The Amazing Psychic Life of a Japanese High Buddhist Priest of Mt. Koyasan

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This is a true story of a Japanese high Buddhist priest of Mt. Koyasan who had an amazing psychic power since he was a child.

Hideko Suzuki (Born 1932) is a Japanese critic and scholar of modern Japanese literature.

Hideko Suzuki (born 1932), a Japanese critic and scholar of modern Japanese literature. 

One day in the fall of 1977, she fell down steep stairs at a convent named “Sisters of Good Samaritan” and then had an amazing near-death experience.

During the near-death experience, Suzuki was in a world filled with a beautiful light she had never seen.

By the way, after the near-death experience, she met a high Buddhist priest of Mt. Koyasan who had an amazing psychic power.

How did he gain such a psychic power?

To tell the truth, he had an amazing life since he was born.

Here, I would introduce an amazing destiny of the Japanese high Buddhist priest of Mt. Koyasan.

Amazing Life of the Japanese High Buddhist Priest

The Buddhist Priest told Suzuki about his amazing background and the psychic power he had given.

According to him, he was born to an unhappy family where children had died one after another for some reason.

One day, a ragged Buddhist monk happened to pass by his house.

The monk was seriously injured and he was also sick.

So, his mother had the monk stay in a separate hut and gave him a decent meal.

Then she took care of the monk every day.

Nevertheless, in spite of her care, the monk died.

Just before the death, the monk said to her,

As a token of my gratitude, I will pray that your baby who will be born next time can survive.

That baby will be born at the hour of the tiger on the month of the tiger of the year of the tiger.

Then he will surely become a Buddhist monk at the age of 33.

Amazingly, just as the monk predicted, a baby boy was born at the hour of the tiger on the month of the tiger of the year of the tiger.

Later, the boy became the high Buddhist monk at the age of 33.

It was just as predicted by the deceased Buddhist monk, but his parents had not told him about the Buddhist monk’s prediction.

Amazing Psychic Boy

The boy had a psychic ability since he was little.

One day, the boy happened to say to the people around him.

The horse of the old man next door will die tomorrow!

Amazingly, what he predicted came true.

Because of this, he was viewed as a mysterious boy with awe from adults around him.

Furthermore, when he was an elementary school student, villagers came all the way to the school to take advice from him.

Actually, when he was in the schoolyard during a recess, villagers came to ask him various things.

Thus, he could not even play in the schoolyard.

Finally, during a recess, he was taken into the principal’s office and kept there in isolation.

Working as a Psychic Prosecutor

After graduating university, he started working under a prosecutor.

His job was to investigate the suspects of crimes.

When the suspect went into his presence, he could see the whole event happened in the crime scene.

No matter how hard the suspect claimed innocence, he accurately pointed out how the suspect committed the crime.

Thus, the suspect turned pale and finally made a full confession to the crime.

On the other hand, there were some suspects who stubbornly denied their crimes.

In those cases, he went to the crime scene and definitely found incontestable evidence.

Because of that, the criminals he investigated could not get away their crime.

Before his psychic power, they had no excuse for their crimes and thus they were sent to jail to serve their sentences without exception.

Quitting His Job as a Prosecutor

Although he was faithful to his duty, he started thinking about quitting his job as a prosecutor.

I’m not sure I should continue my current job of giving people hell, even if they are criminals.

So, to make up for his sins to afflict many people so far, he finally determined to become a Buddhist monk.

At that time, he was 33 years old.

It was just as predicted by the deceased Buddhist monk, but he had not heard from his parents about the Buddhist monk’s prediction.

After that, a lot of people came to consult him.

They call his consultation “Goshido (guidance).”

During the consultation, a visitor sat in silence in front of him.

Strangely enough, even though the visitor did not speak a single word, he gave the visitor sound advice.

Don’t jump at the offer.

Your son should enroll in his second-choice university.

In this way, he made a simple recommendation to the visitor.

According to him, he could see everything through his psychic ability, including the visitor’s worry and problems.

So, in his consultation, he did not have to ask the visitors for details.

A Message from the High Buddhist Priest

Later, Suzuki heard from the doctor who invited her to the wedding that the high Buddhist priest was ill.

So, she went to see the Buddhist priest in the hospital with the doctor.

At the sight of her, the Buddhist priest said to her,

I hope you will make people happy using the power you have been given.

Perhaps, he knew when his life would come to an end.

After that, the Buddhist priest naturally accepted his death and then passed away in peace.

We come into the world to carry out important missions assigned to each of us.

And when we fulfilled our respective missions, we depart this world.

In this way, the death of the high Buddhist priest taught Suzuki that our lives are given to accomplish important missions assigned to each of us.

This is the important message from the Japanese high Buddhist priest with an amazing destiny.

Published on January 18, 2020

Written by OTAKUPAPA


  1. Hideko Suzuki (December 2005). “Near-Death Experience. The Sound of Life.”
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