Amazing Time Traveler Who Traveled Back in Time during a Near-Death Experience

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This is a true story of a man who traveled back in time during a near-death experience.

Tsuruhiko Kiuchi (born 1954) is a Japanese comet hunter and writer.

Tsuruhiko Kiuchi (born 1954), a Japanese comet hunter and writer. 

As a comet hunter, Kiuchi discovered Comet Cernis-Kiuchi-Nakamura (1990b) and Comet Tsuchiya-Kiuchi (1990i).

Kiuchi also rediscovered Comet Metcalf-Brewington (1906VI=97P/1906 V2) and Comet Swift-Tuttle (109P/Swift-Tuttle).

Perseid meteor, originating from Comet Swift-Tuttle, from the ISS

Thus, Kiuchi was famous as a Japanese amateur astronomer hunting comets around the world.

By the way, Kiuchi is also well-known for his amazing near-death experience.

Before he became a comet hunter, Kiuchi worked for Japan Air Self-Defense Force as a flight dispatcher of aeronautical operational control in Hyakuri Air Base in Omitama, Ibaragi, Japan.

Hyakuri Air Base

At the age of 22, when he finished a night work in the airport control tower of the air base, Kiuchi was struck down with excruciating pain in his abdomen.

He was diagnosed with superior mesenteric artery duodenal obstruction which was known as a critical illness.

At that time, no one had ever survived the disease before.

However, 30 minutes after having pronounced dead, Kiuchi miraculously revived.

Surprisingly, after he revived, Kiuchi told doctors an amazing near-death experience of seeing a tunnel like cave, a huge river, a field of flowers and the reunion with deceased relatives.

Later, Kiuchi published some books about the amazing near-death experience and those books hit the bestseller list in Japan.

If you are interested in the details of the Kiuchis amazing near-death experience, please click the link below.

By the way, Kiuchi gained a time traveling ability through the near-death experience.

Here, I will introduce Kiuchi’s amazing time travel back in time during the near-death experience.

A Mysterious Voice Saved Kiuchi in His Childhood from Danger

Kiuchi experienced something mysterious when he was 6 years old.

He went swimming in Chikuma River with his three big sisters and a big brother.

Chikuma River, from Yashima Bridge, looking downstream toward Murayama Bridge, Nagano

They went down the road to a riverside of Chikuma River.

It was hard to walk on the road, because the road was rocky and full of stones.

Kiuchi went down the road with one of his big sisters trying to avoid the stones.


Watch out!!!

Kiuchi heard a loud voice saying that from behind him.

When he instantly looked back in surprise, he saw a big rock falling toward his sister’s head.

Instantly, Kiuchi shoved her away desperately and he fell backward with its rebound.

At that moment, the rock with a diameter of about one meter (about three feet) rolled on the ground between him and his sister.

Then, the rock tumbled down a slope off the road scattering a cloud of sand.

His sister fell forward and slid down a mountain side.


She cried hard, because her big toenail peeled off.

To hear the sister’s cry, the other sisters and brother, who went on ahead, returned.

They totally thought that Kiuchi pushed the sister’s back on purpose.


How could you do such a silly thing to your elder sister?

She injured her big toe.

It’s your fault!

No, it’s not my fault!

I pushed her back to help her, cause I heard a shout of alarm!

Kiuchi made a desperate plea to claim his innocence.

However, they did not believe him.

You are a liar!

No one heard such a voice.

So, Kiuchi got scolded harshly.

Back to the Past during the Near-Death Experience

Who on earth saved me and my sister at that time?

Since then, that has been in Kiuchi’s mind for a long time.

When he awoke an amazing teleporting ability through the near-death experience, Kiuchi remembered the mysterious experience in his childhood.

Kiuchi thought,

Now that I have a psychic ability to teleport anywhere I want to go, I may also teleport back in time to that day.

So, I will return to that day to find out the true identity of the voice that saved me and my sister.

So, Kiuchi called up an image of the road to the riverside where he heard the mysterious voice when he was 6 years old.

At that moment, Kiuchi teleported to the steep slope above the riverside of Chikuma River of that time.

I remember I heard the voice around here!

So, Kiuchi went to the place where he heard the voice.

Then, Kiuchi found that himself and his sister in his childhood walked on the road about 5 meters below him.

To his surprise, a big rock was wobbly above their heads.

But, they moved on the road without noticing it.

The rock was about to fall to the road.

When the rock began to fall, Kiuchi found himself shouting,

Watch out!!!

The moment he shouted, Kiuchi saw his child-self turned toward him in surprise.

Then, instantly, his child-self pushed his sister’s back and he fell backward with its rebound.

Immediately after that, the rock with a diameter of about one meter (about three feet) rolled on the ground between his child-self and the sister.

It really was a close call.

Kiuchi was amazed to see what happened to his child-self.

He finally got to the bottom of things.

It was Kiuchi himself who saved him and his sister in his childhood by shouting ‘Watch out!’

Why Does a Spirit Guide Help You?

In spiritualism, it is believed that a spirit guide exists, which is an entity that remains as a disincarnate spirit to act as a guide or protector to a living incarnated person.

