Man Traveled Back in Time 100 Years Ago During a Near-Death Experience

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This is a true story of a man who traveled back in time 100 years ago during a near-death experience.

Tsuruhiko Kiuchi (born 1954) is a Japanese comet hunter and writer.

Tsuruhiko Kiuchi (born 1954), a Japanese comet hunter and writer. 

As a comet hunter, Kiuchi discovered Comet Cernis-Kiuchi-Nakamura (1990b) and Comet Tsuchiya-Kiuchi (1990i).

Kiuchi also rediscovered Comet Metcalf-Brewington (1906VI=97P/1906 V2) and Comet Swift-Tuttle (109P/Swift-Tuttle).

Perseid meteor, originating from Comet Swift-Tuttle, from the ISS

Thus, Kiuchi was famous as a Japanese amateur astronomer hunting comets around the world.

By the way, Kiuchi is also well-known for his amazing near-death experience.

Before he became a comet hunter, Kiuchi worked for Japan Air Self-Defense Force as a flight dispatcher of aeronautical operational control in Hyakuri Air Base in Omitama, Ibaragi, Japan.

Hyakuri Air Base

At the age of 22, when he finished a night work in the airport control tower of the air base, Kiuchi was struck down with excruciating pain in his abdomen.

He was diagnosed with superior mesenteric artery duodenal obstruction which was known as a critical illness.

At that time, no one had ever survived the disease before.

However, 30 minutes after having pronounced dead, Kiuchi miraculously revived.

Surprisingly, after he revived, Kiuchi told doctors an amazing near-death experience of seeing a tunnel like cave, a huge river, a field of flowers and the reunion with deceased relatives.

Later, Kiuchi published some books about the amazing near-death experience and those books hit the bestseller list in Japan.

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By the way, Kiuchi gained a time traveling ability through the near-death experience.

Actually, Kiuchi traveled back in time to the past when he was 6 years old to solve a mystery that had been bothering him for a long time.

If you are interested in the details of the Kiuchis amazing time travel back in time during the near-death experience, please click the link below.

Furthermore, Kiuchi traveled back in time 100 years ago during the near-death experience.

Here, I will introduce Kiuchi’s amazing time travel back in time 100 years ago during the near-death experience.

Kiuchi Traveled Back in Time to the Past during the Near-Death Experience

During the near-death experience, Kiuchi wanted to prove scientifically his amazing experience.

Thus, he carried out a kind of psychic experiment.

In this experiment, Kiuchi teleported to his hometown in Nagano which was located about 300 kilometers (about 190 miles) away from the hospital where he was hospitalized.

Then, Kiuchi possessed one of his friends to show him an illusion.

This teleportation experiment was successful, but it brought an unexpected results for him.

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However, Kiuchi was not satisfied with the teleportation experiment.

He wanted to leave some more solid evidence showing that he actually teleported during the near-death experience.

If the near-death experience is due to the dream or illusion caused by chemical changes in the brain, there would be no physical evidence.

On the contrary, if it actually happened, Kiuchi can leave some physical evidence, which would be scientifically verified later.

However, Kiuchi bumped into a serious problem.

During the near-death experience, he left his body behind.

Without the body, his spirit cannot make any impact on the physical world.

Therefore, Kiuchi could not leave any physical evidence, since he had no body to write letters or to make a change in the physical world.

What should I do to leave an evidence showing that I actually teleported?

While traveling to many places in time and space, Kiuchi was struggling to look for a solution to the problem.

Kiuchi Traveled Back in Time More Than 100 Years Ago

On the umpteenth teleportation, Kiuchi teleported back in time to Edo Period more than 100 years ago.

Kiuchi visited a prestigious family which produced many poets for 1000 years.

Kiuchi was in a room.

In front of him, a poet was trying to compose a poem before a blank sheet of Japanese paper.

At that time, Kiuchi came up with an interesting idea.

He attempted to climb into the poet’s mind.

After climbing into the poet’s mind, Kiuchi saw a sheet of Japanese paper before his eyes.

Kiuchi found himself looking at the paper through the poet’s eyes.

Amazingly, Kiuchi’s mind was integrated with the poet’s mind.

In this way, he succeeded in possessing the poet’s body.

Then, Kiuchi tried to write something using the poet’s body.

He thought,

If I can leave a message through the poet, it may serve as physical evidence showing that  I teleported to this family more than 100 years ago beyond time.

Thus, borrowing the poet’s body, Kiuchi wrote Japanese kana characters Tsuru as follows.

Tsuru derived from his name, Tsuruhiko.

If I can come back to life again, I will find this poem!

In this way, Kiuchi has decided in his heart to find the poem he wrote by borrowing the poet’s body.

Kiuchi Found Critical Evidence Showing that He Teleported Back in Time More Than 100 Years Ago

After being discharged from the hospital, Kiuchi looked for the family which he visited during the near-death experience.

