Masayoshi INOU: Amazing Boy Who Endured Supernatural Phenomena of Yokai Monsters for 30 Days [Japanese Mystery Case #0003]

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Masayoshi Inou (稲生 正令) (1735-1803) was a samurai in the mid-Edo period who wrote “Miyoshi Jitsuroku Monogatari (三次実録物語)”, based on his experience of being attacked by a big monster late at night one day in 1749, when he was 16, and then being plagued daily for a month by supernatural phenomena called Bukkai (物怪).

Inou Bukkairoku Emaki” (Hotta version, Important Cultural Property of Miyoshi City) On July 1, a big monster attacks Masayoshi.

Masayoshi Inou was born in 1735 as the eldest son (his childhood name was Heitaro. hereafter referred to as Heitaro) of Takesaemon Inou, a samurai of the Miyoshi domain in Miyoshi County, Bingo Province (present-day Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture).

In the summer of 1749, Heitaro Inao, then 16 years old, had a strange experience.

In May, Heitaro and Gonpachi, a sumo wrestler who lived next door, decided to compete in a test of courage and climbed Mount Higumayama in Miyoshi City to a place said to be haunted.

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