Amazing Psychic Experiment of a Japanese High Buddhist Priest of Mt. Koyasan

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This is a true story of a Japanese high Buddhist priest of Mt. Koyasan who had an amazing psychic power.

Hideko Suzuki (Born 1932) is a Japanese critic and scholar of modern Japanese literature.

Hideko Suzuki (born 1932), a Japanese critic and scholar of modern Japanese literature. 

One day in the fall of 1977, she fell down steep stairs at a convent named “Sisters of Good Samaritan” and then had an amazing near-death experience.

During the near-death experience, Suzuki was in a world filled with a beautiful light she had never seen.

By the way, after the near-death experience, she met a high Buddhist priest of Mt. Koyasan who had an amazing psychic power.

Here, I would like to introduce an amazing psychic experiment of the Japanese high Buddhist priest.

A Meeting with a Mysterious Man

Some time after the near-death experience in 1977, Suzuki attended her close friend’s wedding with her sister.

The bride was the daughter of a doctor and the groom was also a doctor.

Thus, most of the guests were doctors.

Suzuki was going to speech first at the wedding reception.

So, she was invited to the head table as a guest of honor.

At the head table, invited guests were seated closer to the bride and groom.

Suzuki sat on the assigned seat in the center of the same side as the bride.

At that time, a fifty-something man was sitting across from her.

He suddenly spoke to Suzuki.

Excuse me, can I talk to you about something?

The man wore a black dress suit like the other male guests.

However, he exuded a kind of mysterious atmosphere that draws people in.

It was her first time to meet the man, but he was staring at Suzuki long and hard for some reason.

Then, he said to her with deep emotion.

I’m so glad to finally meet you.

I really wanted to meet you for a long time!

Suzuki cannot be at ease, because her speech was near at hand.

On the other hand, the man began to talk really weird things in a calm manner.

You have a wonderful ability!

I wanted to have a great ability like you, but my wish hasn’t come true at all.

So, I’ve been praying and praying that at least my son would have such a great ability, but nothing has worked.

But, I have been convinced for many years that I would definitely meet a person with such a great ability.

Now, I finally realized my long-awaited dream!

At that time, the bride and groom appeared and the conversation with the man dropped.

In the meantime, Suzuki could not comprehend what the man said to her, because it was so strange.

So, after she completed her speech with no problems, she asked the man about the rest of the story.

The man said to her,

To tell the truth, I have some kind of psychic power.

If a disaster visits someone, I can foretell it.

Then I advise the person to be careful of the disaster to avoid it or to turn it to smaller one.

But, I have no ability to do better than that.

I have not been given a better ability, but there are some people who have been endowed with miraculous powers.

You are the one who has been endowed with such a valuable power!

Suzuki listened quietly to his story, but she had no idea what was going on.

The man continued,

You are endowed with a power to change people’s fortunes for the better.

So, you are the person I have just been looking for!

And you are endowed with another amazing power that every time you meet a person, you make the person happy.

Suzuki thought that the man was right, because actually after the near-death experience, good things happened to the people she met.

In that sense, she became a kind of Lady Luck.

For this reason, her sister who was seated next to her listening to the conversation whispered in an admiring tone,

Surely that he is right, isn’t he?

He says the same thing with what you had always said to me!

Well, could it be that it has been proven that I am actually Lady Luck?

Suzuki murmured.

High Buddhist Priest of Mt. Koyasan

Just when Suzuki was wondering what the man was really like, he handed her his business card.

According to the man, he was a high Buddhist priest who had undergone training in Mt. Koyasan, the sacred sites of the Shingon sect of Buddhism.

Furthermore, the man was also famous in studying Jungian psychology.

What’s that Buddhist priest like?

What brought him to the center seat of the head table?

After the wedding ceremony, Suzuki asked one of the guests who was close to the groom about the man.

Then the guest said,

He has a psychic ability.

He has solved a lot of difficult problems using his psychic ability so far.

According to the guest, something mysterious happened before.

The Buddhist Priest Foretold a Traffic Accident

One day, the Buddhist priest advised a person,

You will be involved in a traffic accident on MM (month) DD (day).

