Amazing UFO Sightings and Alien Encounters by a Japanese Man Who Made Miracle Apples

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This is a true story of a man who succeed in growing the world’s first chemical-free apples.


His name is Akinori Kimura (1949.11.8 ~), a Japanese farmer.

Kimura developed an apple cultivation method without any use of pesticides and fertilizers which had been long considered to be impossible.


Therefore, the apples that he grew are called as “miracle apples.”


If you are interested in Kimuras amazing story behind the development of miracle apples, please click the link below.

However, Kimura’s miracle was not limited only to apples.


Actually, he had a lot of amazing experiences in his life.


Here, I will introduce his amazing experiences of UFO sightings and alien encounters.

Amazing UFO Sightings by a Japanese Man Who Made Miracle Apples

When Kimura was 25 years old, he saw UFOs.


In the evening, he went out to a road outside his house.


Then he happened to look at the sky.


He was surprised to see something strange in the sky.

Oh! What’s that?

A round object floated in the sky 100 meters (about 330 feet) above and it moved slowly.


The flying object was glowing with a weird orange light, spinning round

Hey! Come out!

Kimura called out to his wife and his father-in-law as well as his neighbors.

What’s happening?

To hear Kimura call out, they came out to the road.


Kimura shouted pointing his finger in the direction of the flying object.

Look at that!


That may be an UFO!

They looked at the same direction all at once.

Oh! What’s that?

They were surprised to see the strange flying object.

It’s glowing, but it’s not the moon!


Is that an UFO?

Then, they looked up the flying object in the sky for a while.


There were 9 people including Kimura.


Everyone there saw the UFO at the same time.


The UFO slowly passed over the roof of Kimura’s house and then suddenly it disappeared into thin air.



It’s gone!


It was really an UFO!

There was no doubt that the flying object was an UFO, because it suddenly vanished right in front of their eyes.


The news of the sighting of an UFO caused stir in the neighborhood.


Since then, Kimura’s family saw UFOs many times.


Strangely, they saw an UFO at the same place every time.


It seemed that the UFO flew on the predetermined route over Kimura’s neighborhood.


In addition to that, Kimura almost certainly saw an UFO around 7 p.m. on a clear day.


At first, his wife did not believe in an UFO.


When she saw the UFO for the first time, she said to Kimura.

I don’t understand what that flying object is.


But, there is no way that’s an UFO!

Perhaps, the reason his wife said above was because she might have a fear of unknown entity.


However, after seeing the UFO over and over again, she came to make a positive remark about the UFO.


Actually, one day, she said to Kimura.

Perhaps, that may be an UFO.

Furthermore, there was a period when they did not see any UFOs for a while.


After the period, his wife happened to find an UFO and she reported him excitedly.



The UFO is over there!

To hear her call, Kimura went outside.


Just then, the UFO passed over the roof of their house through the same course as usual and it disappeared into thin air.


Amazingly, they were not the only witnesses of the UFO.


At that time, the sightings of the UFO were reported one after another in Tohoku district in Japan.

I saw an UFO flew from Mt. Iwaki.

The sightings of the UFO were taken up by local newspapers and became the talk of the town.

Encounters with Extraterrestrial Entities

After that, Kimura had an amazing experience.


One day, after he finished his field work, he got ready to go home.


Suddenly, two strange entities appeared out of nowhere.


They ran from one place to another in the field with incredible speed.


In the moonlight, they were chromium-plate colored and gave a glimmer of light.

They had vertically elongate shape and their height was less than 150 cm (about 5 inches).

What’s going on?

Kimura was shocked and stood looking at the strange entities that ran around in the field.


In the field, apple trees were planted at regular intervals and the branches of the trees spread widely.


Therefore, anyone cannot run through the field without bumping their head against the branches.


If an ordinary man run through the field, he have to run in a bent-over posture to avoid bumping his head against the branches.


Thus, no matter how fast he runs,  he could only run 50 meters (about 160 feet) in 10 seconds at best.


However, the strange entities moved here and there with tremendous speed without bumping any branches for some reason.


Actually, Kimura could not follow their movements without moving quickly his neck from side to side.


Then, suddenly, the strange entities vanished.


He felt intuitively that they were not creatures on earth.

Maybe, they are aliens.

Amazing Alien Encounters

Several days later, Kimura was about to go for a ride on his motorcycle after his field work.


At that time, strange two creatures appeared in front of him.


They stood as if they blocked the farm road.

At first, Kimura thought that children in the neighborhood acted silly in zentai suit.


However, when he looked carefully, they were not human.


They had fish-like dark skin.


They had no ears and hairs.


Furthermore, their faces had no nose and mouths.


Their big eyes glowed in the darkness.

Kimura could not see them well in the darkness, but he was sure that they were the strange entities that ran around his field several days before.


In the moonlight, he had no choice to fix his eyes on their big bright eyes.


No one else was around.


There was only silence in the darkness.


Kimura got scared and he felt an impulse to get away, but there were mountains behind him.


He was unable to get away.

Oh, what should I do…

Kimura felt lost.


Then, he found that the aliens moved on silent feet in closer to him.


Kimura found that their feet did not touch the ground.


They did not move their feet, but nevertheless they came closer to Kimura.


Suddenly, their thoughts flowed into Kimura’s head.

We have no intention of hurting you.

Kimura did not hear their voices, but he received their thoughts in his mind directly.


The aliens had no mouths, but they carried directly their thoughts to Kimura’s brain for some reason.


Kimura was very frightened and could not move at all before the aliens. 


He was paralyzed with fear and remained silent for a long time.


Suddenly, the two aliens vanished.


Kimura ran for his life to escape from aliens.


When he came back home, his wife noticed that something unusual happened to him.



What’s up with that face?


Were you threatened by someone?

His wife asked him with a worried look.


Kimura replied to her.

Until just now, two aliens in zentai-like suit stood in front of the cherry tree in the field over there.

He talked to his wife fast and furious about what he saw.

Two aliens ran around the field?


No way!

His wife was stunned at what he said.


However, even now, Kimura says about what he saw.

For me, the existence of UFOs isn’t the matter of whether you believe or not.


There is no other way to say ‘They exist for sure.’

Believe it or not, Kimura’s amazing encounter with extraterrestrial intelligence is worth hearing.


Kenichiro Mogi, a Japanese prominent scientist, a senior researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories and a visiting professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology says about Kimura’s experience as follows.

Source Joi – Ken Mogi on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

I believe that these experiences are true for Mr. Kimura.

Perhaps, two aliens that Kimura encountered might have been the members of the space technical advisory group.


They might have imparted their advanced scientific knowledge to Kimura.


If the above understanding is correct, Kimura’s ‘miracle apples’ might be the result of extraterrestrial technology.

Published on March 3, 2019

Written by OTAKUPAPA


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