Amazing Japanese Woman With an Ability to See the Dead Who Came to Take a Dying Person to Afterworld

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This is a true story of a Japanese woman with an ability to see dead people who came to take a dying person to afterworld.

Shoko Mukai (born 1939) is a Japanese non-fiction writer.

Shoko Mukai (born 1939)

Mukai was born in 1939 in Tokyo.

After graduating from the Faculty of Law of Hokkaido University, Mukai worked as a public relation officer at the Hokkaido Government.

Hokkaido Government Office Building

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Then Mukai worked as an editor of a Women’s organization journal.

After that, Mukai became a non-fiction writer and wrote some books on the subject pertinent to healthcare.

In 1981, her book titled “Women’s Reunion. A Woman and Her Classmates Reunited 23 Years Later. ” was nominated for the 12th Oya Soichi Nonfiction Award which recognizes the contributions of young journalists in Japan.

Furthermore, in 1985, her book titled “Fight Until The End of Life. Dr. Kunio Nakaarai’s Practice of Love.” was nominated for the 7th Kodansha Nonfiction Award.

Dead People Appeared Before Mukai From Childhood

By the way, Mukai had amazing experiences that dead people appeared before her.

According to Mukai, she often had a sort of feeling there were dead people near her.

The dead sometimes made their appearances like ghosts.

Since she was a child, Mukai felt dead people’s presence.

Actually, when a person died in her neighborhood, she felt someone invisible passing by her.

Mukai told adults about it, but they did not take her seriously.

However, there was a seven or eight years old girl in her neighborhood who had the same ability to feel the dead.

Even when she grew up, Mukai often felt the presence of dead people.

Mukai Saw the Ghost of Her Close Friend

Around 1987 or 1988, Mukai had a mysterious experience.

Her close friend living in her neighborhood had a tumor behind the eyes.

So, she had a surgery to have her tumor removed.

Unfortunately, due to an anesthesia mistake, she became a mere vegetable.

However, she had not told her surgery to anyone other than her son and Mukai, because she thought that the surgery would end quickly.

One day, Mukai was going to see her in the hospital, without knowing that her surgery failed.

However, on the way to the hospital, Mukai suddenly felt sick than ever before.

Mukai was so exhausted that she could not drive any further.

So, Mukai parked her car in the parking lot of a McDonald’s store to take a quick break.

Suddenly, Mukai felt extremely drowsy and foggy.

The next moment, the face of the Mukai’s friend appeared in front of her.

Mukai saw a worried expression on her friend’s face.

She whispered in Mukai’s ear.

Please let them know!

Please let them know!

It seemed that her friend wanted Mukai to tell her hospitalization to her acquaintances.

Since the face and voice of her friend were so clear, Mukai decided to call to tell them her hospitalization.

But, a few days later, the Mukai’s friend died.

When her body returned home, the ghost of the Mukai’s friend appeared before her son and said to him,

I can’t die and leave things this way!

On that very same day, a poltergeist phenomenon such as loud noise and objects being moved occurred in Mukai’s house.

In this way, Mukai has felt or seen the dead many times.

By the way, Mukai does not believe in anything that science cannot explain.

So, she tried to explain the mysterious phenomenon in a rational way.

Nevertheless, there was remaining doubts no matter how hard she tried.

Dead People Visited Mukai’s Father Just Before His Death

By the way, Mukai lost her parents one after another for several years after long-term care.

Amazingly, a little before passing away, dead people came to see Mukai’s father.

One day, Mukai’s father suddenly said,

There’s someone in this room!

Then, Mukai’s father moved his arm as if he was brushing off something invisible.

Mukai was surprised to her father’s strange behavior.

What are you doing, dad?

No one is here!

However, he said strange things.

A friend of mine has been coming here often recently.

He died two years ago.

But I don’t like seeing him!

Then, Mukai’s father was looking around with a very frightening look.

He desperately moved his arm as if he was brushing off something invisible.

Actually, it seemed that several dead people visited Mukai’s father.

According to him, they started visiting him around one week before his death.

Especially, three days before his death, he had visits from the dead most frequently.

Then, Mukai’s father was in a coma for the last two days and died.

The Dead Friend of Mukai’s Father Visited Her

By the way, about the deceased friend who visited Mukai’s father just before his death, Mukai had a mysterious experience.

According to Mukai, when the friend died, she felt his death.

So, Mukai told her family what she felt.

Oh, a friend of Dad’s died!

Actually, after that, Mukai’s family heard the news of his death.

Furthermore, Mukai saw the ghost of the friend.

When she was sleeping in the middle of the night, the sliding door leading to the hallway opened suddenly.

Then Mukai was surprised to see the friend in suit sitting behind the sliding door.

But, soon he disappeared into thin air.

It was so realistic that Mukai could not help thinking that he was actually there.

The next day, Mukai’s mother said in a frightened tone of voice.

I felt someone coming last night.

I could not see it, but I felt someone climbing up on a wall!

It was really creepy!

Amazingly, according to Mukai’s mother, it happened at the very same hour as Mukai had the mysterious experience.

So, it was too much of a coincidence!

Dead People Visited Mukai’s Mother Just Before Her Death

Furthermore, Mukai’s mother also had visits from 7 or 8 dead people for several days before she died.

At that time, Mukai’s mother looked around and said,

The dead are here!

So-and-so came here last night.

According to Mukai’s mother, there was her ex-lover among the dead.

When Mukai’s mother was still in her late teens, she was in love with the ex-lover.

One day, Mukai’s mother talked about her late husband (that is, Mukai’s father),

I didn’t really like Dad!

Actually, I loved the ex-lover, but he was already married.

So, I was forced to marry Dad.

Mukai felt perplexed because her mother spoke openly about her father.

Mukai’s mother sometimes returned to her girlhood.

Curiously, Mukai’s mother was 90-year-old at that time, but when she was talking about her ex-lover, her face was blushed and animated.

Actually, her mother blushed and her eyes sparkled with joy, as if she had been in her late teens.

So, Mukai’s sons sometimes teased their 90-year-old grandmother.

I feel like you are so sexy, grandma!

On the day before her death, Mukai’s mother said that her late husband (Mukai’s father) came to pick her up.

She said,

Dad came to pick me up last night.

He said to me,

‘Come here!’

So, I decided to go with him.

Mukai was so surprised to hear that.

Oh, I thought you hated Dad.

But, Mukai’s replied,

He had a really gentle expression.

So, I will forget everything.

According to Mukai’s mother, Mukai’s father had visited her most frequently for a long time.

Actually, Mukai’s mother often pointed at her bedside and said,

Dad is here!

The following day, the doctor found that Mukai’s mother suffered a blood clot in an intestinal artery which caused necrosis of part of large intestine and entire small intestine.

So, they rushed her to an operating room to remove the blood clot.

When Mukai’s mother was transported to the operating room, she spoke to a nurse.

Remember, there was a woman born in Meiji era (1868 – 1912)!

Then she was grinning at Mukai.

Mukai had never seen such a happy look on her mother’s face.

But, after she got to the operating room, Mukai’s mother died.

Perhaps, true to her last words, Mukai’s mother took off for the afterlife with her father.

Published on April 12, 2020

Written by OTAKUPAPA


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