Amazing Japanese Man Who Opened Death’s Door by Stopping His Own Heart to See Again the Ghost of His Loved One

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This is a true story of a Japanese man who has an amazing ability to control body functions to freely open death’s door so that he can have near-death experiences on his own will.

Takashi Tachibana (born 1940) is a Japanese journalist, non-fiction writer and critic.

Takashi Tachibana (born 1940)

Tachibana is well known for his extensive study of more than 300 cases of Japanese near-death experiences.

Tachibana published articles titled “Near-Death Experiences” in a distinguished Japanese monthly magazine, Bungeishunju from August 1991 to April 1994.

These articles were later put together into a bulky two-volume book titled “Near-Death Experiences” of total 868 pages.

Nowadays, Tachibana is known as one of the leading authorities on NDE studies in Japan.

In this post, I would like to introduce one of the amazing cases of Japanese NDEs reported by Takashi Tachibana, “Intellectual Giant.”

A Japanese Man Who Has an Ability to Control Body Functions to Freely Open Death’s Door

Hiroshi Komori is a 70-year old Japanese man living in Ube, Yamaguchi, Japan.

Source Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa) – Own work

Komori has an amazing ability to control body functions to freely open death’s door so that he can have near-death experiences on his own will.

How did he become able to do that?

According to Komori, he can stop his breathing by his willpower.

If you use common sense, there is no way we can do such a thing.

As long as we live, we cannot stop breathing for more than a few minutes, no matter how hard we may try.

Of course, Komori acknowledged the fact that we cannot stop breathing to death if we are in a normal condition.

However, it is not impossible, if we can put our body in special conditions.

According to Komori, he needs to make sufficient preparation in advance, such as fasting for about one week.

Then he lies down facing up.

After that, he tries not to breathe out, even though he breathes in.

In this way, Komori gradually stops his breathing.

Of course, not everyone can do it.

Actually, Komori was able to do it after more than 10 years of intense training.

Komori Decided to Open Death’s Door to See Again the Ghost of His Loved One

By the way, what inspired Komori to start developing his amazing ability to open death’s door?

According to Komori, when he was 27 or 28 years old, he saw the ghost of his deceased partner.

One night, he suddenly had sleep paralysis and he saw the ghost appeared.

Then, Komori was holding her tight.

Amazingly, she was more a real live human being than a ghost, because Komori actually felt her temperature and breathing.

At that time, he felt her hair touching his cheek.

After such a strange experience, Komori wanted to see the ghost of his deceased partner again somehow.

I probably saw an illusion.

Even if that was an illusion, I want to hug her in my arms again!

And I want to fully feel the touch of her body that is flesh and blood!

Komori did not know how he was able to have the same experience as that night, but he tried various things.

Maybe, the sleep paralysis is the key to that mysterious experience.

So, he tried to experience sleep paralysis by his willpower, but he couldn’t.

The 1st Attempt

One day, Komori thought of stopping his breathing.

So, he kept his body still to empty his mind.

Then he consciously stopped his breathing over and over again.

When he felt suffocated, he took a shallow breath, but he tried not to exhale.

After a while, a purple cabinet appeared in front of his eyes and he saw the cabinet door opened.

Then, his body became numb and he saw lightning-like flashes.

Surprised at the flashes, Komori clenched his hands and moved his body.

Then he came fully conscious and progressed no further.

Thus, Komori’s first attempt ended in failure.

In the 2nd Attempt, Komori Had an Out-of-Body Experience

After that, when he was 34 or 35 years old, Komori was diagnosed with tuberculosis and stayed in a hospital for almost a year.

During that hospital stay, he was bored with having nothing to do.

So, Komori repeated the exercise every night.

Then he was getting better and better.

One day, he felt himself ascending through the roof to heaven.

Since then, he could reach that level anytime with some effort.

According to Komori, after he stopped his breathing, he felt that the mobility of the stomach and the bowel were suppressed.

