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A Miracle Man Saved Many Terminal Patients with a Divine Diet

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This is a true story of a man, who was born frail and almost dying once but finally became a superman.


His name is Harumichi Hida (1883-1956), a founder of Hida-siki spirited body training system (Kyoken-jutsu) in Japan.

Harumichi Hida (1883-1956). He was a superman of the East.

If you are interested in Harumichis amazing life to become a superman, please click the link below.

The Secret of the Ageless Body and Power of a Superman of the East

As described in the previous article, Harumichi kept as much strength and quickness as compared to when he was young.


Amazingly, even in his seventies, his strength was not declined at all.


Actually, when he was in 70s, Harumichi had a contest of strength with a young man who was feared by the villagers for his Herculean strength.


However, Harumichi easily got the better of the young man.


Also, when Harumichi met his friends after an interval over ten years, they all looked at him in amazement.

You haven’t changed at all.


Your face and body and everything is the same.

For these words, Harumichi used to answer as follows:

No, I am not the same as before.


I have changed a lot.


I feel much stronger and greater than I was in my 20s and 30s when I devoted myself to building up my body.


My whole body from the shape, the color of the skin to the strength is increasingly becoming better.


So, I am increasingly becoming stronger.

Therefore, it looked like Harumichi was an ageless and immortal superman.


To tell the truth, one of the secrets of Harumichi's ageless body was his special diet.


Here, I will introduce Harumichi's philosophy of food and the unique diet based on the philosophy.

Dead Foods Make an Unhealthy Body

Harumichi’s philosophy of foods is as follows.

The cells and tissues in human body are broken down and constructed all the time by metabolism.


Thus, daily foods are crucial for generating new cells and tissues in our body by metabolism.


If you eat stale foods, the generated cells would be unsound and unhealthy ones.


So, if you wish to retain your fresh body, you have to eat fresh foods in a daily diet.

According to Harumichi, it would be ideal to eat food raw without being cooked or nearly raw as much as possible.


It is because that there is a crucial difference between the live foods that are capable of germination and the dead foods that are obtained by cracking the live foods and artificially assembled again.


That is, the effects of food on the human body greatly depend on whether it is dead or alive, even if the dead food and the live one have the same quantity and the same nutrition value.


For example, suppose that a scientist analyzed brown rice and then confirmed the kind and the amount of its nutrients.


Then, he mixed the same kind and the same amount of chemical substances as those of the brown rice to produce an artificial food.


Harumichi raised a question.

If you water the above artificial food and make it exposed to the sun, would it begin to sprout?




At the moment when you remove the germs from rice and barley, they are already dead and entirely different things from the live ones.

No matter how many dead foods you eat, the generated cells cannot be sound, because the sources of the cells are dead things.


Furthermore, even if you eat complete food including all nutrients necessary for a human body, when you destruct its nutrients by overcooking the food, the result would be the same.


Therefore, it is crucial that you eat any food raw as possible, as long as it is fresh.


That was Harumichi's unique philosophy of food.

Sprouted Brown Rice Is a Complete Diet

Harumichi in his later years made brown rice soft by soaking it in water and ate it raw.


If you soak brown rice in water, it begins to sprout in few days.


According to Harumichi, sprouted brown rice is a complete diet.


He made a detailed study of brown rice and carried out experiments using his own body to investigate the right cooking procedure and the adequate amount of brown rice.


He said,

Sprouted brown rice is a sovereign remedy that is brimming with life force.


Thus, it preserves your health and keeps your brain sharp.

Also, at one feed, it is enough in nutritive value to eat four or five teaspoons of sprouted brown rice and several pieces of vegetables such as lettuce leaves and wild grasses, and fresh water.


Actually, Harumichi preserved good health even in his 70s with the above amount of food.


On the other hand, he found that animal food products such as milk, eggs and meats clearly slowed down the workings of his mind.


Thus, He reported,

Animal products could generate a harmful effect on human mind

Furthermore, he also insisted that everyone could unleash his latent psychic ability by eating raw brown rice and vegetables and by practicing Kyoken-jutsu.

Living in Accordance with the Natural Order

Harumichi called his unique diet as "Tenshin Diet."


In Japanese, Ten means,

God, Heaven and Natural

and shin means,


So, Tenshin Diet means,

Truly Natural Diet

That is, Harumichi's philosophy of food can be summarized as follows.

Eat in accordance with the natural order

This philosophy is also consistent with kannagara spirit of Shinto Philosophy, meaning,

Living in accordance with the way (path) of God

The basic concept of kannagara spirit is very simple.


