How to Fully Master the Amazing Reiki Therapy in Just 5 Days of Training by Kaiji Tomita [Part 9]

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This is a true method for developing the amazing Reiki healing ability to cure any disease in just 5 days of training.

Kaiji Tomita was a Japanese man living in Osaka in Japan in the Taisho era (1912-1926).

Kaiji Tomita

Tomita learned the original Reiki directly from Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki at the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (Usui Reiki Therapy Society).

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After that, in order to spread Reiki in Japan, Tomita opened his clinic in front of Ichioka Junior High School (the current Ichioka High School) in Minato-ku, Osaka, where he established the “Tomita Hand Healing.”

Source Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa) – Own work

Amazingly, Tomita gained a miraculous healing power to cure all kinds of diseases in only 10 hours of Reiki training.

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According to Tomita, such power is inherent in all humans, and anyone can acquire it if they train in the right procedures.

Unfortunately, Usui, the founder of Reiki, did not leave any writings on his own Reiki therapy, so it is not possible to know the details of how the Usui style Reiki therapy was actually practiced now.

However, Tomita described in considerable detail how to develop his Reiki healing abilities in his book “Reiki to Jinjutsu: Tomita-Style Hand Therapy” which was published in 1933.

In this post, I would like to introduce Kaiji Tomita’s method for developing amazing Reiki healing ability to cure any disease in just 5 days of training.

Which Hand Should Be Used for Reiki Treatment, Right or Left?

In Reiki treatment, you may use either the right or left hand.

Some practitioners use both hands for treatment, but at first, it is best to use only one hand if possible.

According to Tomita, even if the practitioner uses both hands for treatment, the power of Reiki radiated from the palm of the hand does not double.

This is because the power of Reiki radiated from the palm of the hand depends on the mind of the practitioner, not the physical hands.

Just as a television or radio tuned to a specific frequency can extract the radio waves flowing through the atmosphere, a practitioner can extract the Reiki flowing through the universe by tuning his or her mind to the source of the universe.

Therefore, in order to produce strong Reiki, it is of utmost importance to have a pure and sincere heart just like a newborn baby, so that the mind is in tune with the source of the universe.

However, according to Tomita, even for ordinary people who are far from enlightened, the power of Reiki is only weak and it just takes a lot of time for the effects of Reiki treatment to appear.

In other words, even if the practitioner is an ordinary person, taking enough time to treat a sick person will make no difference in the final therapeutic effect of Reiki.

It is also known that during a Reiki treatment, Reiki flows through the practitioner’s body to the sick person, so that not only the sick person but also the practitioner receives the healing effects of Reiki.

In other words, as Reiki flows through the practitioner’s body, the practitioner’s mind is naturally attuned to the source of the universe, and the mind is purified, bringing the practitioner closer to enlightenment.

Due to this attunement effect with the source of the universe, the more the practitioner performs the Reiki treatment, the more the practitioner’s mind is purified and the Reiki radiated from the palm of the hand naturally becomes stronger.

Therefore, even if your Reiki power is weak at first, as you do more and more Reiki treatments, your Reiki power will become stronger.

So, don’t be afraid to be proactive in giving Reiki treatments.

How to Apply Your Hands to the Affected Area

In Reiki treatment, the practitioner should touch the affected area with the hand as lightly as possible.

Especially when treating the heart, the practitioner must place his or her hand as lightly as possible on the sick person’s chest.

The practitioner should lightly touch the palm of the hand to the affected area with the same sensation as when sitting quietly alone and holding hands together.

At this time, keep in mind that the center of the affected area should be aligned with the center of the palm of the hand.

In addition, the practitioner should try to support the hands with the tanden (the body’s center of gravity) without putting any pressure on the arm, especially the right elbow and shoulder.

If the practitioner puts a lot of pressure on the elbows and shoulders, it will give a heavy feeling to the sick person.

And the practitioner will also become stiff, which will make the body and mind tired and reduce the amount of Reiki radiated from the palms.

Does Placing Hands on the Body through Clothing or Bedding Adversely Affect the Healing Effects of Reiki?

It is effective for a practitioner to apply Reiki treatment by placing his or her hands directly on the sick person’s body.

Since Reiki is permeable to all substances, the practitioner may place his or her hands on the body of the sick person through clothing or bedding, or sometimes even under the iron bed on which the sick person is lying, without losing the therapeutic effect of Reiki.

However, when treating the sick person’s body across an object, the range of Reiki radiation emitted from the practitioner’s palm is limited.

Therefore, Reiki treatment of a sick person across an object is disadvantageous because it makes it difficult for the practitioner to focus Reiki on the localized affected area of the sick person.

Conversation during Treatment

According to Tomita, the conversation during treatment should be avoided as much as possible, unless it is unavoidable, as it interferes with mental concentration.

