Amazing World Full of Light a Japanese Woman Saw during a Near-Death Experience

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This is a true story of a Japanese woman who saw a world full of light during a near-death experience.

Sister Hideko Suzuki (Born 1932) is a Japanese critic and scholar of modern Japanese literature.

Sister Hideko Suzuki (born 1932), a Japanese critic and scholar of modern Japanese literature. 

Suzuki grew up in Shirahama village located at the southern tip of Izu Peninsula in Sizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

She graduated from a Japanese private woman’s university, University of the Sacred Heart.

University of the Sacred Heart

source University of the Sacred Heart –

After the graduation from the Graduate School, she joined a convent of the Society of the Sacred Heart.

Then she had eight years of austere training in the convent.

After that, she majored in modern Japanese literature in the Graduate School of Tokyo and thus started her academic career.

However, on one day in the fall of 1977, Suzuki had an amazing near-death experience.

Suzuki Nearly Died From Falling Down Steep Stairs

That day, Suzuki attended a convention of the Association for Modern Japanese Literary Studies which was held at Konan Women’s University in Kobe.

Main entrance to Konan Women’s University located in Higashinada-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan.

source Hasec – Own work

The following day, she was going to attend a convention of the Association for the Study of Japanese Language and Literature held at Nara Women’s University.

So, the previous night, she stayed at a convent named “Sisters of Good Samaritan” located in the suburbs of Nara city which her friend joined.

Suzuki arrived at the convent around 9:00 p.m.

Her friend stayed at the convent alone to greet her, because the other sisters were out for a prayer meeting.

The friend said to her,

You must be tired after the long trip.

The other sisters will come back late today.

So, you should take a rest early.

And with that, Suzuki was shown into a room on the second floor.

The stairs are steep, so please watch your step.

As the friend told, long steep stairs led to the second floor.

Suzuki looked up, but she could not see the top of the stairs.

She heard that the convent was originally the holiday house of an imperial family.

So, it was a grand house with ceiling about twice as high as that of an ordinary house.

Furthermore, the second floor was later added to the original house.

Accordingly, the convent had high and steep stairs than an ordinary house.

That night, Suzuki went to bed early following her friend’s advise.

But she had trouble sleeping, maybe because the convent was an unfamiliar place to sleep.

So, Suzuki somehow got up in the middle of the night.

She tried to turn on the light, but she stopped suddenly.

If I turn on the light, I might bother the sisters sleeping after returning late.

So, Suzuki began to walk quietly in the dark hallway without turning on the light.

The 2nd-floor hallway has some corners and thus she walked along the wall.

When she got to the end of the hallway, Suzuki stepped forward with her foot over the corner in the darkness.

But, to her surprise, she found that there was no hallway where she stepped into.

She thought that there was hallway around the corner, but she actually stepped into one end of the steep flight of stairs.

So, the next moment, Suzuki missed her footing and lost her balance.

Before she felt fear, Suzuki tumbled head over heels.

She fell down the steep stairs and was slammed to the floor at the bottom of the stairs and then she lost her consciousness.

Near-Death Experience of Hideko Suzuki

Suddenly, Suzuki realized that she was floating straight up in the air.

Strangely enough, from a higher position, her other self looked down at herself floating in the air.

Furthermore, her feet floating in the air were covered with something like bamboo sheath.

Long afterwards, Suzuki realized that it was lotus flower petal.

Later, when she visited a famous temple in Taiwan, she was surprised to see the feet of a Buddha statue covered with something like bamboo sheath.

Oh, this is it!

It was a pedestal of the Buddha statue, which was shaped like a lotus flower.

Then, the flower petals like bamboo sheath began to fall one after another.

From above, her other self saw the flower petals falling.

And every time the petal fell, her other self felt relieved from suffering one by one and became free.

When one petal fell, her other self thought,

Oh, I will be troubled with what the others say no more.

I am free now!

Then another petal fell and her other self mumbled,

Now, I don’t need to pay someone mind and I am no longer gnawed by anxiety.

I am free now!

