Amazing Structure of Mind Revealed by an Ex-Sony Engineer and Hitsuki Shinji, the Final Revelation of God

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This is a true story of a man who explored a science of another world.


Toshitaka Doi, Ph.D. (born 1942) is an Ex-Sony electrical engineer.

Toshitaka Doi, Ph.D. (born 1942)

Dr. Doi was a prominent member of the Sony/Philips taskforce responsible for the design of the Compact Disc.

In the 1990s, Dr. Doi headed Sony’s Digital Creatures Laboratory and he was responsible for AIBO, Sony’s robotic dog.

Sony AIBO (ERS-7). Dr. Doi is credited as AIBO’s original progenitor.

Source Stuart Caie – FlickrPlease take this ball. Please?

In 2003, he created QRIO, a running humanoid robot.

Sony QRIO Robots watch AIBOs at a Robocup event. The humanoid QRIO robot was designed as the successor to AIBO

Source Jan Hoffmann – FlickrQRIO und Aibo quasi auf Abschiedstournee 

In this way, Dr. Doi achieved an extraordinary performance as a Sony’s genius engineer.

However, besides being an engineer, Dr. Doi has another side.

He is also interested in the scientific elucidation of another world.

Thus, as a second job, Dr. Doi researched the science of another world based on quantum mechanics, Jungian psychology and the traditional eastern philosophy.

Dr. Doi published the results of his research work under the pen name of Shiro Tenge.

Many of his books became bestsellers in Japan and Tenge’s science of another world received a great response.

Here, I would like to introduce Tenge’s interesting findings on the relation between the human mind and another world.

The Most Incredible Coincidence That Tenge Has Ever Had

On December 18, 1997, Tenge was walking in the San Francisco International Airport to get back to Japan from a business trip to America.

In the lobby of the airport, frequent announcements were made and the conversations of people from different countries were sometimes interrupted by the roar of jumbo jets.

At that time, Tenge felt that the constant hustle and bustle of the airport came to a sudden standstill.

It suddenly became quiet.

What happened?

At the moment, Tenge had a sudden image of Masaru Ibuka (1908-1997), a co-founder of Sony in the upper right in his field of view.

Masaru Ibuka is a co-founder and honorary chairman of Sony.

Masaru Ibuka (1908-1997), a co-founder of Sony.

In that strange image, Ibuka was smiling at Tenge.

Tenge became puzzled by the unexpected development.

What causes me to see the image of Mr. Ibuka.

He must be in his house in Japan now.

I probably see an illusion!

Thinking thus, Tenge kept on walking without slackning his pace.

But the image of Ibuka lingered there for a while.

Then, the image of Ibuka disappeared from view.

At that moment , the silence was broken and the ambient noise of the airport came back to the lobby.

Tenge unconsciously checked the clock.

It was exactly 11:30 a.m.

Tenge was surprised, because he had never experienced hallucination while walking and keeping his eyes open.

At that time, for Tenge, practicing meditation had become his daily routine and he often saw visions during meditation.

When Tenge saw visions during meditation, they always appeared in the upper left in his field of view.

However, that day, it was different from usual.

The image of Mr. Ibuka appeared in the upper right in his field of view.

That’s different from always.

Tenge wondered why the image of Mr. Ibuka appeared in the upper right in his field of view.

Therefore, Tenge remembers vividly about that weird experience even now.

After seeing the image of Mr. Ibuka, Tenge felt a pang of regret.

About one year earlier, Ibuka was going to come to view the test model of AIBO, although he had a sickly condition.

Ibuka was looking forward to watch a demonstration by AIBO and thus he forced himself to go out for the first time in a long time.

However, Ibuka had to return to his home without watching the demonstration, because his condition got worse along the way.

Since that day, it had been bothering Tenge for a long time.

Nevertheless, Tenge had taken no action for almost one year from that day.

Because of that, Tenge was haunted by the regret.

I should have visited Mr. Ibuka in his home to show him a demonstration by AIBO back then.

Tenge bit hard on his lip.

Because of that, when Tenge got on a plane, he was in a stew.

However, after a while, Tenge had second thought.

No! That won’t be late to show Mr. Ibuka the demonstration by AIBO even from now.