It is unavoidable, but I pray that you will suffer less damage by the accident as possible as I can.

I will protect you, but take care!

To hear that, the person was amazed and then decided,

On that day, I won’t drive a car!

I won’t go outside!

However, on the day predicted by the Buddhist priest, something urgent came up and thus the person had no other choice to go out.

Unfortunately, when the person stepped out, the person collided with a car.

However, the person suffered only slight injuries, but it was just as the Buddhist priest had said that he would reduce damage to the person.

The Buddhist Priest Cleared an Obstacle to the Marriage

Furthermore, the bride and groom owed the Buddhist priest their marriage, because he cleared a difficult obstacle to their marriage.

There was any problem with the bride and groom themselves, but there was so messy relationship among people around them.

Therefore, there was no way they could marry under such complicated circumstances.

So, they went to visit the Buddhist priest to see if there was a way for them to marry.

Then he advised them as follows.

This is the best fate!

If you get married, you will cooperate with each other and will live a wonderful life dedicating to the world.

So, I will clear the obstacle to your marriage.

Amazingly, after that, the difficult obstacle which had hindered them from marrying disappeared.

Then, everything went well smoothly and they finally made it into their marriage.

That is the reason why the Buddhist priest sat at the center of the head table in their marriage ceremony as their greatest benefactor.

Amazing Psychic Experiment of the Buddhist Priest

That night, Suzuki was going to stay at a hotel with her sister.

Unexpectedly, she heard that the Buddhist priest was also going to stay at the same hotel as her.

Then he invited Suzuki and her sister to his hotel room.

Suzuki took the meeting with him as the sign of synchronicity, because she met the high Buddhist priest with amazing power, just when she had a drastic change in her life after the near-death experience.

Furthermore, she read up on Jungian psychology at that time.

So, Suzuki and her sister decided to visit his room.

His hotel room had a spacious reception room.

When Suzuki and her sister sat next to each other on a sofa in the reception room, the Buddhist priest began a mysterious experiment.

He prepared paper and pen and said,

Well, please write down any words on this piece of paper.

Then he went to the next room so that he could not see what Suzuki wrote down on the piece of paper.

Suzuki had no idea why he did such a weird thing, but she followed his instructions.

I wrote down words on the piece of paper.


Then, please fold it small, that is, about into one centimeters square.

When Suzuki followed his instructions, he said to her across the table.

Then, please throw the paper so that it drops in the center of the table.

So, Suzuki tossed the small folded piece of paper at the center of the table.

However, since target position was a point distant from her, she was struggling to drop the paper there.

No, no!

Please throw it so that it drops in the very center of the table!

After she tried several times, she finally succeeded in dropping the paper near the center of the table.

Then the Buddhist priest said without touching the folded paper at all,

I can read the words in the lines 2 and 3.

But I don’t understand the meaning of the words in the line 1, because I cannot read the first character.

Well, on the paper, you wrote down Hiragana (Japanese syllabary characters) ‘Yoku (better)’ in the line 2 and the characters ‘Narimasu (becomes)’ in the line 3, right?

He was right.

Then he continued,

I can read Hiragana “Bete” in the line 1, but I cannot understand what it means.

It seems that there are three characters, but you didn’t write down the first one.

So, I cannot read the word in the line 1.

No, you are not right, because I definitely wrote down the first character!

Then, please unfold the slip of paper!

Suzuki unfolded it.

She thought she had write down the following words,




(Everything becomes better)

However, the first character “Su” was too light to read, because the pen wasn’t working properly.

Suzuki was amazed to know the accuracy of his psychic power.

Oh, this is a so-called clairvoyance!

She was impressed in a strange way, because she had never seen anything like it with her own eyes before in her life.

Suzuki thought that the man showed her and her sister his clairvoyant power to prove that what he said was true, not to show off his amazing power.

In this way, like this Buddhist high priest, there are people in the world who have amazing psychic powers!

Published on January 12, 2020

Written by OTAKUPAPA


  1. Hideko Suzuki (December 2005). “Near-Death Experience. The Sound of Life.”
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