A Japanese Woman Saved Sick People With a Miraculous Healing Power Gained After a Near-Death Experience

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This is a true story of a Japanese woman who saved many sick people with a miraculous healing power gained after a near-death experience.

Hideko Suzuki (Born 1932) is a Japanese critic and scholar of modern Japanese literature.

Hideko Suzuki (born 1932), a Japanese critic and scholar of modern Japanese literature. 

One day in the fall of 1977, she fell down steep stairs at a convent named “Sisters of Good Samaritan” and then had an amazing near-death experience.

During the near-death experience, Suzuki was in a world filled with a beautiful light she had never seen.

It was a world filled with a whitish-golden light.

It was an amazing experience.

This near-death experience had a huge impact on her life after that.

Actually, Suzuki gained a miraculous healing power after the near-death experience.

Then she saved many sick people by the healing power, such as a young girl who suffered a bad liver and a curved spine.

Here, I would like to introduce other amazing stories that Suzuki saved sick people with her miraculous healing power gained after the near-death experience.

Suzuki Visited Hospitals to Save Terminal Patients

After some hard experiences, Suzuki was thinking that she was going to stop using her miraculous healing power.

However, Sister N., who had introduced many sick people to Suzuki, suggested her to go to hospitals.

Sister N. persuaded Suzuki to go to hospitals,

There are lots of people who are suffering in the world.

To help such people, you should go to hospitals and ease them of pain in some way, I think.

Sister N. was always thinking of others before herself.

So, Suzuki decided to go to save terminal patients whom even doctors gave up all hope of saving.

Sister N. had so strong network of people that she introduced to Suzuki terminal cancer patients and sick people who were past hope, although the doctors did their very best to save them.

Suzuki visited Keio University Hospital, National Medical Center, National Cancer Center, St. Luke’s International Hospital and so on.

In this way, she began to visit lots of hospitals to save terminal patients.

Suzuki Foreboded the Terminal Patient’s Day of Death

When Suzuki visited dying people in a hospital, she put her hand on their body.

At that time, she sometimes foreboded their deaths.

His days are numbered!

He will soon die!

It’s really strange, but Suzuki sometimes knew even the person’s day of death.

According to Suzuki, about two days before the person’s death, when she put her hand on the person’s body, the person’s body looked white and transparent.

Or rather, the person’s body was bathed in white light like an angel.

So, Suzuki felt,

Oh, he is already ready to die!

On the contrary, when Suzuki put her hand on someone’s body, she sometimes felt,

Oh, he will take a new lease of life.

In this case, Suzuki had a strong intuitive feeling as follows.

He (She) still has time.

By the way, how does she know the people’s day of death?

Suzuki doesn’t even know the answer herself.

She can only answer that she intuitively understands it.

According to her, it is a kind of conviction she has through a process similar to an inspiration beyond normal dimensions.

A Little Girl Had Holes in Her Heart

About six months after the near-death experience, Suzuki met a little girl.

When she put her hand on the body of the little girl, Suzuki found that the girl had holes in her heart.

Amazingly, Suzuki could tell even the number of the holes.

So, Suzuki asked the girl’s mother.

She may have a bad heart, right?

Yes, she does.

She will be getting surgery at a university hospital next month.

How do you know that she has a bad heart!?

The mother replied with a wondering look.

At that time, Suzuki promised the girl to meet again.

Then, when she met the girl next time, she prayed for the girl.


Oh, she will be fine!

For some reason, Suzuki knew by intuition that the girl would be saved.

Then she recommended the girl’s mother to immediately go to the T university hospital where the girl was going to get surgery and to have an X-ray examination again before the surgical operation.

So, the mother set a time for her daughter’s X-ray examination at the hospital.

Then two weeks later, the girl had an X-ray examination.

Two weeks after the X-ray examination, the girl was going to have heart surgery.

However, after performing the X-ray of the girl’s heart, the doctor compared an X-ray image from now with one from before.

For a while, the doctor stared at the two X-ray images with his arms folded.

As the doctor kept silent for a long time, the girl’s mother was afraid that something bad definitely happened to the girl.

Her mother was so sad to stand it, but she waited patiently to hear from the doctor.

However, the doctor suddenly left the room without saying a word.

So, the girl and her mother were left in the room.

But after a while, the doctor and several young doctors thronged the room noisily.

Then they fixed their eyes on the X-ray images of the girl’s heart.

For a while, they discussed with serious expressions, ignoring the girl and her mother.

Finally, the doctor who was going to perform the surgery on the girl’s heart turned to the mother and her daughter.

The doctor looked serious.

The mother was so nervous that she felt like she was being smothered.

At last, the doctor began to talk to the mother and her daughter,

What happened to her!?

It’s completely healed up now!!!

We can’t believe our eyes!

The moment the mother heard it, she lost her tension in relief and amazement.

Then she rushed to the phone booth to contact her husband.

Ms. Suzuki was completely right!

Saying that, the mother was sobbing.

In the meantime, the girl did not know what was going on then.

She gave her mother a blank look sitting on the chair.

In this way, Suzuki miraculously saved the little girl with a serious heart disease by her amazing healing power!

Suzuki Saved a Critically Ill Puppy

Suzuki also cured animals.

One day, she visited her friend’s house, because the friend had asked her,

My father feels sick.

So, please come to pray for him!

The friend had a fluffy puppy.

The puppy broke its paw and the broken bones were connected with a wire.

Furthermore, the puppy had a high fever and it was seriously ill.

According to the friend, the puppy had a veterinarian’s examination at the veterinary department of the University of Tokyo.

But, the veterinarian said to the friend,

If the puppy does not get better by connecting the broken bones with a wire, it cannot possibly be saved.

When Suzuki put her hand on the body of her friend’s father, the puppy was beside her.

Suddenly, the puppy came running toward Suzuki and then tried to get under her hand for some reason.

It was as if the puppy wanted Suzuki to put her hand on its little body.

Then, I will pray for this puppy, too.

So, Suzuki went near the puppy.


Why do you have to go through such a tough situation?

Then, you might as well decide which one to choose.

That is, you can completely be cured or die!

Saying that, Suzuki put her hand on the puppy.

At that moment, the puppy suddenly sprang up and jumped on a sofa.

After that, her friend took the puppy to see the veterinarian.

Surprisingly enough, the examination showed that the broken bones were mended nicely and the puppy was completely cured!

Suzuki did not even expect such an unexpected results, but her friend’s family was delighted by the miraculous cure of their puppy.

Of course, her friend’s father also recovered by the healing power of Suzuki.

In this way, Suzuki saved the puppy’s life by her amazing healing power!

Published on January 4, 2020

Written by OTAKUPAPA


  1. Hideko Suzuki (December 2005). “Near-Death Experience. The Sound of Life.”
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