Kiuchi made a guess,

The poet I possessed must have been a past master at Japanese poem (waka).

Relying on dim recollection and some connections, Kiuchi finally found an old family in Kyoto.

It was a historically famous family which produced an ancestor whose poem was selected as one of the best 100 Japanese poem which was compiled into a classical Japanese anthology of “Ogura Hyakunin-isshu” in the 13th century.

The family had a collection of poems composed by family heads from generation to generation and they have been passed down in the family for generations.

Kiuchi got to meet a descendant of the family.

Then, Kiuchi asked him about the collection of poems.

According to the descendant, one of the poems includes the kana characters Tsuru.

He told Kiuchi about the poem.

In Japanese, the characters Tsuru mean “vines (plant)” or “cranes (bird).”

However, the content of the poem is quite irrelevant to vines and cranes.

Furthermore, the characters Tsuru are an extra phrase and thus they disturb the rhythm of the poem.

Therefore, it has been a mystery to descendants of the family for decades.

Why did the poet add such extra characters Tsuru to the poem?

To hear that, Kiuchi was so surprised that he told the descendant about his near-death experience.

The descendant was surprised to hear Kiuchi’s amazing near-death experience.

Then, he showed Kiuchi the collection of poems, which have been passed down in the family for generations.

Japanese Poem Card No.1 of Ogura Hyakunin Isshu

Kiuchi confirmed the characters Tsuru in the poem.

Amazingly, it was exactly the characters Kiuchi wrote through the poet’s body more than 100 years ago during the near-death experience!

The descendant was surprised to learn the truth of the characters Tsuru from Kiuchi.

Then, he said with wonder,

I finally got the reason why my ancestor added the characters Tsuru in the poem.

That solves the long-standing mystery for decades in our family.

In this way, it was verified that Kiuchi actually teleported back in time more than 100 years ago to the family in Kyoto during the near-death experience.

For some time after he came back to life, Kiuchi once suspected that the near-death experience was due to a dream or illusion caused by chemical changes in the brain.

Furthermore, he even wondered that he temporarily lost his mind.

However, his rigorous research effort has revealed solid evidence showing that the near-death experience is the reality, not a dream or illusion.

Time Gets Warped During the Near-Death Experience

By the way, Kiuchi had the near-death experience for a short period of time from the arrest of the heart to the resurrection.

Actually, the cardiopulmonary arrest lasted less than 30 minutes.

But, Kiuchi felt it was longer than a lifetime.

All that time, Kiuchi visited various times and places.

Furthermore, Kiuchi felt like his head was going to explode from information overload.

Because of that, he could not recall most of his memories during the near-death experience for a long while after he came back to life.

However, those memories came to his mind by some triggers and then a vivid memory came back to him as if he had a kind of awakening.

Kiuchi says,

Perhaps, the remaining memory of my amazing journey beyond time and space during the near-death experience was still hidden deep inside my heart.

So, Kiuchi is waiting for the remaining memory to be revealed in the future.

There Are Two Phases of Near-Death Experience

According to Kiuchi, there are two phases of near-death experience, when a person dies.

The 1st Phase of NDE

In the first phase, the person is almost dead but still alive, because his or her heart beats and his brain activity are still recorded.

In this phase, he or she may see the vision of the spirit world, such as a dark cave and a hill covered with a field of flowers.

This first phase of near-death experience has been reported around the world.

According to Kiuchi, in the first phase, he felt like he was in a half-remembered dream.

In this phase, Kiuchi was zoned out, even though he retained a clear cutaneous feeling while he was walking through the mud and lying down on the grass.

The 2nd Phase of NDE

On the other hand, in the second phase of near-death experience, the person is completely dead, because his or her heart stops beating and his or her brain waves are absent.

According to Kiuchi, the second phase is indistinguishable from reality in a sense of reality except that he or she has no body.

In this second phase, the person’s life is almost no different from his or her real life, because he or she has a clear sensorium, clear thinking and feeling.

Nevertheless, the person can teleport anywhere beyond time and space.

The difference between the 1st phase and the 2nd phase of near-death experiment is summarized in the table below.

The 1st Phase of NDE

You are almost dead but still alive

You felt like you are in a half-remembered dream
You see the vision of the spirit world


The 2nd Phase of NDE

You are completely dead and exist as a spirit 

It is indistinguishable from your real life in a sense of reality
You can teleport anywhere beyond time and space

Therefore, Kiuchi’s near-death experience is unique in the world, because he was completely dead and once became a ghost leaving his body behind, but he miraculously came back to his body and came back to life again.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

By the way, have you ever acted unconsciously against your will?

Perhaps, at that time, you have been possessed by a ghost who died in the future, just like Kiuchi did.

Published on December 23, 2018

Updated on May 13, 2020

Written by OTAKUPAPA


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