A Japanese Man Who Strayed into a Different World Where a Dragon Exists

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This is a true story of a man who succeed in growing the world’s first chemical-free apples.


His name is Akinori Kimura (1949.11.8 ~), a Japanese farmer.

Kimura developed an apple cultivation method without any use of pesticides and fertilizers which had been long considered to be impossible.


Therefore, the apples that he grew are called as “miracle apples.”


If you are interested in Kimuras amazing story behind the development of miracle apples, please click the link below.

However, Kimura’s miracle is not limited only to apples.


Actually, he had a lot of amazing experiences in his life.


Here, I would like to introduce Kimura’s amazing experience of seeing a dragon.

A Strange Man Who Suddenly Stopped Moving

When Kimura was a junior in high school, he had an amazing experience for the first time in his life.


In July, the farmers completed rice planting in Tohoku region, Japan.


And summer vacation was near at hand.


After school, Kimura headed home taking the usual road on his bicycle.


He pedaled his bicycle as slowly as possible.


It was because, he had to help his family with their farm work if he got home early.


He did not like farm work.


So, he moved along the road as slowly as he could to buy time.


The width of the road was about six meters (20 feet) that was enough wide for two heavy trucks to pass.


Kimura was riding his bicycle on the left side of the road.


Ahead of him on the right, he saw a middle aged man walking on the road.


The man was walking in the same direction as Kimura.

He was wearing coveralls and tying a twisted towel around his head to form a headband.


Around there, there were rice fields and a motor factory.


In the motor factory, ultraprecision pulse motors were manufactured.


The man walked toward the factory.


So, Kimura thought that he was a worker of the factory.


Soon, Kimura caught up with the man.


At that time, he noticed that the motion of the man suddenly stopped.


What is he doing?

Kimura was surprised and thus stopped his bicycle to take a close look at the man.


The man was completely motionless.

The man did not budge an inch with his one leg lifted up in the air for a long time.


What are you doing?

Kimura talked to the man, but he did not respond at all.


He was motionless like a stone figure.


It felt like the time stopped flowing.

A Gigantic Monster Appeared

Suddenly, from the windbreak forest on his left, the gigantic face of a monster appeared.


The monster looked like the king of crocodiles.

It was humongous.


The monster’s frightful face was as big as the road width.


It had barbells the size of human thighs.


The monster was waving its barbells.


As the monster had so huge body, Kimura could not see its tail behind the huge bulk.


Kimura was so shocked that he could not think of anything.


He was stupefied and aghast.


Thus he just kept on standing still and looking at the craggy face of the giant monster.


Then, he noticed something.

Maybe, the flow of time stopped here.

The next moment, the giant monster moved to a different area around the corner of the windbreaks where pine trees grew.


As the monster moved away from him, Kimura could see the whole body of the monster.


It was not a giant crocodile.


It was a dragon.

The dragon curled its tail around the tips of the branches of the pine trees and stretched up toward the sky.


Regardless of its huge body, the dragon was hanging in midair by standing on its tail.


The dragon looped its tail around the tips of the pine branches.


The tips of the pine branches were too thin to hold even a small sparrow.

Very curious!


Why could such a huge, realistic dragon hang on the thin pine branches!


It might actually light than it looks.

Thinking that, Kimura stood looking at the dragon for a while.


Then, the dragon raised its face and looked up the sky.

Maybe, It’ll be going now.

The moment when he thought so, the dragon flew away toward the sky.

The dragon flew in straight line.


Kimura saw the dragon getting smaller and smaller in the sky.


In the distant sky, the dragon looked a thin thread and then disappeared in the cloud.

The Time Began to Flow Again after the Dragon Left

After the dragon has gone, Kimura noticed that the man, who stopped his motion, began to walk on the road again.


The man walked as if nothing had happened.

Kimura hurried home.


His parents still worked on a farm.

Oh my goodness!


I saw a dragon!

Kimura told his parents that he saw a dragon.


His parents believed him.

Maybe it’s true.

Kimura’s father and mother had a unique view that there are many things in this world that science cannot explain.


Furthermore, to his surprise, they looked even delighted to know that their son saw the dragon that no one has ever seen before.


His father was really excited to hear his amazing experience and said to him.

That’s quite an experience!


OK, let’s go there!

So, He took his family to the place where he saw the dragon.


However, although they went to the place where Kimura saw the dragon, they could not see the dragon.


His father looked very disappointed and murmured,



I really wanted to see a dragon!

A Mysterious Message From the Dragon

And then one day, a man claiming to be a member of “Japan Dragon God Association” visited Kimura.


He said that he researched dragons in Japan and he heard the rumor that Kimura saw a dragon.


The man asked him dozens of detailed questions.

What color was that dragon?

Does it have three fingers?

Does it have a ball?

However, Kimura did not remember such details.


When he saw the dragon up close, he could not afford to observe the details carefully.


However, there is only one thing that he still remembers clearly.


When the dragon appeared in front of him, he noticed that the dragon opened and closed its mouth repeatedly.

Looking at the movement of the mouth, Kimura felt,

It is saying something to me.

He did not catch the dragon’s words at first, but suddenly some words came into his mind.


Kimura was really shocked to know what the dragon told him.


However, finally, the dragon gave him a warning.

Don’t say a word.

The above words are quite clearly meaning,

Don’t breathe a word of what I told you to anyone.

Kimura understood the dragon’s intention.


He still remembers the dragon’s words clearly but he cannot tell anyone about it.


The words may have to do with the fate of the earth, that is Armageddon.


However, Kimura keep his mouth firmly shut, because he promised the dragon not to tell anyone.


What did the dragon tell him?


God only knows what it is.


Published on April 28, 2019

Written by OTAKUPAPA


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