Kaiji Tomita: Amazing Japanese Man Who Saved an Incurable Woman with a 2-Week Remote Reiki Treatment [Episode 12]

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This is a true story of a Japanese man who saved an incurable woman with a 2-week remote reiki treatment.

Kaiji Tomita was a Japanese man living in Osaka in Japan in the Taisho era (1912-1926).

Tomita learned the original Reiki directly from Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki at the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (Usui Reiki Therapy Society).

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After that, in order to spread Reiki in Japan, Tomita opened his clinic in front of Ichioka Junior High School (the current Ichioka High School) in Minato-ku, Osaka, where he established the “Tomita Hands-on Healing.”

Source Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa) – Own work

Amazingly, Tomita gained a miraculous healing power to cure all kinds of diseases in only 10 hours of Reiki training.

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In this post, I would like to introduce the story of a Japanese man who saved an incurable woman with a 2-week remote reiki treatment.

Back Hometown, Kaiji Tomita Cured His Relatives of Their Illness

Tomita usually looked forward to returning to his hometown for summer vacations to rest.

He felt somewhat proud of himself, especially that year he returned to his hometown with considerable confidence after studying Reiki therapy.

His relatives knew at this time that “Osaka” (referring to Tomita) seemed to be studying “spells.”

So his sister said to Tomita,

Can you help me with the stiffness in my shoulders?

After Tomita treated her stiff shoulders with Reiki, she marveled,

Oh, my shoulders are soothed and healed!

Then many people rushed in to receive Tomita’s Reiki treatment, and even the wife of a neighbor’s house came to see him, looking curious.

This became a distraction for Tomita during his summer vacation.

One day, his relative Kobayashi, who lived two ri (about 5 miles) away, came to visit him out of the blue.

Kobayashi said to Tomita,

Uncle, I heard that your spell can cure any disease.

So I came here in a hurry.

But is it true?

I can cure diseases.

I can cure any disease!

When Tomita said this, his brother’s wife, who was present, also interjected.

He cures any disease mysteriously well!

Kobayashi, perhaps completely interested in Tomita’s Reiki treatment, leaned forward and said to him,

Actually, my sister has been sick for 3 years.

So I did whatever I heard was good for her illness.

But those treatments had no effect on her illness.

So we’re in great trouble!

She has three children, so now she has to take very good care of her body.

So I want to do something to help her recover from her illness.

I am so materially blessed that my property is the third-largest in the village.

But there’s nothing I can do about the incurable disease, no matter how much money I have.

So, if my sister’s illness is something that can be cured by your Reiki, please help her!

You may think that I am being distant to you when I talk about money here, even though we are relatives.

But if you cure my sister’s illness, it would be no big deal to me to give you 500 yen or 1000 yen in return.

As my sister’s brother, I am going to make her reward you.

Also, since this matter is about my sister, I am going to reciprocate to you as well.

So please take care of my sister.

I would like to ask you to treat my sister.

I really need you to heal her!

Thus, after a series of words to Tomita asking for his sister’s treatment, Kobayashi finally ended the conversation.

Tomita listened quietly to what Kobayashi was saying and felt sorry for him.

Okay, I’ll cure your sister of her illness.

She will be cured!

Hearing Tomita’s words, Kobayashi was pleased.

So why don’t you come with me to my house today?

My sister would be very happy to have you!

Tomita finally decided to treat Kobayashi’s sister with Reiki, so he prepared to go out.

Kaiji Tomita Met Kobayashi’s Sister, Who Had Been Suffering from an Incurable Disease for Three Years

He and Kobayashi got into a car and drove down a country road to Kobayashi’s house.

At this moment, Tomita must have felt as if he were a god, maniac, or more than a professor.

He didn’t ask about Kobayashi’s sister’s illness or condition but only heard that she was sick and went to treat her.

In hindsight, it was a very reckless act.

Soon after, their car arrived at Kobayashi’s house, a large farmhouse.

In the yard, there were piles of wheat with the ears still on.

The sitting room of the house was covered in dust, probably because it hadn’t been swept with a broom in recent years.

Kobayashi led Tomita to the room where his sick sister was.

To Tomita’s surprise, a sick person, so disheveled and messy-haired that it was impossible to tell if he/she was a man or woman, was lying on a thin futon.

It seemed that there was no one else in the large house but this sick person.

According to Kobayashi, she was staying at home alone all year round.

When she heard Tomita and Kobayashi’s voices, she got up and sat down.

Tomita also sat down in front of her, but her condition was so surprising to him that he remained silent, unable to say his first greeting to her.

She had been sick and bedridden for so long that she had no energy.

Her body was stained with grime, and her kimono was so badly covered in grime that Tomita couldn’t recognize the pattern of the fabric.