Her heart was filled with a feeling of immense freedom and delight.

Then, when the last one petal was left in the lotus flower under her feet, she thought,

When this last one falls, I will be completely free!

However, the last one did not fall.

Instead, her body suddenly soared.

Then, in an instant, the watching her and the watched her became one.

As soon as the two of her became one, Suzuki soared to the zenith in an instant and filled with a beautiful light she had never seen.

It was a world filled with a whitish-golden light.

It was shining brightly, but she did not feel that it was too bright.

The whole world was full of light.

Suzuki felt that it was a living light that connected and interacted with her in the deep portion of life.

This is nirvana!

I’m completely free!

She felt that way.

Strangely, all of her senses and mind were vividly and clear.

All body functions were kept in top condition in harmony with each other.

This is exactly the finely honed sense.

Perhaps, Olympic athletes set a new world record in such a top condition.

In such a clear mind, she clearly realized,

This lord of light, which is life itself, knows, understands, accepts, forgives and fully loves everything about me.

This is the perfection of love!

Suzuki thought,

If there is ultimate love, would it be this kind of state of sensation I feel throughout my mind?

Or, is the truly fulfilled state of mind this kind of state?

Furthermore, the world of light with spiritual fulfillment had no sense of time.

So, Suzuki felt in her bones,

This is eternal!

At that time, her heart was filled with love and her mind was clear and all her abilities were harmonious in her best condition.

It was a truly blissful time for her.

But suddenly, she heard a voice from somewhere.

Please heal her!

Please heal her!

The words were spoken in Japanese, but there was a peculiar accent like that of a person who was not still used to speaking Japanese.

When she heard the voice, the lord of light as life itself told her,

Return to the earth.

They were not spoken words, but Suzuki clearly recognized that the lord told her so.

Then she received the following message.

When you returned to the earth, the most important thing is an act of learning and loving.

At that moment, Suzuki temporarily came back to consciousness.

She found herself lying on the bed in the room upstairs of the convent.

Other than that, her memory was vague and fuzzy.

It was an amazing near-death experience for her.

Unconscious Behavior During the Near-Death Experience

Later, Suzuki heard from the sisters that she fell down the stairs with a very loud sound.

By the loud sound, all of the sisters were rudely awakened out of deep sleep.

According to the sisters, they suddenly heard thuds in the midnight.

So, they jumped out of their beds and ran out into the hallway.

Then they found a stranger in her nightclothes crouching down on the bottom of the stairs.

Everyone gathered around her in surprise.

But, then Suzuki staggered to her feet and said,

I’m fine.

Then, her friend held Suzuki by the shoulders and took her upstairs to her room.

However, Suzuki did not remember such a thing at all.

According to the sisters, after her friend laid Suzuki on the bed, a sister asked her,

Are you OK now?

Then Suzuki replied properly.

Yes, I’m OK.

But, Suzuki gradually replied brokenly to the sisters’ questions and finally stopped responding.

There is something strange about her.

So, they called an ambulance.

After the ambulance arrived at the convent, the ambulance workers looked up at the steep stairs and said,

From how high did she fall down the stairs?

One step or two steps?

One of the sisters replied,

No. It appears that she fell down a whole flight of stairs.


She fell down a whole flight of stairs!?

How, then, did she survive?

The ambulance workers were very surprised.

Then they told the sisters,

We cannot carry her down on a stretcher, because the stairs are so steep.

So, how should we carry her down?

Strangely enough, at that time, to their great astonishment, Suzuki suddenly woke up again.

After getting up, Suzuki said to them,

Don’t worry.

Then, she staggered herself down the stairs.

In this way, Suzuki had a narrow escape from death.

Perhaps, she was manipulated by something supernatural during the near-death experience.

However, Suzuki did not remember such a thing at all.

Interestingly, after this near-death experience, Suzuki gained an amazing healing power.

I would like to introduce her amazing healing power in the later post.

Published on December 15, 2019

Written by OTAKUPAPA


  1. Hideko Suzuki (December 2005). “Near-Death Experience. The Sound of Life.”
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