Amazing Japanese Woman Who Became a Ghost in Front of Her Daughter

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This is a true story of a Japanese woman who became a ghost in front of her daughter.

Have you ever seen a dying person becoming a ghost?

There are probably few people who were present at the very moment a ghost was born.

However, there is a Japanese woman who was present at the moment her mother became a ghost.

Takashi Tachibana (born 1940) is a Japanese journalist, non-fiction writer and critic.

Takashi Tachibana (born 1940)

Tachibana is well known for his extensive study of more than 300 cases of Japanese near-death experiences.

Tachibana published articles titled “Near-Death Experiences” in a distinguished Japanese monthly magazine, Bungeishunju from August 1991 to April 1994.

These articles were later put together into a bulky two-volume book titled “Near-Death Experiences” of total 868 pages.

Nowadays, Tachibana is known as one of the leading authorities on NDE studies in Japan.

In this post, I would like to introduce one of the amazing cases of Japanese NDEs reported by Takashi Tachibana, “Intellectual Giant.”

A Japanese Woman With Terminal Cancer

Asako Komori, 48-year old Japanese woman living in Gunma lost her mother to cancer in 1985.

Source Lincun – Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, National Land Numerical Information (administrative area)

Throughout 4 months in the hospital, her mother suffered terribly.

So, her mother sometimes grabbed Komori’s hands tightly and asked her,

Kill me, please!!!

Nevertheless, her mother died with a smile on her face.

When Komori looked at her mother’s face on her deathbed, she thought,

What peaceful look she had!

Buddha’s face may be like this.

So, Komori gazed admiringly at her mother’s face all night.

Then it crossed Komori’s mind that her mother had a mysterious experience just before her death.

Komori’s Mother Saw and Heard Strange Things Before Her Death

As Komori’s mother’s condition worsened, she came to see and hear strange things.

Then her mother went back and forth between a dream world and the real world.

Eventually, her mother could not distinguish between dreams and reality.

One day, her mother asked Komori something strange.

Her mother said,

In the hallway outside the room, I always saw a person in white standing to protect me.

So, can you convey my gratitude to that person?

Komori was puzzled by what her mother said, because she had never seen such a person in white in the hallway.

So, she asked back to her mother,

I haven’t seen such a person before.

Who are you talking about?

Are you kidding? 

Komori was too much puzzled that she was offended at her mother’s words.

Then another day, her mother suddenly exclaimed with pleasure,

Oh! Beautiful!

Just beautiful!

There are a lot of flowers!

There are a lot of small flowers, aren’t there?

Furthermore, there was a time when Komori’s mother was gazing at something invisible in front of her.

One day, Komori saw her mother replying to something invisible,

Oh, Yes!

At that time, Komori’s mother was giving an admiring look to something invisible.

Komori says,

I’ve never seen my mother having such an admiring look during her life except that day.

Komori’s Mother Became a Ghost

Three days before her death, Komori’s mother said to Komori,

That’s enough, Asako.

I’ll go alone!

Then her mother turned away from Komori and began to head into something invisible.

Actually her mother’s body was still staying in bed.

However, Komori felt something like a spirit or soul getting out of her mother’s body and ascending into heaven.

After that, her mother’s body was lying in bed.

But, Komori did not feel her mother’s presence in the body for some reason.

Instead, Komori felt like her mother was watching her from behind.

Interestingly, Komori had no idea about near-death experience at that time.

Nevertheless, she just had a vague feeling that she was being watched by her mother from behind.

By the way, Komori did not believe in religion.

However, the mysterious experience changed her mind and now she is thinking,

Our death does not mean that our existence passes into nothingness.

Rather, I think some sort of energy would remain after death and ascends to heaven.

Now that Komori learned about NDE, she reinforced the belief that her mother’s soul actually got out of her body and was watching her from behind at that time.

As Komori thought, did her mother really become a ghost?

It’s up to you whether you believe or not.

Published on April 4, 2020

Written by OTAKUPAPA


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