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7 Years Old Boy Prophet Saved a Village by Spiritual Power

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7 Years Old Boy Saved a Village by Spiritual Power

In 1878, a severe drought struck Anao Village in Kameoka, Kyoto, Japan.


Every well in the village dried up.

The villagers dug everywhere for water, but they didn't find water.


They exhausted from the serious shortage of water.


A boy was looking at the villagers in despair.


He suddenly squatted down and placed his ear against the ground for a while.


And then, the boy stood up again and said to a man near him:


 You will never find water digging there.

 Try digging here!

 If you dig here, water will come out!"

The boy pointed his finger at the ground near his feet.


The man became irritated from the repeated failures in digging a well for days.


Thus, he yelled at the boy.

"Shut up, boy!

 What do you know?

 Don't be so meddling in a grown-up situation.

 Go away!"

The boy retorted the man in anger.

"That's too bad.

 I knew it!

 I thought you would say that.

 I intended to have save you out of pity.

 But, it was a waste of time teaching you."

"What a noisy brat!"

However, after the boy left, they were a little curious about the boy's strange words.


So, they tried to dig the ground which the boy pointed out.


Surprisingly, water gushed out a hole in the ground which they dug.

The rumor that a 7 years old boy found a water vein soon spread all over the village.


The villagers scrambled to get the boy and they had him find water veins in exchange for some candies.


In this way, Anata village was miraculously saved from the drought by the amazing power of the 7 years old boy.


This strange boy was Onisaburo Deguchi.


Later, he became a great prophet and spiritual leader of Japan in the early 1900s.

Deguchi Onisaburo (1871-1948). He was a spiritual leader of religious movement in Japan in the early 1900s and left a voluminous amount of prophetic writings. According to some of his followers, Onisaburo's prediction rate is more than 95%.

Prediction of Food Replacement Pills

Since he was a little boy, Onisaburo often made strange predictions before the villagers.


Onisaburo foresaw the future and told the villagers what the future life will be like.


One day, he said looking up at the distant sky:


 A new food will be invented.

 If everyone just take three pills, they would get full."

The villagers were amazed to hear the 7 years old boy's prediction.


They could't believe Onisaburo's prediction, because it was difficult for country persons to imagine such a future amazing technology.


Such technologies were totally beyond their understanding, 140 years ago.


However, the time may come when such food replacement pills will be realized in the near future, as Onisaburo predicted.

Prediction of Vending Machines

Furthermore, Onisaburo also made a prediction of the vending machines.


He foresaw them as follows:

"You will be able to eat foods without cooking.

 Just pressing a button, you will be able to order any food you want, such as a soup.

 Such a machine will be realized.

 It will be realized within 50 years.

 I 'SEE' it clearly."

As you know, such a vending machine has been realized now.

Source A snack food vending machine made in 1952

In our day, If you want to eat something, you only have to press a button, just as Onisaburo predicted.

Source Taisyo 

Especially in Japan, you can even order a noodle as well as a soup from a vending machine.

Therefore, it might be true that Onisaburo did 'SEE' the future from the past more than 100 years ago.


May 20, 2018



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