Amazing Clairvoyant With Psychic Power to See the Future After 1000 Years

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This is a true story of a man who had psychic power to see the future after 1000 years.

Harumichi Hida (1883-1956) is a founder of Hida-siki spirited body training system (Kyoken-jutsu) in Japan.

Harumichi Hida (1883-1956).

Harumichi is not well known outside Japan, but he is known as an amazing man who acquired superhuman power.

Harumichi was so sickly child that he was told twice by a doctor that he would die young.

Actually, when he was 5 years old, Haruichi was stricken with measles and fell critically ill.

So, he could not enter junior high school until 18 years old.

Furthermore, Harumichi was often dubbed skinny,” because he was emaciated from his childhood.

Harumichi in his childhood. He was so emaciated that he was dubbed “skinny.”

After he had a narrow escape from death, Harumichi had a serious desire to get a better body.

So, in his eighth year, Harumichi decided to become stronger.

He studied and practiced a huge number of physical health methods and body training systems of all ages and all countries.

As a result of his intensive research and practice, Harumichi developed his own body training method by incorporating Western weight training into the traditional idea of Japanese Hara (Tanden)”.

Various styles of martial arts describe hara as being just below or directly behind the umbilicus.

In Japanese tradition, hara is considered to be the physical center of gravity of the human body and is the seat of ones internal energy (qi, prana).

In the following figure, the point A represents navel, the point B represents the lower back and the point O represents the centre of the body. 

In the Japanese tradition, masters of Japanese calligraphy, swordsmanship, tea ceremony, martial arts, and the other arts, are considered to be acting from the hara.

Harumichis training method is characterized in straining the abdomen and lower back equally to concentrate all power in the centre of the body at an accelerated pace.

Actually, Kyoken-jutsu transformed Harumichi’s body beyond recognition in just two years.

Harumichi retained nothing of the frail and skinny boy that he once was.

He turned into a young man of strong build just like an ancient Greek statue.

Harumichi practicing Kyoken-jutsu. Harumichi retained nothing of the frail and skinny boy that he once was.

Amazingly, Harumichi acquired superhuman strength and power through the training of Kyoken-jutsu.

On the night of June 18, 1923, Harumichi practiced Kyoken-jutsu enthusiastically in a 2-meter-square small hut.

Suddenly, the great power that he had never experienced before spouted from the center of the abdomen and lower back.

Harumichi was surprised by the power that came from the center of his body.

Then, he tried to stomp hard on the floor by his right foot while keeping the body posture.

Amazingly, Harumichi put his right foot through the sturdy floor one inch thick without feeling any resistance.

The part of the sturdy floor one inch thick punched out by Harumichi’s right foot. The shape and the size of the part correspond to those of Harumichi’s right foot.

Furthermore, when he trampled down the floor, Harumichi snapped off even the wooden floor joist, just like he was breaking a twig.

The wooden floor joist that snapped off by Harumichi’s foot.

In this way, Harumichi actually became a superman with superhuman strength and power.

If you are interested in the details of the amazing life of Harumichi Hida, the Superman of the East, please click the link below.

Harumichi was an Ageless Superman

By the way, Harumichi was an superman even later in his life.

Actually, Harumichi slept for only two hours a night in his 70s.

When he got up in the morning, he practiced Kyoken-jutsu.

Harumichi practiced Kyoken-jutsu once or twice in the morning, which took less than ten seconds.

However, his physical and mental strength was increased more and more without limit, because he dedicated all his strength to the training of Kyoken-jutsu.

Harumichi in his later years. Even in his 70s, Harumichi looked like he was in his 30s. He was actually an ageless superman.

Old Superman VS. Five Brawny Young Men

Actually, even in his 70s, Harumichi was really like a superman.

One day, Harumichi accepted the challenge of five young brawny men.

So, Harumichi and the young men had a competition to decide who is the fastest in plowing a field.

It was the competition between Harumichi and the group of five young men.

At first, the plowing speed of Harumichi and the group of young men were equal.

That is, Harumichi did the work of five young men!

Furthermore, as time went on, the young men were getting tired.

Actually, the group of the five young men became markedly inferior to Harumichi in plowing speed.

Finally, the exhausted young men admitted their defeat.

In this way, even in his 70s, Harumichi had a energy and strength of more than five young brawny men!

Harumichi Lifted the Heavy Load That Four Men Could Not Lift

Furthermore, another day, four men tried to winch up a heavy load using a manual hoisting machine to fix up a house.

They exerted all their strength, but they could not lift the load even an inch.

The four men threw their hands up.

So, Harumichi switched with them.

Amazingly, Harumichi winched up the heavy load without effort by operating the hoisting machine by himself.

In this way, Harumichi had the superhuman strength of more than four men, even though he was in his 70s!

Harumichi Often Broke Swords

Furthermore, Harumichi was also known as a master of a combative sword-drawing art “Iaijutsu” or “battojutsu.”

When Harumichi performed a Iaijutsu, the sword blade was often flown off the hilt, because the rivet used in the sword was broken by his powerful force.

In this way, there are a lot of anecdotes about Harumichi’s incredible strength and power.

He was really a superman even in his 70s.