The natural order (God) gave us everything necessary for preserving our body healthy.


Thus, if you eat foods just as provided by the natural order, you get healthy, but otherwise, you get sick.


In other words,

You got sick, because you lived against the natural order

That's a very simple philosophy.

Cases of Patients Miraculously Saved with a Divine Diet

Well, I will show some interesting cases of patients who were miraculously saved with Harumichi's Tenshin Diet.

[Case 1] A Girl Recovered from Chronic Nephritis

This is the record of a junior high school third-year girl.


This girl suffered years of chronic nephritis.


She was physically fragile and had a pale, bloated face all through the year.


Furthermore, she had to take one or two sick days from school within a week.


Especially, a week around the menstrual period, she had no appetite at all and she felt very ill.


Thus, the doctor advised her to take milk, eggs and meats in her regular diet for taking enough nutrients.


However, her condition was not improved at all for many years.


Therefore, she decided to begin Harumichi’s Tenshin Diet.


First, Harumichi forbade her to take any sort of animal products and advised her to take brown rice, vegetables and seaweed as her regular diet.


During the first and second week, she took 36 millimeters of brown rice, vegetables, seaweed and soybeans boiled for six minutes.


Then, as her condition has improved, Harumichi increased the amount of her meal by small increments.


In Tenshin Diet, Harumichi strictly forbade her to take sugar and too much salt.


He also forbade her to drink stimulants such as tea and coffee, and thus she drank fresh water only.


Amazingly, three months later, she made a big difference in her health.


Her eyes shone and her face was animated.


Besides that, even if more than 80% of the students in her school were absent with flu, she showed up for class and she was enjoying attending school every day.

[Case 2] Man Recovered from Osteomyelitis and Periosteum Inflammation

A 29 years old man suffered from rheumatism when he was thirteen years old.


After that, his disease progressed to osteomyelitis and periosteum inflammation.


Unfortunately, he was destined to have operations to amputate his left leg in just two days later.


However, his friend, who happened to know Harumichi’s Tenshin Diet, persuaded the young man to follow Tenshin diet.


Amazingly, within several days after practicing Tenshin Diet, pus stopped oozing out.


Then, ten days later, he was able to walk half a mile.


He was improved from his illness, but he still felt pain for several days.


So, he had a rest for a while.


Twenty days after the pain went away, he was able to walk a mile, but he still felt pain.


Then, thirty days later, he was able to walk a mile and a half, but he still felt pain.


There was nothing wrong with the Tenshin Diet, but he pushed himself too hard.


So, he took it easy and he did light exercise only for rehabilitation, and thus he became free of pain.


After that, he made a smooth recovery and then he did not have any difficulty even in his agricultural work.


In this way, raw brown rice saved the young man from losing his left leg.

Case 3: A Cancer Patient Who Was Given over by His Doctor Recovered in Just Ten Days

A man had an abdominal incision at a Medical University Hospital.


He had a cancer of the pylorus section, but it was already too late at the time of admission.


The doctor could not excise the area of pathology due to its terrible conditions, and thus, he only connected the intact parts of the small intestine and the stomach in order to prolong his life by several months.


The doctor said to his family,

We have tried every possible method we could.


But, he had little time left to live, we think.


So, Let him eat his favorite foods as much as he wants, until end of his days.

In this way, the doctor gave up on him as a hopeless case.


Actually, only the terminal ill patients, who were given over by their doctor like him, turned to Harumichi for salvation.


After he began to follow Tenshin Diet, Harumichi forbade him to take any sort of animal products.


Then, Harumichi gave him a warm water enema many times to clear out any artificial substances, such as chemical drugs.


After that, the man took brown rice, vegetables, seaweed and soybeans as his regular diet.


For the first month, he took 36 - 54 millimeters of brown rice and he was ordered to take a complete bed rest.


Amazingly, ten days later, he has got a healthy color, even though just a month before, his face had bloated sickly taking on a yellow tinge as a symptom of cancer.


Since then, he got better and better.


Although he was informed by the doctor that he had little time left to live at the time of hospital discharge, he became so energetic that he was able to do even light jobs.


In this way, the man survived cancer with raw brown rice.

[Case 4] A Woman Recovered from Uterus Cancer, Lung Cancer and Pleurisy 

A woman developed uterus cancer, lung cancer and pleurisy.


At that time, there was nothing that doctors can do for terminal cancer patients like her.


She was hospitalized with uterus cancer at first.


Then, she was treated with modern drugs for fifty days.


