Amazing Near-Death Experiences of a Japanese Man Who Died Three Times

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This is a true story of a Japanese man who died three times.

His name is Tsuruhiko Kiuchi (born 1954), a Japanese comet hunter and writer.

Tsuruhiko Kiuchi (born 1954), a Japanese comet hunter and a writer. 

In the former post, I introduced an amazing near-death experience of Kiuchi at the age of 22.

But this is not the end of his near-death experience.

Actually, 32 years later, when he was 55 years old, Kiuchi had the second and third near-death experiences in Shanghai, China.

In this post, I would like to introduce the third near-death experience of Kiuchi.

After the 2nd Near-Death Experience

After the second near-death experience, Kiuchi came back to life with immediate electronic shock to the heart.

At the hospital in Shanghai, the doctor made an injection of a high dose of drug with the capacity to act like glue that plugs the hole in the ruptured vein wall.

Thanks to the first aid, the hole in the vein wall was plugged and thus Kiuchi had a near escape from death.

The hospital where Kiuchi was hospitalized was small local one.

So, about two weeks later, he was transferred to a well-equipped university hospital in Hangzhou to west of Shanghai.

At first, it seemed that the doctors and staff of the university hospital wanted to send Kiuchi back to Japan as early as possible.

Actually, they made an injection of a high dose of drug that plugs the hole in the ruptured vein wall.

Perhaps, they wanted to send the troublesome foreigner home quickly.

However, Kiuchi was afraid that if he gets on an airplane after such a temporary cure, he would really die due to the rupture of the coronary vein.

But suddenly, the situation changed.

Perhaps, due to some political move, the Chinese Foreign Ministry contacted the university hospital.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China headquarters

Source WhisperToMe – Own work

Don’t let Tsuruhiko Kiuchi die in China!

You must save him at any cost.

So, Kiuchi was going to have a surgery by doctors of the Chinese Academy of Science to suture the vessels together.

Chinese Academy of Sciences headquarters

Source N509FZ – Own work

The Chinese Academy is the world’s largest research organization, comprising around 60,000 researchers working in 114 institutes, and has been consistently ranked among the top research organizations around the world.

Especially, the doctors of the Chinese Academy are China’s leading medical professionals who gained considerable credibility with the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party.

Thus, it was fortunate for Kiuchi that such China’s leading doctors perform an operation on him.

He did not know what happened all of a sudden.

But Kiuchi let himself go with the flow, since he felt that it was much safer to have the operation than to return to Japan after receiving first-aid treatment.

The 3rd Near-Death Experience

However, shortly before the operation, Kiuchi degenerated into dangerous situations again.

During the pre-operation examination, he suffered coronary vein rupture.

He vomited and discharged large amounts of blood again.

This time, Kiuchi vomited and discharged the total of about 8,000 cc of blood.

So, Kiuchi went into shock and was on the verge of death again.

It was the third near- death experience for Kiuchi.

After that, Kiuchi’s mind got out of his body and looked down at the operating room.

He saw the doctors and nurses in a panic.

In contrast, Kiuchi was very calm and stable, because it was the third near-death experience for him and thus he was used to it.

If the doctors promptly revive me, I would have to return to my body again.

So, Kiuchi decided to travel back to the past immediately.

This time, he wanted to go back to the past, because he had traveled to the future in the previous near-death experience in China.

On his trip to the past, Kiuchi left some evidence that he actually visited the past world.

It was the lines of the Big Dipper (the Plough).

In the past world, Kiuchi possessed a person there to engrave stones and the columns and the walls of the buildings with the lines of the Big Dipper.

Why did he do that?

According to Kiuchi, although the stars of the Big Dipper seem to maintain fixed positions, they actually slowly move.

Thus, the positions of the stars of the Big Dipper relative to the North Star slowly change over time and thus the shape of the Big Dipper varies across the ages.

As the name suggests, it is shaped like a big dipper now, but it was shaped differently in the past and the same is true of the future.

That is the reason why Kiuchi chose the Big Dipper.

By engraving rocks and buildings in the past world with the lines of the Big Dipper and the North Star as seen today, it would be definitive proof that Kiuchi traveled back to the past world.

So, during the third near-death experience, Kiuchi traveled back to different parts of the world in the past and possessed people he met there to engrave the rocks and buildings with the Big Dipper as proof of the time travel.

Among the people he possessed, there might have been his former self at that time and even his ancestors.

In this way, Kiuchi left a lot of proofs in the past.

However, he could not stay in the past for a long time, because the excellent Chinese medical staff promptly managed to revive him.

Kiuchi Understood Chinese Without Help of the Interpreter

While his mind traveled to the past, the doctors and nurses were struggling to revive him in the hospital room.

