Amazing UFO Sightings and Alien Encounters in Japan

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This is a true story of a man who succeed in growing the world’s first chemical-free apples.


His name is Akinori Kimura (1949.11.8 ~), a Japanese farmer.

Kimura developed an apple cultivation method without any use of pesticides and fertilizers which had been long considered to be impossible.


Therefore, the apples that he grew are called as “miracle apples.”


If you are interested in Kimuras amazing story behind the development of miracle apples, please click the link below.

However, Kimura’s miracle was not limited only to apples.


Actually, he had a lot of amazing experiences in his life.


Here, I will introduce his amazing stories of UFO sightings and alien encounters.

UFO Encounters of Kimura’s Friends

Kimura saw aliens and UFOs many times and he was even abducted to a UFO by aliens.


However, his friends did not believe his amazing experiences at all.


They took Kimura’s experience about UFOs and aliens as tall tales.


So, they often called Kimura a big mouth.


However, they also had an amazing experience.


One day, his friends went fishing at night.


They threw their fishing lines into the sea at a bank.

What’s that?

After a while, they saw something bright in the bottom of the sea.


They stared at the bottom of the sea in wonder.


In the sea, something bright came up to the sea surface getting bigger and bigger.


Then, before their eyes, the bright object broke through the sea surface and it flew towards the sky.

When the bright object flew out of the sea, they felt a strong shock as if a lightning struck the sea.


They were hit by a wave generated by the flying object and they got soaking wet.


They were so shocked that they jumped into one of their cars and ran away leaving their fishing rods, baits and even a car at the bank.


After that experience, they apologized Kimura for not believing him and for calling him a big mouth.

The flying object came out of the sea.


That was an UFO!


We believe in UFOs and aliens.


We are so sorry we didn’t believe you.

Since then, they read widely related books to UFOs and aliens to learn more what they saw at that night.

UFO Sightings and Alien Encounters of an American Woman Living in Japan

One day, a tour group visited to see Kimura’s apple orchards.


 Among the tour group, there was a small white woman.


Suddenly, she turned to Kimura and walked toward him.


Kimura was worried about what he would do if she speaks to him in English, because he was not good at speaking English.


But, to his surprise, she spoke to him in fluent Japanese.

Mr. Kimura.

I saw an UFO, too.

were the first words she said.


Kimura got confused by that unexpected development, because he did not expect that the white woman began a conversation in fluent Japanese with him about an UFO.


Nevertheless, she went on with a story without any regard to his puzzled look.

I read a book ‘Miracle Apples’ about your story.


The book said you saw UFOs.


The author, Mr. Ishikawa wrote you saw a vision of UFOs in your mind.


But, I don’t think so.


So, I came here to confirm the truth of your UFO sightings.

Kimura was surprised to know that she came to see him to talk with him about UFOs.

I’ve been wanted to see you!


Thus, I joined this tour to your apple orchards by myself.

Then, the white woman said that she came to Japan from the US two years before and she lived with her husband in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.


Since her husband often traveled to the US for work, he often left home in Japan.


She could not stand staying at home alone.


Thus, she invited her friends to her house party in the evening.

 Away from other members of the tour, the white woman continued talking to Kimura.


She said,

One night, during a house party, I heard a strange noise outside the house.


It was a queer sound as if something zings through the sky.


Then, I heard sound like the crack of a whip.


That was more high-pitched sound than the crack of a commonly used whip.


I heard that sound clearly, but I didn’t even notice about the sound at that time, because I thought someone was playing outside the house producing such a sound.


My friends didn’t seem to be concerned about the sound.


Also, one of them was going to stay with me.


So, I was not afraid of the sound.


At the party, we had a great conversation.


So, I had a great time.


After that, several days later, I stayed home alone.


Suddenly, I heard a strange noise outside the house again.

It was a queer sound as if something zings through the sky.


Then, I heard sound like the crack of a whip.


On that day, my husband left home for work.


Unlike when I was with my friends, I felt the sound was loud outside.


I couldn’t stand the sound any longer.


At last, I fairly lost my temper.


So, to warn someone outside the house about the noisy sound, I threw open the curtain of the living room.


At that moment, through the window, I saw a giant, round UFO floating in the air!

The flying object was floating in the air just a stone’s throw away from the window.


‘Oh! Jesus!’


I screamed from fear.


‘What’s that!

 Why is it there?’


I closed the curtain quickly.


After closing the curtain, I was suddenly seized with fear.


Then, I turned on all lights in the house and I hid under a blanket in bed, shivering with fear.

Aliens and Their Horrible Pets

I fell asleep and when I realized, it was already morning.


I dashed out of bed and I called my husband for help.


I told him I have seen an UFO last night, but he let out a sigh of disappointment.

‘Did you have a bad dream?’


He laughed off my UFO sighting as nonsense.


My husband said,


‘You must have seen a vision in your mind, because you stayed home alone for too long.’


After all, he didn’t believe me.


I had no choice to stay home alone that night.


After a while, I heard the same sound.


‘Oh! They came again!’


This time, I didn’t open the curtain of the living room.

I peeked through the curtain to see what was outside the house.


At that time, I saw an UFO and aliens around the entrance!

At this point, the white woman asked Kimura,

Mr. Kimura.


What kind of aliens did you see?

Kimura gave her a sketchy explanation of the aliens that he saw.

Oh, the aliens you saw is somewhat different what I saw.

She looked a bit disappointed.

The aliens I saw were taller than human children.


Also, the aliens took their pets with them.

Kimura was surprised to hear that.



Did the aliens take their pets with them?

Yes. The aliens and their pets looked so horrible that I couldn’t believe they were of this world.


So, I knew immediately they came from other planets.

The Other Person Also Saw the UFO and the Aliens


After the second encounter with the UFO, she locked all the doors and windows of the house.


She was worried that the aliens may come into the house.


The white woman continued.

After that, the encounter with the UFO and the aliens continued many times.


It was not dreams, because other person also saw the UFO.


At that time, my mother lived near my house and she often came and visited me.


One day, she heard a strange noise as if something zings through the sky.


Then, she also heard sound like the crack of a whip.


‘It’s noisy outside!’


My mother went to open the curtain of the living room to look what the sound was.

Before I could prevent her, she drew back the curtain.


She was startled to see the UFO floating in the air and the aliens standing on the front of the entrance.


My mother was too scared to stand up.


After that, she said.


‘Oh my god!


What’s that?


You should sell this house and move right away!’

Strange Behavior of UFO and Aliens

Here, the white woman asked Kimura.      

By the way, I just noticed a curious thing.


They never caused harm to me for some reason.


They came to my house many times, but they didn’t break into my house.


They didn’t break any doors and windows.


So, why did they come to my house?


What were they waiting for?


I wonder if they had some reason we could never have imagined?


Do you have any idea, Mr. Kimura?

So, the white woman stared Kimura straight in the face waiting for his reply.


However, Kimura even had no idea what aliens meant by their strange behavior.


To hear his reply, the white woman made a little regretful face.


She lowered her head and said,

Thank you for listening to me.

Thus, she went back to the tour.


This is the true story of an American woman living in Japan.


In this way, there are lot of horrible UFO sightings and alien encounters in Japan.


Some day, when you are at home, you may hear a strange noise outside the house.


It may be a queer sound as if something zings through the sky.


Then, you may hear sound like the crack of a whip.

If you open a curtain, you may see an UFO floating in the air outside of your house.

Furthermore, you may see aliens standing on the front of the entrance with their pet.


Published on March 24, 2019

Written by OTAKUPAPA


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