

In fact, according to Tomita’s experience in treating burned people with Reiki, when he treated a certain area of the burn without changing the position of his hand throughout the day in sunlight, only the area where the skin of the five fingers touched the skin healed faster, as shown in Fig.17.

Fig.17 Areas that were therapeutically effective when the practitioner treated the burns with Reiki under sunlight.

Also, when Tomita treated people with burns at night under intense white electric light using the same method as above, the entire area where his palm had touched the burn healed quickly, as shown in Fig. 18.

Fig.18 Areas that had a therapeutic effect when the practitioner treated the burns with Reiki under intense white electric light.

On the other hand, when Tomita treated people with burns under the same conditions as in a dark room, blocking out sunlight and white electric light, the area where Reiki had a healing effect spread, as shown in Fig. 19.

Fig.19 Areas that had a therapeutic effect when the practitioner treated the burns with Reiki by blocking out the light.

Based on these Reiki experiments, Tomita concluded that strong light, such as sunlight or white electric light, reduces the healing ability of Reiki.

However, I wonder if the results of these experiments might be heavily dependent on the harmonic state of mind and body.

One of the reasons for this is that Reiki is essentially spiritual energy and therefore seems to be less likely to be directly affected by physical light.

The second reason is that it is easier to calm the mind and focus the mind on your hand in the dark than under sunlight or white electric light.

Therefore, by minimizing the physical stimuli that your body receives, such as light as well as sound the power of your mind will become dominant and you may be able to emit so much Reiki from your hand.

In any case, if you are struggling to feel the effects of Reiki, I would recommend that you try practicing Reiki in a dark, quiet place, where it is easy to calm your mind.

Where Does Reiki Come From?

One of the members of the Tomita’s Reiki Therapy Society was a 70-year-old man.

He was treating one or two sick people with Reiki every day, despite his old age.

Tomita was concerned about his health and advised him to discontinue the Reiki treatment.

But the old man said to Tomita,

Treating one or two people with Reiki in the morning and evening somehow makes them feel better throughout the day.

On the other hand, if I miss a day of Reiki treatment, I feel worse.

That’s why I’ve been doing Reiki treatments for many years.

According to Tomita, the effect of this old man’s Reiki treatment was so considerable that he had the great trust of the sick people.

In fact, in my experience, when I treated sick people with Reiki, somehow I often felt my own physical condition improved as well as that of the sick person who received Reiki.

A possible explanation for this is that when a practitioner gives a Reiki treatment to a sick person, he or she is not giving the sick person his or her own Reiki.

Rather, I think the correct realization is that the practitioner is connected to an infinite source of Reiki and is treating the sick person by extracting Reiki from that source.

And in order to connect to this infinite Reiki source, that is, to tune in the Reiki source, it is essential that the practitioner’s body and mind be in harmony.

Spiritual Heat and Spiritual Waves

By the way, there are two main Reiki sensations that can be felt in the palm of the hand: warmth and tingling.

Tomita called the warm Reiki sensation “spiritual heat” and the tingling Reiki sensation “spiritual waves.”

According to Tomita, spiritual heat is less material-permeable, but spiritual waves have a much higher material permeability.

Therefore, if a practitioner treats a sick person lying on his or her bed, even if the practitioner places the hand under the bed, the Reiki treatment has the same effects as if the practitioner had touched the sick person’s body directly.

Even more curiously, even if the practitioner places the hand on the picture of the sick person at a distance from the sick person, the same effect is produced as if the practitioner had touched the sick person’s body directly.

From this, Reiki does not seem to be something that propagates through space like an electromagnetic wave, although Tomita called it a spiritual wave.

An Explanation Based on the Japanese Shinto Philosophy about the Nature and Identity of Reiki

By the way, why does Reiki have such remote healing power?

Doesn’t such a remote force violate the laws of physics?

In the Japanese Shinto Philosophy, it is considered that the real world is the reflection of the spirit world.

In other words, the original of the universe is a kind of “information” and thus the physical matters, space, and time in the real world were all generated based on the information.