If the practitioner is proficient in Reiki treatment, talking during the treatment will not diminish the effectiveness of the treatment.

However, it is advisable for beginners, in particular, to refrain from talking during treatment, as it may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Reiki Treatment Time

According to Tomita, the appropriate treatment time is about one hour for each sick person, but it can be longer or shorter depending on the circumstances at the time.

Basically, the treatment time should be allocated according to the intensity of the Reiki sensation (Byoukan) felt in the palm of the hand when the practitioner touches the diseased area.

When the practitioner touches the diseased area, he or she will feel a warm sensation or a tingling sensation like static electricity in the palm of the hand, so it is better to continue the Reiki treatment until those Reiki sensations (Byoukan) weaken.

As an example, if the total treatment time is set at one hour, the practitioner treats the source of the disease (Byoukon) for 30 minutes, and then treats each point where the symptoms of the disease appear (Byousho) for 10 minutes each.

In the case of treating painful diseases, the practitioner may be tempted to continue the Reiki treatment until the sick person is no longer in pain.

Even if the practitioner finishes the Reiki treatment while the sick person is still in pain, if the Byoukan that the practitioner feels in the palm of his or her hand is weakened, the Reiki healing effect will usually appear and the sick person’s pain will be reduced several hours after the Reiki treatment.

In this way, unlike Western Reiki, where 12 hand positions are prescribed irrespective of the actual location of the disease, in the original Japanese Reiki, the practitioner determines the location and time of the body to be touched based on the Reiki sensation felt in real-time on the palm of the hand by the practitioner, thus allowing for appropriate treatment without over or under treatment.

Order of Places to be Treated

It is recommended that the practitioner start the Reiki treatment from the head of the sick person and then proceed from the upper part of the body to the lower part.

However, according to Tomita, if the necessary amount of Reiki can be given to the necessary places in the sick person’s body, the therapeutic effect will be the same no matter in what order the practitioner treats the various parts of the sick person’s body.

Therefore, the practitioner may change the order of the locations on the sick person’s body that should be treated with Reiki in any way necessary.

However, the practitioner should refrain from using the same hand to treat the face or head after having treated a sick person’s feet or other unclean parts with the hand, as this is generally considered annoying.

Furthermore, it is effective to treat the affected area from both the front and back of the body with Reiki.

The time allocated for the treatment from the front and the treatment from the back does not necessarily have to be the same.

For example, in the case of stomach treatment, the practitioner treats the stomach area by placing his or her hands on the stomach from the front of the body and then on the stomach from the back of the body.

Prayer to Strengthen the Power of Your Mind

According to Shinto Philosophy, it is believed that words contain a spiritual power called “spirit of words” and have the spiritual power to control the mind.

Since a strong Reiki can be obtained by attuning the mind to the source of the universe, there are techniques to control the mind and attune it to the source of the universe by utilizing the spiritual power that resides in words.

As one such technique, Tomita recommends chanting the following waka poem written by Emperor Meiji at the beginning of Reiki treatment as a prayer to strengthen the power of the mind.

Like the morning sun rising high in the sky, I always want to have a fresh, bright, and refreshing mind.

However, the words of the prayer do not have to be the waka poem of Emperor Meiji.

If you are already a believer in some religion such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, or Hinduism, you may recite the words of that prayer before the Reiki treatment.

You can also chant the five precepts of Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki therapy.

The secret method to bring happiness

An elixir to cure all diseases

At least for today, don’t be angry,

don’t worry, be thankful,

work diligently, be kind to people.

Put your hands together morning and evening and pray in your heart and chant these words out.

For mental and physical improvement.  Usui Reiki Therapy

The founder

Mikao Usui

During the prayer, you may utter a sound, but it is better to recite it in your heart, as it may raise some suspicion in the sick person who does not believe in the religion.

According to Tomita, repeating the prayer in your mind not only once, but two or three times before the Reiki treatment will strengthen the power of your mind and increase the healing effect of the Reiki treatment.

Does a Beginner Have to Take an Attunement?

Does a beginner have to take an attunement?

Just as every human being has a mind within his or her body, the universe itself has a mind.

The mind of the universe is a kind of information energy and can be said to the source that created the physical universe.

The spiritual energy that is the source of this universe is the true nature of Reiki.

Attunement in Western Reiki is the art of opening a kind of circuit in the beginner’s body through which Reiki can flow by attuning the beginner’s mind to the mind of a Reiki master.

The original Japanese attunement, on the other hand, is a technique that opens a circuit for the flow of Reiki, the spiritual energy of the universe, in the beginner’s body by attuning the beginner’s mind to the source of the universe through the practice of sitting calmly and quietly and the spiritual power of words to control the mind.

Therefore, in the original Reiki, attunement from another person is not necessary, because everyone can use strong Reiki through attunement with the source of the universe, as Mikao Usui once did.

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