When he was revived, his mind returned to his body.

But, when his heart stopped, his mind got out of his body again.

Kiuchi repeated the same things over and over, that is, his mind kept on going in and out of his body many times.

In the meantime, something very strange happened.

The doctors were talking something in Chinese around him.

Kiuchi could not understand Chinese at all.

However, for some reason, he could understand what they were talking in Chinese.

(He is on the point of death.)

(Would it be better if we contact an embassy?)

Strangely enough, Kiuchi completely understood their conversation.

Kiuchi wondered why he could fully understand the language he had never learned before.

Perhaps, when a person becomes a spiritual being without a body, they may be able to understand directly what other people think without words.

The doctors were talking openly about his critical condition.

They seemed to think that Kiuchi could not understand Chinese.

However, Kiuchi fully understood what they were talking in Chinese.

Oh!  I’m in such a serious condition!

Kiuchi was so shocked to know what they were talking that he was getting a little worried.

Strange things continued to happen.

At that time, the hospital provided him with an interpreter, because Kiuchi could not understand Chinese.

Surprisingly enough, according to the interpreter, when a doctor spoke to him in Chinese, Kiuchi answered in Chinese without any help of the interpreter!

The doctor talked to him in Chinese.

(Mr. Kiuchi.)

(Do you get what I’m saying?)

(Are you OK?)

Amazingly, Kiuchi answered immediately in Chinese without any help of the interpreter,

(Yes, I’m OK.)

At that time, Kiuchi had no doubt in his mind that the doctors were kind enough to speak Japanese for him and he answered in Japanese.

Later, the interpreter asked him with a wondering face.

Mr. Kiuchi, how do you know Chinese?

Kiuchi was very surprised to hear his words.

What did you say?

I don’t know Chinese at all.

On the contrary, I have never learned Chinese!

What!  You kidding me!

Actually, you were talking with the doctors in Chinese.

And you answered to them in proper Chinese without any my help!

Was I talking with them in Chinese?

No way!

They spoke to me in Japanese!

So, I answered to them in Japanese, too.

Were you speaking Japanese?

No!!!  You were really speaking Chinese!

That makes no sense!

In this way, Kiuchi and the interpreter did not get what they were talking about.

So, they were just dumbfounded.

Perhaps, in the spiritual state without a body, Kiuchi was communicating with the Chinese doctors telepathically.

Actually, after his mind came back to his body, his mind was blocked from the greater universal mind.

As a result, Kiuchi returned again to his old self who did not know Chinese.

Kiuchi Returned to Japan Again

After that, Kiuchi had a delicate operation to suture the vein.

Furthermore, he had to have an operation to have the entire liver removed due to the dysfunction of the liver.

Actually, he had a bad liver before he came to China.

The team of Chinese doctors told him.

The test shows that you have completely developed liver failure.

We are afraid that there is no other treatment but to conduct live-donor liver transplantation.

Then one and half month at the hospital, Kiuchi finally returned to Japan.

After returning, he had an examination at another hospital.

Strangely enough, the result of the re-examination showed the liver failure returned the state prior to the dysfunction.

Generally, once the liver gets bad, it could get worse, but it won’t recover.

There are not many cases that a severe liver failure with no hope of cure but to conduct live-donor liver transplantation recovered to the state prior to the dysfunction.

Thus, strange things did happen.

In this way, Kiuchi had amazing near-death experiences three times.

The Proofs of the Lines of the Big Dipper Kiuchi Left

The proofs of the engraved lines of the Big Dipper that Kiuchi left in the past have not been found yet.

Unfortunately, he does not have a single clue to find out them, because he could not identify the precise locations and time.

Nevertheless, Kiuchi believes that someday he will be able to find the proofs he left in the past world.

Actually, when he had the first near-death experience at the age of 22, he wrote Japanese characters “Tsu-Ru” on a Japanese paper as a proof of the time travel to the past.

Amazingly, that proof was found 36 years after the first near-death experience!

So, the same thing may happen again.

Now, Kiuchi feels strongly that he wants to go on a trip to find the proofs of the Big Dipper someday.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Someday, when you visit ancient ruins, you may find ancient patterns like the Big Dipper carved on stones and on walls.

Radiocarbon dating and other scientific tests indicate that the patterns were created several thousand years ago.

Nevertheless, the ancient patterns have a similar shape to those of the Big Dipper observed now.

Archaeologists cannot figure it out.

What does this mean?

How did the ancient people create it?

Why did they know the precise shape of the Big Dipper seen now?

No way!

Of course, you already know that these ancient patterns are conclusive proofs that an amazing “near-death time traveler,” Tsuruhiko Kiuchi had created several thousand years ago!

Published on December 8, 2019

Written by OTAKUPAPA


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