By the way, why does a spirit guide help you?

Kiuchi explains the reason.

Your spirit guide is actually your future self.

According to Kiuchi, if a person passed away in the future, his or her spirit will teleport back in time to the past to help his or her past self.

You know yourself better than the other people.

So, when you need some help, your future self comes to your rescue!

No Time and Space in the Spirit World

By the way, why could Kiuchi teleport back in time to the past during the near-death experience?

In this regard, a Japanese Shinto master, Onisaburo Deguchi, gave an interesting explanation to the question.

Deguchi Onisaburo (1871-1948). He was a spiritual leader of the religious movement in Japan in the early 1900s. He left a voluminous amount of prophetic writings. According to his followers, Onisaburo’s prediction rate is more than 95%. Even today, his predictions are coming true, such as Apple Watch, Multi copter, Maglev, and so on.

Onisaburo explained the time and space of the spirit world based on his own spiritual experiences to visit the spirit world as follows.

There is no sense of time in the spirit world, because it is beyond the time and space.

Therefore, an event, which I saw in the spirit world with second sight, may appear a few days later, 10 years later, or several hundred years later in the real world.

In some cases, I may also see an event from hundreds or thousands of years ago.

When I see events in the spirit world, those events come into my second sight uniformly and in parallel, without any distinction of time and space, light and dark, up and down, small and large, broad and narrow, and so on.

According to Onisaburo,

There is no time and space in the spirit world.

However, this is not an Onisaburo’s personal opinion, but a common idea in Japanese Shinto Philosophy.

Actually, it is written in Hitsuki Shinji, the final revelation of God, Volume of Jishin, Chapter 2 as follows.

In the spirit world, there is no time and space, because it is the world of thought.

Thus, everything is exactly as you thought in the spirit world.

Furthermore, it is written in Hitsuki ShinjiVolume of Jishin, Chapter 391 as follows.

In the spirit world, there is no time.

Thus, spirits do not know the concept of time.

The original text of Hitsuki Shinji, the final revelation of God. According to spiritual researchers in Japan, the predictions of Hitsuki Shinji have the accuracy of 100%.

In this way, Kiuchi’s experience is actually consistent with Japanese Shinto Philosophy revealed in Hitsuki Shinji .

If you are interested in the details of Hitsuki Shinji, the final revelation of God, please click the link below.

Why Do Time and Space Not Exist in the Spirit World?

By the way, why do time and space not exist in the spirit world?

From a modern point of view, the relation between the real world and the spirit world can be explained as follows.

Assume a virtual world in a computer, that is, a computer-based simulated world, such as San Andreas of Grand Theft Auto (GTA), an action-adventure video game series.

The computer is connected to a cloud database where simulation program data are stored.

And the virtual world in the computer is generated based on the information data stored in the cloud database, as shown in the figure below.

As you know, the virtual world has time and space.

Actually, in the virtual world, Alice and her dog can move freely in space and the apple falls from the tree as time proceeds.

However, the original program data stored in the cloud database do not have such time and space, because the time and space in the virtual world are generated based on the program data stored in the cloud database.

In other words, the time and space in the virtual world did not exist in the cloud database.

There is a similar relation between the real world and the spirit world.

Actually, we can compare the relation between the virtual world and the cloud database to that between the real world and the spirit world, as shown in the following tables 1 and 2.

Table 1: The relation between the virtual world in the computer and the cloud database

Virtual world in the computerCloud database
Time and spaceProgram data

Table 2: The relation between the real world and the spirit world

Real worldSpirit world
Time and spaceInformation aggregate

This is the modernized explanation of the relation between the real world and the spirit world according to the Japanese Shinto Philosophy.

According to Onisaburo, there is a spiritual law that the same event occurs in succession from the spiritual world to the real world.

Onisaburo called such a spiritual law that controls the relationship between the spirit world and the real world as

Spiritual Law of reflection

In accordance with the spiritual law of reflection, the event which a prophet saw in the spirit world is bound to occur in the real world, too.

In other words,

Events preprogrammed in the spirit world are bound to appear in the real world

This is one of the spiritual laws revealed in the Japanese Shinto Philosophy.

Mechanism of Time Travel by Near-Death Experience

Based on the above analogy of the virtual world, the mechanism of the time travel by near-death experience can be explained as follows.

Assume that you are playing in a virtual world, such as San Andreas of Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

In this case, your character can move freely anywhere in the virtual world, but cannot travel beyond time and space in the virtual world.

However, if you are a computer hacker who can directly access the cloud database, which stores the original program data of the virtual world, you can directly access any data without the limitations of the time and space in the virtual world.

In the same way, the spirit that left the body can directly access any information in the spirit world, without the limitations of the time and space  in the real world, just like the computer hacker.

That is the reason why a Kiuchi could teleport anywhere beyond time and space during the near-death experience.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Some day, you may hear someone’s voice to tell you something, although you cannot see any person.

Perhaps, it is the voice of your future self who will pass away in the future.

Your future self traveled back in time to help you, just like Kiuchi did.


Published on December 16, 2018

Updated on May 12, 2020

Written by OTAKUPAPA


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