Amazing Healing Power a Japanese Woman Gained After a Near-Death Experience

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This is a true story of a Japanese woman who gained a miraculous healing power after a near-death experience.

Hideko Suzuki (Born 1932) is a Japanese critic and scholar of modern Japanese literature.

Hideko Suzuki (born 1932), a Japanese critic and scholar of modern Japanese literature. 

One day in the fall of 1977, she fell down steep stairs at a convent named “Sisters of Good Samaritan” and then had an amazing near-death experience.

During the near-death experience, Suzuki was in a world filled with a beautiful light she had never seen.

It was a world filled with a whitish-golden light.

It was an amazing experience.

Interestingly, the near-death experience had a huge impact on her life after that.

By the way, it is generally known that some people saw a mysterious light during their near- death experience, just like Suzuki.

Furthermore, some of them gained psychic powers.

Actually, Suzuki also gained a miraculous healing power after the near-death experience.

Here, I would introduce an amazing healing power Suzuki gained after the near-death experience.

Suzuki Gained an Amazing Healing Power after the NDE

After the near-death experience of meeting the mysterious light, Suzuki felt like she entered into a mysterious world in another dimension.

She felt that the light was something alive and it filled her life with eternal shining.

It seemed that the light radiated not only to herself, but also to the other people she met and to those involved with her.

Actually, when she met someone, Suzuki was suddenly filled with warm feelings.

Oh, he (she) will become happy!

And the next moment, the following words just came out of her mouth.

There will surely be something good for you around two o’clock on Wednesday afternoon next week.

Strangely, for some reason, Suzuki sometimes knew what time the event would happen.

Some days later, the other person who had heard Suzuki’s prophetic words came to thank her.

What you said was true!

Amazingly, Suzuki’s prophetic words almost always came true.

That happened many times.

So, Suzuki began to feel like making her miraculous power useful for more people.

After that, she told a sister about her healing power.

Then the sister brought sick people to Suzuki one after another.

Suzuki had the sick person lie down on a bed of the reception room of the convent.

Then, she put her hand of the body of the sick person without asking what was wrong.

After that, she quietly synchronized her breath with the person for a while.

According to Suzuki, at that time, she felt that the person’s physical and mental condition are conveyed to her through the hand.

Furthermore, in a deep meditative state, Suzuki felt pains, a feeling of discomfort and the affected part of the person’s body.

In this way, Suzuki was able to know quite clearly the physical and mental condition of the sick people without asking them.

After she knew what’s wrong with the person, Suzuki prayed that the person gets cured of the disease.

Amazingly, a lot of sick people were miraculously cured by Suzuki’s healing power!

Miraculous Cure of a Sick Young Girl

One day, the sister brought a young girl to Suzuki.

The girl lied down on the bed in silence.

As usual, Suzuki put her hand on the body of the girl and said,

You have a bad liver and weak hearing.

You also have got a curved spine, right?

However, the girl clearly denied what Suzuki said.

No, not at all!

Nothing is wrong with me!

But this just did not feel right to Suzuki.

So, Suzuki asked the girl,

Then why did you come all the way to see me?

I came here, just because Sister N. told me to do so!

But, you seem to have a bad liver and a curved spine.

And I feel like you have weak hearing, too.

The girl looked down and said the same thing again with a small voice.

No, nothing is wrong with me…

Then the girl left the convent.

However, the next day, the girl sat silently alone on the sofa of the reception room of the convent.

Suzuki put her hand on the body of the girl just like yesterday.

Suzuki said just as she was talking to herself.

But I still feel you have a bad liver…

Then after a long silence, the girl began to speak slowly.

I’m sorry…

I’m sorry for lying!

To tell the truth, until the day before yesterday, I was in a hospital for jaundice.

I came here, because I recovered from the illness.

Just as you said, I have a curved spine!

Because of that, I have troubles in various parts of my body.

I have a gallstone, too.

But, my mom told me,

You must never say to others that you have illnesses.

Otherwise, you will not be able to get married!

My mom has repeatedly said that to me since I was little…

The stiff expression which the girl showed yesterday disappeared from her childlike innocent face.

Perhaps, she felt better, because she talked to Suzuki about her problems which she could not open up to anyone for a long time.

Suzuki asked the girl,

Oh, I see.

Then what about your ear?

I don’t have weak hearing.

But my father is born deaf.

So, I might lose my hearing, too!

Hoping that the girl’s spine and liver get better, Suzuki put her hand around the girl’s spine and then put her healing power into there.

Suddenly, Suzuki and the girl heard a loud noise like something cracks in the room and so they jumped up in surprise.


At that moment, the girl opened her eyes and shook her body from side to side in amazement.

Suzuki put her hand on the back of the girl.

Amazingly, Suzuki found the girl’s spine straighten up, even though it had been curved until just now.

Just like the spinal manipulation of chiropractic medicine, the girl’s curved spine was set straight in an instant!

In this way, the young girl was miraculously cured by Suzuki’s healing power.

Suzuki was very surprised to see the drastic effect of her healing power.

Many Sick People Came to See Suzuki

After a while, a lot of sick people came to see Suzuki, because they heard that Suzuki had saved many people by her miraculous healing power.

Thus, the hallway of the convent was crowded with visitors.

Suzuki cured many visitors of their sicknesses with her healing power and the healed people appreciated her.

She actively met those visitors, because she found it interesting to witness them cured of their sicknesses with her healing power and she was so happy that the healed people appreciated her.

But, sometimes, people who were not ill came to see Suzuki.

They just asked her,

Could you please tell me the best time for me?

So, Suzuki answered to them,

It will be at around TT on MM/DD.

For a while, such people came to see Suzuki.

After that, she noticed that many gentlemen in fine suits lined up in the hallway of the convent.

Strangely, they just asked her,

What is the time and date?

At first, Suzuki put her hand on their bodies and just answered to their questions.

But, she became increasingly curious about them.

So, one day, Suzuki asked one of them,

Excuse me, sir.

Could I ask you something?

If you don’t mind my asking, please tell me what kind of person you are.

For what purpose did you come here?

The man replied,

We trade stocks.

If we sell stocks on the time and date which you recommend, we can make a lot of money!

Actually, they used Suzuki’s miraculous power to make a killing in the stock market.

When she heard what the man said, Suzuki thought,

I should not use my miraculous power for something like this!

Since then, Suzuki decided not to use her healing power for any people other than sick people.

Criticized by Her Best Friend for Her Healing Power

After that, Suzuki met her best friend from university.

When she happened to put her hand on her friend’s body, she suddenly felt something.

So, Suzuki asked her,

Could it be that you have stomach trouble?

However, her friend denied it with a puzzled looking face.

No, not at all!

Why would you say that?

Suzuki became puzzled by that unexpected response, because her telling was always right so far.

So, she dodged her friend’s question.

Very well then, but take care of yourself!

Surprisingly enough, that night, after her friend came back home, she had an intense pain in her stomach.

Then she was taken by ambulance to a hospital and got hospitalized.

After that, when Suzuki visited her in the hospital, she said with a grave look,

Just as you told me, I really got sick!

It seems like if you say something prophetic, so it happens!

Since then, Suzuki thought that she was going to stop using her miraculous power to save sick people.

In this way, a healing power sometimes makes someone feel unhappy.

Nevertheless, Suzuki had second thoughts after that.

Afterwards, as a sister serving God, Suzuki decided to devote her healing power to save people on their deathbed in hospitals.

Thus, Suzuki is a great healer!

Published on December 29, 2019

Written by OTAKUPAPA


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