At that time, he felt the motion of the heart only.

After a while, Komori began to see white light which was much brighter than sunlight.

Then Komori had an out-of-body experience.

He found himself splitting into two and one of them ascending upward.

Komori says about that out-of-body experience as follows.

At that time, I ascended to heaven.

I ascended through the ceiling and the roof without any resistance.

When I looked down, I saw the earth where four seasons appeared transiently.

Then I saw angels.

At this stage, Komori had various experiences.

For example, he heard a human voice and saw words popped up, which teach him various things.

Furthermore, he saw a giant which was bigger than a mountain standing with both arms spread.

The 1st Stage of the Out-of-Body Experience

In addition to these mysterious phenomena, Komori got physical pleasure which he called “Taietsu.”

He says about the physical pleasure,

It was indescribably pleasant overflowing from deep inside my body, not from the surface of skin.

I don’t know where it came from, but I felt it came from someplace much deeper than my muscles, bones and bone marrow.

It was so pleasant that I could not move an inch, because I felt I would get carried away with euphoria if I move my body even just a little.

I didn’t think I would be able to stand such euphoria.

It was such a big pleasure.

The 2nd Stage of the Out-of-Body Experience

While Komori was standing such intense pleasure, he got to the next stage which he named “Chou (clear, limpid).”

Komori says about the next stage,

There’s no other word for it but clear.

I was in a world where everything was clear and limpid.

According to Komori, it is not enough to stop his breathing to enter the clear stage.

It is necessary to stop his heart to enter the clear stage.

Komori says,

The moment my heart stopped, I almost immediately entered that clear stage.

It was a world of nothing where everything was just clear.

When Komori reached this stage, light began to overflow from his body and radiate in all directions like arrows.

At that time, Komori felt that all his hopes were consummated.

Then, he felt like finally reaching enlightenment in Zen Buddhism.

He says about that enlightenment,

At that time, I felt like the God became friends with me.

Furthermore, I felt like I became one with the God and then became a part of the God.

In this stage, he felt that he stepped into an absolutely clear world.

However, Komori reached the clear stage just one time.

After that, Komori sometimes tried the exercise until he was about 65 years old.

But, since then, he has not tried the exercise, because it was a close brush with death and put his life in danger.

So, Komori could not meet again the ghost of his deceased partner after all.

Komori’s Interpretation on the Mysterious Phenomena

By the way, what is Komori’s interpretation on this mysterious phenomena?

He says,

That must be an illusion.

As one of the reasons, Komori saw a living person as well as angels during his near-death experience.

He says,

I sometimes saw a naked movie actress floating in the air.

So, I think that was an illusion.

Komori saw Hideko Takamine (1924 – 2010), a Japanese actress.

Hideko Takamine (1924 – 2010)

Komori Heard a Strange Noise

By the way, during the mysterious experience, Komori sometimes heard strange noise.

He says,

During the earliest stage when I had sleep paralysis, I heard a loud, roaring sound that is ringing in my ears.

Then I passed through such a stage by my willpower.

At that time, I began to have the strange experience.

It should be noted that Komori heard the strange noise at the initial stage before he had the strange experience.

According to Tachibana, the person who had a near-death experience sometimes heard a strange noise at the initial stage when the person’s everyday state of consciousness remained.

Interestingly, another person who had a near-death experience heard a roaring noise like an airplane noise at the initial stage of the NDE.

On the other hand, the person who had a near-death experience felt indescribable stillness or hear beautiful music during the principal stage after the person got out of his/her body.

Tachibana says,

The person who had a near-death experience heard strange sound at the boundary between the person’s everyday state of consciousness and the person’s supernormal state of consciousness.

So, Komori’s experience may not have been an illusion, because a lot of people had the same experiences.

But, soon or later, you will learn about it for sure.

The reason why is because you will know the truth one day when your heart stops.

Published on March 29, 2020

Written by OTAKUPAPA


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