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The Amazing Prophecy by Golden Dragon

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A prophet cannot be understood by anybody, because what the prophet think is natural is not always regarded as natural by ordinary people too.


Therefore, the behavior of the prophet often gives rise to suspicion and distrust of ordinary people.


This time, I will introduce an interesting story of a prophet and ordinary people.


The name of the prophet is Onisaburo Deguchi, who was a Japanese Shinto master in the early 1900s.

Deguchi Onisaburo (1871-1948). He was a spiritual leader of religious movement in Japan in the early 1900s. He left a voluminous amount of prophetic writings. According to his followers, Onisaburo's prediction rate is more than 95%. Even today, his predictions are coming true, such as Apple Watch, Multicoptor, Maglev and so on.

Onisaburo showed an unusual power to predict the future.


And he was well known for mysterious behaviors due to his incredible ability to see the future.


One day, Onisaburo suddenly ordered his followers to dig a pond, "Ryugu Otohime Pond."


"Ryugu Otohime" means a princess of the dragon's palace.


However, the planned site was in an uptown area where the sweet potatoes were grown.


The followers tried to dig the site, but the ground was stony.

No matter how deeply they dug, it seemed very unlikely that the spring water would come out.


The people of the town looked and laughed at the digging work by Onisaburo and his followers.

What the hell are they trying to dig a pond up there, without a drop of water?

There is no way water comes up digging there.

What fools they are!

The followers who sweated blood as volunteers were all worn out.


However, they could not find even a drop of water.

Onisaburo’s wife, Sumi could not put up with such a useless activity.


Then, she asked Onisaburo, 

Would you tell me why we have to do this?

Onisaburo replied to her, 

We are digging here, because the gods told me to do so.


Stop your grumbling!


Just do it as the gods told us.

Sumi could not understand Onisaburo's reply that the gods ordered them to dig a pond.


She retorted to her husband,

We have become the laughingstock of the whole town, since you ordered us to do such a silly thing to dig a pond without water!


How silly of you!

Well, just you wait and see, Sumi.

Onisaburo said to his wife in a soothing tone.

A few days later, Onisburo left for a Kyoto-Osaka area.


But just before leaving, he reminded his followers repeatedly to keep digging the pond.


Sumi was amazed by Onisaburo’s persistency, but she stopped supervising the followers's work while Onisaburo’s was out of town.


She herself thought that it was silly to waste her time on such a pointless thing to keep digging a pond without water.


However, when he returned to Ayabe, Onisaburo went to see the pond to check the progress of the work in spite of the midnight.

I’ve said this millions of times up to now, but you’re not even halfway through!


Each and everyone of you is incompetent!


You all get out of here!

Onisaburo got into a fury.


Then, the followers built a fire at the construction site for all-night work and men and women of all ages were mobilized to make a rush job.

As a result, they finally rushed a pond without water.

Fulfilled Prophecy of Dragon God

Strangely enough, soon after that, a town assembly in company with big names in Ayabe town dropped in on Onisaburo.


The followers were surprised at their sudden visit.


The town assembly asked Onisaburo and his followers,

Sorry for the short notice.


But, for fire protection water work, we have to draw water from the mountain over there.


So, we have to build a water channel through your site.


Of course, I know it’s sudden.


But we ask for your cooperation to prevent possible disasters in Ayabe town.


We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

All of the followers were surprised again to hear the assembly’s sudden request.


For the first time, they knew the Onisaburo’s true intention.


Needless to say, they were also amazed by his extraordinary ability to predict the future.


In this way, an empty pond was filled with water from the mountain.

The pond was called as “Kinryukai (The Sea of Golden Dragon).”


Thus, the water from the pond flowed into Ayabe town.


The prophecy of Dragon God was fulfilled, just as Onisaburo predicted.


June 30, 2018



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