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Amazing 8 Psychic and Spiritual Japanese Who Had a Big Impact on Japanese Spiritualism


In Japanese history, there were a lot of psychic and spiritual Japanese who had a great impact on Japanese spiritualism.


Some of them had a amazing psychic abilities and the others advocated unique and profound philosophies.


Nevertheless, only a few of them have been known outside Japan.


Thus, I would like to introduce amazing 8 psychic and spiritual Japanese.

Onisaburo DEGUCHI, the greatest psychic of Japan

Deguchi Onisaburo (1871-1948) was the greatest psychic in Japan.


He was a spiritual leader of religious movement in Japan in the early 1900s.


Onisaburo left a voluminous amount of prophetic writings and many of them came true.


According to some of his followers,

Onisaburo's prediction accuracy is more than 95%.

Amazingly,  Onisaburo's predictions are coming true even today, such as the release of Apple Watch and multicoptors.

Tenmei Okamoto Who Received the Final Revelation of God That Created the Universe

Tenmei Okamoto (1897-1963) was a deputy of a Shinto priest of Hachiman shrine (also known as Hatomori Hachimangu).


Tenmei was possessed by Shinto God, Amano HItsukunokami and made various predictions by automatic writing.


This revelation is called as Hitsuki Shinji, meaning “the Sun and the Moon Revelation.”

The original text of Hitsuki Shinji. 

Hitsuki Shinji is the final revelation of God that created the universe, following the divine revelations around the world including Christanity, Islam, Buddhism and Taoism and so on.


Amazingly, Hitsuki Shinji includes a lot of numbers and symbols and thus it is written in ciphers.


In Hitsuki Shinji, it was written as follows.

There is not any bit of inaccuracy in this revelation.

As described above, the predictions written in Histuki Shinji have been fulfilled with accuracy of 100%.

Akinori Kimura Who Made "Miracle Apples"

Akinori Kimura (1949.11.8 ~) is a Japanese farmer.


Kimura developed an apple cultivation method without any use of pesticides and fertilizers which had been long considered to be impossible.


Therefore, the apples that he grew are called as "miracle apples."


However, Kimura's miracle is not limited only to apples.


Actually, he had a lot of amazing experiences in his life.

Tsuruhiko Kiuchi, a Comet Hunter Who Had Amazing Near-Death Experiences

Tsuruhiko Kiuchi (1954 -) is a Japanese comet hunter who had amazing near-death experiences.


Kiuchi discovered Comet Cernis-Kiuchi-Nakamura (1990b) and Comet Tsuchiya-Kiuchi (1990i) and rediscovered Comet Metcalf-Brewington (1906VI=97P/1906 V2) and Comet Swift-Tuttle (109P/Swift-Tuttle).


Kiuchi is also well-known for his near-death experiences in Japan.

Harumichi Hida, a Superman of the East Who Gained Divine Power and Strength

Harumichi Hida (1883-1956) is a founder of Hida-siki spirited body training system (Kyoken-jutsu) in Japan.


Harumichi had an incredible power and strength like a superman.


Actually, Harumichi was able to punch out a lump of board from a sturdy floor one inch thick (2.4 cm) with his foot without feeling any resistance.

A lump of board one inch (2.4 cm) thick punched out with Harumichi's right foot from a sturdy floor. The shape and the size of the board correspond to those of Harumichi's right foot.

Furthermore, when Harumichi trampled down the floor, he was able to snap off even a wooden floor joist together with the floor board.

The wooden floor joist snapped off by Harumichi.

In this way, Harumichi gained an amazing divine strength and power through the training of Kyoken-jutsu.

Nao Deguchi

Nao Deguchi (1836–1918) is the founder of Oomoto religion of Japan.


Nao was possessed by Shinto God, Ushitora no Konjin (Golden God of Northeast) and made a lot of predictions, such as the outbreaks of the Sino-Japanese War, the Russo-Japanese War and the two World Wars.


By the way, it seems that Lady Miyako (Miyako-sama) of Japanese manga series, AKIRA was inspired by Nao.


Therefore, in order to truly understand the psychic background of AKIRA, it may be necessary to learn the amazing philosophy of Nao Deguchi.

Saneyuki Akiyama, "Psychic Admiral" Who Had an Amazing Psychic Power

Akiyama Saneyuki (1868-1918) is Japanese Admiral.


Akiyama played a central role for planning for the naval battles through the Russo-Japanese War (1904−1905).


Amazingly, Akiyama was "Psychic Admiral" who brought a decisive victory with a psychic power.

Admiral Tōgō on the bridge of the battleship Mikasa, at the beginning of the Battle of Tsushima, in 1905. Tōgō in the middle and Akiyama on the left back of Tōgō.

The anecdote about Akiyama's psychic power is known to Japanese spiritual researchers, but it is not very well known outside Japan.

Atsutane Hirata, A Great JapaneseScholar Who Studied Afterlife

Hirata Atsutane (1776-1843) is one of the greatest Japanese scholars.


Hirata is conventionally ranked as one of the Four Great Men of Kokugaku (nativist) studies, and one of the most significant theologians of the Shinto religion.


However, Hirata had a great deal of interest on an afterlife.


Thus, Hirata left a lot of spiritual writings including "Chronicle of the Rebirth of Katsugoro.


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