This relationship between the real world and the spiritual world in this Shinto philosophy is made clear by Hitsuki Shinji, the final revelation of God.

Actually, it is written in Hitsuki Shinji, Volume of Jishin, Chapter 2 as follows.

In the spirit world, there is no time and space, because it is the world of thought.

Thus, everything in the real world is exactly as you thought in the spirit world.

Furthermore, it is written in Hitsuki ShinjiVolume of Jishin, Chapter 391 as follows.

In the spirit world, there is no time.

Thus, spirits do not know the concept of time.

Hitsuki Shiji reveals a number of surprising philosophical findings that fundamentally shake the common sense of modern science.

The original text of Hitsuki Shinji, the final revelation of God.

If you are interested in the details of Hitsuki Shinji, the final revelation of God, please click the link below.

From a modern point of view, the relation between the real world and the spirit world in Shinto Philosophy can be explained as follows.

First, envision a virtual world in a computer, that is, a computer-based simulated world, such as San Andreas of Grand Theft Auto (GTA), an action-adventure video game series.

The computer is connected to a cloud database where simulation program data are stored.

And the virtual world in the computer is generated based on the information data stored in the cloud database, as shown in the figure below.

According to the Shinto Philosophy, spiritual beings are considered to be a kind of “informational entities” that are the source of all matter.

In the above example, virtual world AI characters (e.g., Alice and Bob) can recognize the virtual world composed of polygons but are unable to recognize the information world composed of program data that gave rise to the virtual world they live in.

This is because no matter how much Alice and Bob disassemble the components of the virtual world and examine them under a microscope, they cannot find any components other than polygons in the virtual world.

Therefore, for inhabitants of the virtual world like Alice and Bob, program data is not subject to observation and will never be recognized.

Therefore, if Alice said,

Actually, the virtual world we live in is generated by program data!

it would seem like a ridiculous fantasy to Bob, and he would never accept Alice’s idea as true.

The smart and knowledgeable Bob might argue with Alice:

It’s not true!

You have been duped by pseudoscience.

There is no empirical evidence for the existence of information bodies such as ‘program data’ in virtual worlds we live.

For proof, scientists have gone through the components of the virtual world and found only polygons!

So, program data is just a hoax!

For those of us who know that the virtual world is actually generated from program data, you might think of Bob as

What an irredeemably stupid AI!

This AI is an idiot!

But do we deserve to laugh at Bob’s stupidity?

Because we, ourselves, may have fallen into the same kind of thinking that Bob has fallen into!

In fact, if we replace the virtual space with the real world and the cloud database with the spirit world in the above examples, you can better understand the situation we are in.

No matter how much we disassemble the components of this universe and examine them under a microscope, we cannot find anything in this universe other than material particles.

But if we conclude that Reiki does not exist in this universe because it cannot be observed empirically, we could make exactly the same mistake as Bob.

About this trap of thinking that modern science is prone to, it is written in Hitsuki ShinjiVolume 27 Spring, Chapter 33 as follows.

Modern science only knows what already exists.

From the perspective of the above Shinto philosophy, Reiki could be said to be exactly the kind of information body that generates this world.

In the virtual world example above, Reiki might be said to be the equivalent of source code repair program data stored in a cloud database.

In fact, because the space-time of the virtual world is generated by the program data, there are no space-time limitations in the cloud database, and Alice’s data can directly interact with Bob’s data.

And because Alice’s spirit, which is the essence of Alice, is not polygons but information data, Alice can access the program data in the cloud database by tuning her mind to the data world.

So, Alice can download a repair program in the cloud database and remotely treat Bob’s body from a spatially distant location.

When downloaded, the repair program is automatically applied to Alice’s body as well, so not only Bob, but Alice is also healed.

And exactly the same thing is considered to be happening in Reiki treatment.

In fact, thinking in this way can successfully explain the mysterious nature of Reiki mentioned above.


  1. Kaiji Tomita (February 1933). “Reiki To Jinjutsu: Tomita-Style Hand Therapy.”

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