Since she was Kobayashi’s sister, he thought the sick person in front of him must be a woman.

But her appearance was so awful that Tomita honestly couldn’t believe that she was a woman.

What a terrible look she has!

I wonder if this is what the Yamauba*1  of the old stories is like?

Yamauba is an ugly old woman-like Japanese Yōkai.

“Yamauba” from the Hyakkai Zukan by Sawaki Suushi

Tomita was so stunned by her hideous appearance that he still couldn’t bring himself to greet her.

Then she greeted him, and he suddenly regained his composure.

Sickness and righteousness are two different things.

Realizing this, Tomita responded to her politely.

The room was sealed to keep the wind out as the cool breeze just touched the hair on her head and she felt a chill that made her entire head shudder.

So by midday, when it was even just hot, the heat in the room was unbearable.

In this situation, Tomita gradually calmed down and seemed to have regained his true feelings.

He began to regret taking on the task of treating this very sick woman.

Oh, I’ve taken on a hell of a job!

Tomita counted the remaining days of his vacation in his mind.

He realized that he only had three days of vacation left.

Even God would not be able to heal such a very sick person in three days!

Tomita pondered as he sweated in front of the sick woman.

500 yen…1000 yen…

I’ve done it for 500 yen…

I thought I wasn’t very deep in greed…

But was I driven by greed to undertake this treatment?

Or have I come this far on moral grounds?

If this had been a request from a family member who had never been acquainted with him, Tomita could have abandoned the treatment of this seriously ill woman and run away.

However, since she was a family member of Tomita’s relatives, he could not abandon her treatment.

The thought of it made Tomita want to cry.

On the other hand, the sick woman, who did not know what Tomita was thinking, was happy as if she had received a visit from God.

But in reality, it was more like Tomita, on the contrary, wanted God to save him.

In this way, the grieving Tomita remained face to face with the rejoicing sick woman, and for a few moments, he was unable to speak.

Kobayashi repeatedly reminded Tomita,

I ask you to treat my sister, please!

As for the extent of her illness, Tomita hadn’t yet diagnosed her, so he didn’t know if it was serious or mild.

The sick in the city are a little cleaner now, but what a filthy mess the sick in the country are!

He couldn’t help but think so.

She poured tea from the tea kettle in front of her into a cup and offered it to Tomita.

Please drink.

She put her hands together and almost prayed to Tomita to help her.

Please help me!

Kobayashi also made a series of requests to Tomita.

Take care of her.

Please take care of her!

This made it increasingly difficult for Tomita to escape.

Okay, I will … surely cure you of your illness.

So don’t worry!

Tomita was bold enough to tell her that.

He was sweating profusely, perhaps because he had to squeeze all his strength into saying that much.

Once I’m up to this point, I’ll just have to give up and cure her!

Tomita made up his mind and treated her with Reiki.

Kaiji Tomita Treated Kobayashi’s Sister with Remote Reiki

After finishing the treatment, Tomita took the train to his parent’s house as soon as he could.

But even after he got to his parent’s house, he couldn’t stop thinking about her treatment.

I don’t know what to do.

I don’t know what to do!

Tomita’s heart was breaking, but he couldn’t refuse Reiki’s treatment, even if it was a matter of righteousness.

This made a vacation that was supposed to be fun for him a painful one.

He only had three days left.

Tomita was tempted to cancel her treatment appointment, even if he had to pay for it.

Even with that much distress, Tomita hadn’t come up with the possibility of remote Reiki treatment until that point.

That night, after he’d gone to bed, Tomita finally realized the possibility of remote Reiki treatment and was unexpectedly pleased.

The next day he still went to Kobayashi’s house to treat her, but on the third day, he went straight back to Osaka.

He then began to conduct remote Reiki treatment for her and entered a deep state of mental and physical unity.

Tomita had kept his wife in the dark about performing the remote Reiki treatment for Kobayashi’s sister.

Therefore, he waited until his wife and children were asleep before starting the treatment on the futon.

But as he performed the remote Reiki treatment, he exhaled so hard that the sound startled his child, who began to cry.

That made Tomita feel somewhat strange too, so he quietly pulled the covers over his head and pretended to be asleep.

Then his wife raised her head and got up, looking around the room to see what was going on.

After confirming that his wife and son had fallen asleep, Tomita got up from bed again and resumed the remote Reiki treatment.

When he finally got into the swing of things, Tomita devoted himself to treating Kobayashi’s sister with Reiki, with neither wife nor child in mind.

The first night of Tomita’s remote Reiki treatment went like this.

Kaiji Tomita Completely Cured Kobayashi’s Sister of Her Incurable Disease after Two Weeks of Remote Reiki Treatment

On the second night, Tomita was able to perform the remote Reiki treatment for Kobayashi’s sister more smoothly than the night before.

