Amazing Japanese Women Who Gained Psychic Power through Near-Death Experience

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These are true stories of Japanese women who gained psychic power through near-death experience.

Have you ever thought of having psychic or supernatural power?

Some people acquired psychic power through long years of tough training.

On the other hand, other people gained psychic power due to a sudden event.

Particularly, some of them unleashed their psychic power by near-death experience.

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Takashi Tachibana (born 1940) is a Japanese journalist, non-fiction writer and critic.

Takashi Tachibana (born 1940)

Tachibana is well known for his extensive study of more than 300 cases of Japanese near-death experiences.

Tachibana published articles titled “Near-Death Experiences” in a distinguished Japanese monthly magazine, Bungeishunju from August 1991 to April 1994.

These articles were later put together into a bulky two-volume book titled “Near-Death Experiences” of total 868 pages.

Nowadays, Tachibana is known as one of the leading authorities on NDE studies in Japan.

In this post, I would like to introduce one of the amazing cases of Japanese NDEs reported by Takashi Tachibana, “Intellectual Giant.”

A Japanese Woman Who Can Understand How Trees Feel

According to Tachibana, there are some people who gained psychic power through near-death experience.

Iyoko Kimura is a Japanese woman living in Takayama, Gifu, Japan.

Source Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa) – Own work

Kimura almost died of penicillin shock and had a near-death experience.

She also had out-of-body experiences three times.

After that, Kimura gained a clairvoyant power.

Amazingly, she can understand how trees actually feel.

A Japanese Woman Who Can See the Future with the Third Eye

Keiko Sugio is a Japanese woman living in Siki, Saitama, Japan.

Source Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa) – Own work

When she was five years old, Sugio was pronounced dead of heart failure.

But she was resurrected after a while.

All that time, she had a near-death experience.

Sugio says,

The women in the neighborhood surrounded my body.

From above, I watched them crying. 

I don’t remember how I came back to my body.

But, after I came back to life, my mother told me,

‘You were dead, just now!’

After being revived, Sugio gained a kind of psychic power.

One day, Sugio learned the fact that one of her uncle living in Tokyo died before she receives the news of his death.

Sugio says,

Perhaps, my sensitivity for the spirit world was increased after the near-death experience.

I have a kind of third eye with which I can get a fleeting view of the future events.

I can see what will occur in the future, so I was scared and very worried.

A Japanese Woman Who Gained Clairvoyant Power

Mizu Nobuka is a Japanese woman living in Hofu, Yamaguchi, Japan.

SourceMaximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa) – Own work

Nobuka had a very high fever due to cerebral meningitis and remained in a coma for a dozen hours.

So, she was given up on by the doctor.

One day, Nobuka had a near-death experience.

Her close friend, Miura who died 6 years before, came to pick her up by an airplane.

Miura was wearing a beautiful kimono that was embroidered with gold and silver threads.

Miura said to her,

Get on this plane!

But, Nobuka hesitated to get on the airplane.

I cannot get on the plane, because I’m wearing dirty clothes.

To hear that, Miura dressed her a beautiful kimono.

So, Nobuka was happy to get on the airplane.

When she looked out the windows on both sides of the airplane during the flight, everything was covered with beautiful flowers as far as she could see.

It was a comfortable flight.

The airplane was flying so softly and quietly that she could not hear the noise of the airplane.

Nobuka was just fascinated by the beautiful views from the airplane.

But suddenly, she was awakened by the call of her mother.

After this near-death experience, Nobuka gained a clairvoyant power.

One day, she had a strange dream.

In the dream, Nobuka saw her second older brother who was a soldier fighting in the distant battlefield.

He was dressed in his best sitting in the room where the family Buddhist altar was placed.

He made his farewells to Nobuka and then floated away in water.

After she had the strange dream, Nobuka received the news that he was killed on the field.

Amazingly, he died at the precise time she had the strange dream!

Other than this, Nobuka had similar experiences several times.

On the day when her youngest child graduated from high school, she paid a visit to her family’s grave to report it.

At that time, Nobuka saw that the space surrounding the grave suddenly began to brighten up just like there was a shower of gold powders.

It was shining away for 7 or 8 seconds.

The strange sight prostrated her.

A Japanese Woman Who Gained Various Psychic Powers

Chieko Tokita is a Japanese woman (address unknown).

Tokita had two perforations in the duodenum and writhed in pain.

Then she slipped into unconsciousness.

The doctor said that there was little chance of survival, that is, it was just a 10 percent chance.

Tokita was unconscious over one month, but she had a near-death experience during that time.

She says,

At first, I was in the total darkness.

But after some moments, I heard someone calling my name.

Then, I caught hold of a long piece of dangling string like a thin rope.

So, I climbed up the string.

I lost the string in the middle of climbing, but I ascended in an amazing speed.

At that time, a bunch of people fell from overhead.

Tokita was almost hit by one of the falling people.

So, she asked God,

Why did he drop?

God explained to her,

He was a very bad drunk.

He often caused trouble for his family!

In the meantime, Tokita ascended higher and higher.

God said,

Go more up!

Go more up!

God also told her,

Humans can enjoy life freely now.

But, your life here depends on your life on the earth.

Whether your soul goes up or down depends on your life on the earth.

The God’s words were really impressive and changed her whole outlook on life.

From now on, I won’t be selfish.

I want to do something for others.

Tokita decided in her heart to change her life.

After she got out the hospital, Tokita became a wholly different person.

Since then, she had a series of surprises every day.

For example, Tokita got to be able to see things she could not see before.

For example, she got to be able to see auras of other people.

Tokita says,

If there is something wrong with a person’s body, the person’s aura looked like it was hazy around diseased part.

Furthermore, Tokita got to be able to see the previous life of a person with her clairvoyant power.

In addition to that, Tokita took on psychic power in her hands.

Actually, she was able to easily bend spoons.

Furthermore, Tokita also took on healing power.

For example, when someone got burned, she put her hand on the burn area.

Amazingly, the burn area was healed without a trace!

Tokita’s healing power also brought fever down and eliminated pain.

In this way, Tokita gained various psychic powers after she had the near-death experience.

Tokita was scared at first, but she was getting used to the psychic powers lately.

So, she is good at controlling her psychic powers now.

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As described above, some people unleashed their psychic power by near-death experience.

By the way, the most famous Japanese who unleashed psychic power through near-death experience is Sister Hideko Suzuki (born 1932).

After she had a near-death experience, Sr. Suzuki got to be able to heal a lot of people who suffered from an intractable disease.

Sister Hideko Suzuki (born 1932), a Japanese critic and scholar of modern Japanese literature. 

If you are interested in the details of the amazing near-death experience of Sister Hideko Suzuki, please click the link below.

Someday, you may also unleash your hidden psychic power through near-death experience, just like Sr. Suzuki and the other Japanese women.

Published on June 7, 2020

Written by OTAKUPAPA


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