Suii MIYAJI (1852 – 1904): A Genius Shinto Priest Who Left a Memorandum of Amazing Experiences Traveling Other Worlds Hundreds of Times (Japanese Mystery Case #0009)

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In this article, I would like to introduce Suii MIYAJI (宮地水位) (1852 – 1904), a Japanese Shinto priest who left a memorandum of amazing experiences traveling other worlds.

Suii Miyaji, an Erudite Japanese Shinto Priest

Kakiwa Miyaji (宮地堅磐), whose dōgo (title for one who has attained enlightenment) is Suii (水位), was born on December 18, 1852, in the family of a priest of Tenmangu Shrine in Ushioe Village, Tosa County (present-day Tenjin, Kochi City, Shikoku, Japan).

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