From the beginning, he was able to focus on the remote Reiki treatment without having to worry about being distracted by his wife and children.

The next day he received a letter from Kobayashi.

Kobayashi had promised Tomita to write to him to keep him informed of his sister’s subsequent progress in her illness.

According to the letter, she felt somewhat better, so Kobayashi let a cool breeze through her room for the first time in a long time, but it was uneventful.

After that, Tomita continued his remote Reiki treatment for the third and fourth nights…and so on for seven consecutive days.

According to Kobayashi’s subsequent letter, his sister’s condition was getting better and better.

And then one day, she was even inspired to go to the house next door to meet her neighbor and she actually did.

Seven days of late-night remote Reiki treatments exhausted Tomita to the point where he could not even work at the government office where he worked.

However, when he read the daily reports of Kobayashi’s sister’s recovery, Tomita was so happy that he forgot all his fatigue.

She was feeling so much better.

So Tomita was motivated to continue the Reiki treatment for Kobayashi’s sister and completed the second week of Reiki treatment.

Kobayashi reported that his sister’s illness was almost completely cured at that point.

Nevertheless, Tomita couldn’t help but wonder at her recovery.

I got carried away and did all I could to treat Kobayashi’s sister as well as I could.

But is the content of this letter true?

I wonder if this report came out of Kobayashi’s obligation to me?

Tomita thought so and wrote to Kobayashi to ask him to tell Tomita the truth honestly.

It’s true!

Kobayashi replied.

So Tomita immediately stopped the remote Reiki treatment for Kobayashi’s sister.

He also received a letter of thanks from Kobayashi, so apparently, her full recovery was a fact.

Oh dear, it’s finally over!

Tomita was relieved to learn that the Reiki treatment for Kobayashi’s sister had worked.

Tomita Was Reunited with Kobayashi’s Sister, Who Had Been Completely Revitalized by the Remote Reiki Treatment

The following summer, when Tomita returned to his hometown for a vacation, he decided to pay a visit to Kobayashi’s house again.

Kobayashi’s sister was in fine working form in her working clothes.

How great remote Reiki treatment is!

Tomita thanked Reiki therapy from the bottom of his heart.

He stayed at Kobayashi’s house for the entire day, as he had a lot of catching up to do.

Then he went back to his parents’ house.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

By the way, until the previous year, every year when Tomita would send word that he was returning to his hometown, Kobayashi would be the first to visit his parents’ house with watermelons and fish.

However, for some reason, Kobayashi did not visit Tomita’s parents’ house that year, even after three or four days.

Is Kobayashi busy with work?

Or is he traveling?

Just as he was thinking that way, Kobayashi came to visit him on the fifth day.

Normally, Kobayashi would come to Tomita’s place in good spirits and called him,


But that day Kobayashi was somewhat out of spirits.

Also, somehow, he brought a lot of watermelons and big fish, which made Tomita suspicious.

Tomita and Kobayashi sat on the Engawa*2 at the end of the hallway and talked.

Engawa is an edging strip of non-tatami-matted flooring.

Veranda-like engawa with people for scale. Note the slope of the ground under the engawa and the traditional stone step.

Kobayashi thanked Tomita for the previous year’s Reiki treatment, but for some reason, he kept scratching his head as if he was confused.

This reminded Tomita of the 500-yen*3 reward, and as he suspected, Kobayashi wanted to discuss this matter with Tomita.

500 yen was a considerable amount of money in Japan at the time.

At that time, the starting salary of a college graduate elementary school teacher was 50 yen.

Even though Kobayashi was not short of money and owned quite a bit of land, Tomita had to go to Kobayashi’s house for two or three nights to talk to him directly about the reward for the Reiki treatment.

Oh no, I’m like the parent who saved your sister’s life!

I’m really sorry about that…

Kobayashi apologized to Tomita.

Oh, how greedy those who hoard money can be!

Tomita thought this was exactly what they said:

Danger past, God forgotten.

Kobayashi whined to Tomita,

I’m really sorry…

And Kobayashi was sweating and talking to himself while taking and putting money wrapped in paper out of his pocket.

And he seemed to be glancing at Tomita’s face to the side to see what Tomita was going to say.

Last year, Tomita was in dire straits and was forced to do his best to provide Reiki treatment for Kobayashi’s sister, but since she was a relative of Kobayashi’s, financial matters were not on his mind.

So, instead of sticking to his original promise of 500 yen, Tomita gladly accepted the amount of money that Kobayashi wanted to pay him.

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  1. Kaiji Tomita (February 1933). “Reiki To Jinjutsu: Tomita-Style Hands-on Therapy.”

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