However, she got worse and later the cancer spread to the lung and she suffered from sudden fits of coughing like asthma.


In addition to that, she also got pleurisy and thus the pleural effusion was removed seven times.


Nevertheless,  it was difficult to remove the pleural effusion, because the adhesion of the pleura was formed.


She had no appetite at all and she became progressively weaker.


Then, the doctor let her eat nourishing foods, such as eggs and milk.


Furthermore, the doctor gave her generous injections of dextrose as well as a heart stimulant.


She continuously had the high fever of 100 - 102 degrees F (38 – 39 degrees C) and her pulse rate was 126 beats per minute.


She was at death’s door.


The doctor said to her,

You have only two months to live.

She was in despair.

In most cases, terminal patients, who were given over by their doctors like her, turned to Harumichi for salvation.


After discharge from the hospital, she was given 1000 cc enema two times to clear out any chemical drugs and excess nutrient.


Then she drank only fresh water for a while.


Amazingly, her fever was gone within just a day and she worked up her appetite.


Soon after that, Harumichi put her on Tenshin Diet.


Ten days later, her coughs stopped and she was relieved of her pain.


Since then, she changed for the better.


Her condition was so improved that she felt that she was not sick at all.


Twenty days later, she had a bit heavy feeling in the part which the pleural effusion was removed, but significant recovery signs appeared in the lower one third of the left pleura.


She was very pleased, because she recovered greatly than it was when she got out of the hospital.


At this stage, it would be difficult for her to get worse again.


In this way, raw brown rice brought back the desperate woman from the brink of death.


As reported above, Harumichi's Tenshin Diet increases the body’s natural healing ability and even terminal cancer can disappear in just several months.

How to Eat Raw Brown Rice

By the way, how to eat raw brown rice?


I will introduce some recipes of Tenshin Diet.

[Recipe 1] Brown Rice Boiled for Seven Minutes

One of the recipes of Tenshin Diet is as follows.


Harumichi soaked brown rice in water and simmered it.


After the water has boiled, he kept boiling brown rice for about seven minutes and turned off the heat.


According to his study, when you keep boiling brown rice for more than seven minutes, its vital energy would be destroyed and the flavor would also be reduced lower and lower.

[Recipe 2] Raw Brown Rice Juice

Another recipe of Tenshin Diet is as follows.


First, ready the brown rice and the soybeans.

1 serving


- 10 Soybeans

- 1 tbsp brown rice soaked in water

Next, soak the brown rice and the soybeans in water to soften them.


Then, put the soybeans into boiling water and boil them again.


After the water boils again and heating the soybeans for six minutes, turn down the heat.


Thus, grassy smell of the soybeans can be reduced.


Finally, put the soybeans and a proper amount of water in blender or juicer to make brown rice juice.


By the way, you may think that Tenshin Diet is bad tasting at first, because we are used to eating a well-seasoned dish.


However, according to Harumichi, a truly healthy person favors truly natural foods, which are cooked without deteriorating their distinctive tastes, such as raw brown rice, raw vegetables or soaked in a hot water for a short time.

Fresh Water is a Sovereign Remedy for a Critically Ill Patient

Harumichi also conducted a rigorous experiment and obtained accurate temporal data.


According to him, raw foods have vital energies and thus, they are true essence of human life.


On the other hand, artificial foods overcooked and using lots of chemical seasoning have little vital energies and thus, they could undermine human health.


Harumichi said that boiled water is also unhealthy.


He said,

Fresh water is the source of life.


Thus, it is a sovereign remedy for a critically ill patient.


A critically ill patient with extremely weak digestion could find new life by fresh water, such as spring water in the mountains and ground water.

Tenshin Diet Should Be Scientifically Verified

Acaben, cropped by Kyro - Flickr Steve Jobs at the WWDC 07

Finally, if you suffer from an intractable disease, I highly recommend that you should be treated by a doctor at first, because I think that Tenshin Diet has to be scientifically verified again.


Especially, if a fasted patient due to illness and a person with a weak stomach follow Tenshin Diet, he or she has to eat food in an appropriate way depending on his or her gastrointestinal condition.


Thus, it requires scrupulous attention to an ill person.


Actually, the death of Steve Jobs was hastened by his faith in alternative medicine.


However, if you are already given over by the greatest doctors around the world and the conventional medicine as well as all the other alternative therapies did not work, it may be worth trying to follow Tenshin Diet as the last resort.


If Steve Jobs had followed Tenshin Diet, not the other alternative therapies, the cancer in his body might disappear and thus he might now be alive.


November 11, 2018



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