Kaiji Tomita: Man Who Trained in Reiki for Just One Night VS. Kiai-Arts Master [Episode 7]

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This is a true story of a man who trained in Reiki for just one night confronted Kiai-arts master.

Kaiji Tomita was a Japanese man living in Osaka in Japan in the Taisho era (1912-1926).

Tomita learned the original Reiki directly from Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki at the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (Usui Reiki Therapy Society).

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After that, in order to spread Reiki in Japan, Tomita opened his clinic in front of Ichioka Junior High School (the current Ichioka High School) in Minato-ku, Osaka, where he established the “Tomita Hand Healing.”

Source Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa) – Own work

Amazingly, Tomita gained a miraculous healing power to cure all kinds of diseases in only 10 hours of Reiki training.

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In this post, I would like to introduce the story of how the man who trained in Reiki for just one night confronted a Kiai-arts master.

Kiai-Arts Master Who Made His Opponent’s Whole Body Stiffened

There was the head of a draper’s shop who had joined Kaiji Tomita’s Reiki therapy group and was studying it diligently.

One day he was peddling from house to house in the countryside, as usual, carrying his goods, kimono, on his back.

In one village, a group of people had gathered around and were looking at something unusual, so he stopped by to see what was going on.

There, a man was demonstrating the art of Kiai*1.

Kiai is a Japanese term used in martial arts for the short shout uttered when performing an attacking move.

When he asked the crowd what was going on, one of them replied.

That man came back to our village after going to the city and studying the art of kiai for a few years.

So we have gathered a group of young men in this village and are now experimenting with his kiai skills!

In front of the onlookers, a young man was swinging a three-foot green bamboo stick and trying to strike as hard as he could at the brain of the kiai-arts master.

But at that moment, the master uttered a shout of,


And the master threw his spiritual energy at the young man.

Suddenly, the young man’s whole body stiffened as if he were a living Buddha statue.

As a result, he could not even drive the green bamboo stick he was holding in both hands into the master’s head.

On the contrary, he seemed to have completely lost his entire body’s freedom and could not even move slightly.

The master said to the young man again,

Come on, hit me!

But for some reason, the young man couldn’t move an inch and couldn’t bring his green bamboo stick down.

The villagers who were watching the event were all impressed and let out a variety of comments.

Then three or four young men volunteered for the experiment, one after another.

But all of them, as soon as the master emitted his spiritual energy at them, their bodies didn’t even move slightly.

As a result, all the young men in the village were afraid, and none of them volunteered for the master’s experiment.

Man Who Trained in Reiki for Just One Night Confronted a Kiai-Arts Master

At this time, the head of the draper’s shop was watching this experiment curiously.

He was thinking hard in his mind about something.

Wait, the other day at the Reiki therapy course, Tomita-sensei told us,

‘Those who have mastered Reiki therapy are not affected by the art of kiai.’

However, I only practiced Reiki by sitting still once in my first class.

So I might be affected by the art of kiai.

But I’ll never know unless I try.

It would be fun if I could volunteer for the experiment and hit that kiai-arts master with that green bamboo stick in the head once!

No, no, no!

If, like those young men, my body stopped moving slightly like a living Buddha statue, I might be a laughingstock for the rest of my life!!

He had a lot of thoughts going through his head and hesitated on whether he should volunteer for the experiment.

However, after much hesitation, he finally decided to make up his mind and volunteered for the experiment.

So he unloaded his backpack under the eaves, went inside the village youth hall, and then told the kiai-arts master,

Sensei, I would like to ask you to perform an experiment on me as well!

The kiai-arts master then agreed,


So, as he took off his clogs and advanced in front of the master, the master handed him the green bamboo stick.

Then he braced himself with the green bamboo stick.

The master reminded him to swing the bamboo stick down with vigor.

Come on, hit me!


So he held the bamboo stick at the top of his head and was about to drive it as hard as he could into the master’s head.

But at that moment the master uttered a shout of,


He suddenly thought,

Wait, aren’t my arms stuck like that young man’s?

But when he secretly moved his right hand, he found that he could move it freely without any difficulty.

So just to be sure, he asked the master,

Do you really want me to hit you with this bamboo stick?

Then the master said confidently,

Okay, hit me!

So he reluctantly set a target on the master’s head and drove the bamboo stick into the teacher’s head with a bang!


Even though it was good for him that he was able to drive the bamboo stick into the master’s head without any difficulty, it would have been very hard for the master.

In fact, the master frowned and let out a voice that said,

That’s strange…

The master tilted his head sideways curiously for a moment.

But then, the master said,

Do it again!

Yes, sir!

And he stood up again, bracing himself for the bamboo stick just as he did last time.

Unlike last time, this time the master threw even stronger spiritual energy at him.

Ei!! Yah!!!

But when he moved his right hand holding the bamboo stick as he did last time, there was nothing unusual this time either.

So, this time he said,

I’m gonna hit you!

Hit me!

Ei!!! Yeah!!!

Then the master threw his full spiritual energy at him.

This time, however, he felt no hindrance, so he hammered the bamboo stick down on the master’s head without reservation, just as he had done last time.


The master tilted his head again,

It’s really strange…

So the master asked him,

What have you mastered?

He replied,

No, I haven’t mastered anything.

You say so, but you must have mastered something!

The master persisted, and he was forced to state the truth.

I practiced Reiki therapy.

But that was just sitting still for just one night.

To hear that, the master said gravely,


Then, in a low voice, the master said,

My master said some time ago,

‘Practitioners of Reiki therapy are less susceptible to the influence of the art of kiai.’

I guess he was right.

The master said this to himself, and then looked awkward.

And then the day’s experiment came to an end, as the Master’s energy was gone.

He thanked the master simply,

Thank you.

And he tried to put on his clogs and carry the kimono of his trade.

At that point, the master stopped him and said,

What is your teacher’s name?

Then the master asked him for the name and address of the society where he had learned Reiki.

But he evaded answering the question.

And as he was about to walk out early, he looked sideways at the master’s head and saw that two bumps were noticeably swollen on the master’s head, just like Meoto Iwa*2.

Meoto Iwa is Married Couple Rocks, or two rocky stacks in the sea off Futami, Mie, Japan.

Then he went out to the outskirts of the village and sad down on the roots of a tree to have a smoke.

I’ve done a terrible thing to the master in this village…and in front of many villagers.

By now, those bumps are probably starting to hurt in the master’s head.

Twenty minutes of Reiki treatment would heal those bumps, and I’d like to heal them, but that’s no longer the case now.

The master’s parents and siblings would have seen me hit the master in the head twice with the bamboo stick.

More importantly, this village is my client’s village, so won’t it be bad for my business?

Thus, his mind was filled with one such anxiety after another.

As this episode shows, mastering Reiki makes you less susceptible to the influence of spiritual energy.

(To be continued in Episode 8)

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  1. Kaiji Tomita (February 1933). “Reiki To Jinjutsu: Tomita-Style Hand Therapy.”

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