Harumichi Saved Seriously Ill Patients with His Unique Dietary Therapy

Furthermore, Harumichi saved many seriously ill patients who were given over by their doctors.

He developed his unique dietary therapy named “Tenshin Diet.

Tenshin Diet means “Truly Natural Diet” in Japanese.

As the name suggests, Tenshin Diet is the dietary therapy based on the idea that the natural healing power intrinsic to the human body could be improved by eating fresh food, such as raw brown rice,  beans and fresh vegetables.

In the first step of Tenshin Diet, Harumichi put an ill patient on complete bed rest.

Then, the patient followed Tenshin Diet according to Harumichi’s instructions.

Amazingly, Harumichi identified the cause of illness and determined appropriate therapy by only hearing about the patient’s condition without directly examining the patient’s body.

Furthermore, he also predicted the number of days required for the recovery from illness.

Strange to say, Harumichi told a critically ill patient who might die the next day as follows.

You may sit up in bed in 10 days later.

In 20 days later, please keep in mind to take a little walk around the yard.

Some people could not believe what Harumichi said and others were dumbfounded by his words.

However, if a patient follow Harumichi’s instructions to the letter, the patient completely recovered from illness, following the same course just as foretold by Harumichi.

So, that was a kind of a prophetic power!

Harumichi Foresaw the Future After 1000 Years

Since 1945, Harumichi slept only a couple of hours each night and thus he always woke up by himself at 1:00 or 2.00 a.m. at the latest.

When he woke up, Harumichi practiced Kyoken-jutsu lying in bed.

Then, he attained a state of perfect selflessness away from all thoughts.

In this state, Harumichi was so relaxed across his entire body.

Then, his mind became very clear.

Suddenly, various problems of philosophy, religion, science, economy, health and medical science that he had not anticipated, came into his clear mind like a geyser.

At the same time, a number of the answers to the problems also came from the center of his body.

In this state, his brain was just like a supercomputer.

Amazingly, Harumichi was able to foresee the future events even after 1000 years.


He said,

I am happy to attain a clear mind to understand the truth of the universe.

But, now I found that such a clarity of mind causes me pain too.

That is because I became able to clearly see the situation with which people all over the world will be confronted 1000 to 2000 years from now.

However, I see not only good things but also bad things.

I clearly see in my mind both of the good and bad things people will experience, which causes me a lot of pain and suffering.

To free from such pain and suffering, the only thing I can do is to break the mirror in my mind, which reflects the future.

Thus, to break the mirror in his mind, Harumichi went on a 49-day fast with no food and very little water.

Then, around 10 p.m. on August 24, 1956, Harumichi passed away.

In this way, the superman of the East ended his life at the age of 72.

What Will Happen in the Future After 1000 Years?

By the way, what future did Harumichi see?

No one would ever know what actually he saw by his prophetic power.

However, there are some clues to know what he saw.

According to Harumichi, the religious truth and the scientific truth are the different aspects of the same universal truth.

Harumichi said,

The physical laws and the mental laws are the different aspects of the truth of the universe.

Thus, they originated from the same truth, that is, the truth of God.

In terms of the philosophical aspect, God appears as the philosophical truth.

In terms of the scientific aspect, God appears as the scientific truth.

Thus, the science, philosophy and region have the common origin.

This common origin is the absolute truth of the universe.

Since the human civilization started in Mesopotamia and Egypt, various religions began.

But, any of these religions are not based on scientific principle and even inconsistent with modern science.

Actually, it is considered that religion and modern science have been like oil and water.

Thus, religious believers and scientists are incompatible with each other.

However, Harumichi thought differently.

According to Harumichi, if modern science progresses to the limit, it would reach the truth of the universe which was once shown by every religion.

By the way, Harumichi’s philosophy is similar to that of a British science fiction writer, Arthur C. Clarke.

Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008)

Source ITU Pictures –

Clarke said,

Magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

In the relation between religion and science, Harumichi described in his writing, The book of the space ethics, introduction as follows.

For me, God is also the origin of philosophy and science.

Suppose that science, philosophy and religion correspond to each vertex of a triangle.

You can make a circle circumscribing the triangle.

Then, the center of the triangle and that of the circle are the same point.

This point corresponds to the universal truth of God.

Harumichi believed that the ultimate goal is to establish a new scientific religion.

Then, he tried to prove the existence of God based on his own experience and theoretical study.

Harumichi continued his study every day for more than ten years.

He also wrote The book of the space ethics to establish the scientific principle of religion.

The book of the space ethics covers a wide variety of topics from mathematics, physics, philosophy, medical science to religion.

When the whole volume of The book of the space ethics was piled up on the floor, the height was higher than that of a person.

However, no one has ever clarified the whole picture of Harumichi’s astonishing work, because it is very hard to understand.

Harumichi in his later years said,

It would take five thousand years for people to understand the religious principle that I understand now and to take it for granted.

But, will that time ever come?

Through his prophetic power, Harumichi might have seen the marriage between science and religion.

By this marriage, science and religion may be combined to develop a new spiritual science.

Then, a new era may come in the future, when we will be able to use supernatural powers in daily life.

Published on November 18, 2018

Updated on June 6, 2020

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