OK! As soon as I got to Narita Airport in Japan, I will make an appointment with Mr. Ibuka.

He will be glad to see AIBO. 

Tenge firmly made up his mind to make an appointment after arriving Japan.

Then, he finally fell asleep on the plane.

Tenge Received Unexpected News

When Tenge arrived at Narita Airport, he got into his car.

At that time, the driver handed Tenge an envelope.

I got an important message for you.

What is it all about?

Tenge took out a letter from the envelope.

To his surprise, it was the news of the sudden passing away of Ibuka.

Ibuka passed away at 3:38 a.m. on December 19, 1997.

Tenge was surprised to know the time.

Considering the time difference between Tokyo and San Francisco, Ibuka passed away eight minutes after Tenge saw his image at the San Francisco International Airport!

Perhaps, Mr. Ibuka came all the way to say his final farewell to me.

When Tenge knew the truth, he could not stop crying.

It was the first time that someone said farewell to Tenge just before his death.

Why Could a Mysterious Coincidence Happen?

By the way, why could such a mysterious coincidence happen?

To tell the truth, such a mysterious coincidence is not unusual.

Actually, similar premonitions have been reported around the world.

According to Carl Jung (1875-1961), a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, collective unconscious, the structures of the unconscious mind are shared among beings of the same species.

Carl Jung (1875-1961)

In other words, our minds are connected to each other at the bottom of our hearts.

Here, assume the computer analogy that I took in the previous post.

In this analogy, Alice and Bob live in the virtual world generated by the computer.

On the other hand, Alice’s data and Bob’s data are stored in the cloud database.

That is, Alice’s body and Bob’s body of the virtual world are generated based on the Alice’s data and Bob’s data respectively of the cloud database.

In this analogy, Alice’s body and Bob’s body move according to Alice’s data and Bob’s data respectively.

Here, assume that Alice and Bob are spatially far away from each other (in the above figure, they are separated by a river).

In this case, Alice and Bob cannot directly communicate with each other, because they are physically separated.

However, the time and space in the virtual world has been generated based on the data in the cloud database.

Therefore, Alice’s data and Bob’s data can directly interact with each other in the cloud database, because the data in the cloud database are not limited by time and space of the virtual world.

To understand this, assume that you play a video game such as Grand Theft Auto.

Even if you want to know the ending of the game immediately after starting the game, you cannot know it beyond time in the virtual world.

However, there is the only exception in the law of causality of the virtual world.

If you can directly access the source program of the game, you can instantly know the ending of the game without waiting for time to pass in the virtual world, that is, in the cloud database, you are not limited by the time of the virtual world.

In the same way, you can instantly know an event happening in a faraway place without moving there in the virtual world by accessing the source program of the game, that is, in the cloud database, you are not limited by the space of the virtual world

The Relation Between the Human Body and Mind

For exactly the same reason, we can discuss the relation between the human mind and body by replacing the computer model with the universe as in the table below.

Computer modelCould databaseVirtual world
 ↓ ↓ ↓
The universeAnother worldPhysical world

In this case, Alice’s mind and Bob’s mind could directly interact with each other through another world.

That is,

Another world is considered as a kind of ‘field of mind’ where there is no time and space.

In other words,

Alice’s mind and Bob’s mind could share some common information through another world, because they are not limited by the time and space of the physical world.

Furthermore, such shared common information corresponds to the Jung’s collective unconsciousness.

For example, when Bob was walking near the Alice’s house, Bob happened to run into Alice who was coming out of her house, because she had a hunch that Bob was outside.

In this case, Alice cannot sense that Bob was outside due to the spatial constraint, but her mind can directly perceive Bob’s mind.

That is, our minds can directly perceive other person’s mind, because our minds are connected to each other deep down inside through another world.

And this is the reason that human minds have common experience beyond the individual experience.

Spiritual Dream Interpretation of a Japanese Girl’s Nightmare

By the way, in Japanese spiritual history, it is not unusual to have the idea that our minds are connected to each other through another world.

About 200 years ago, Atsutane Hirata (1776-1843), one of the greatest Japanese scholars in the early 1800s, had interest on an afterlife.

Atsutane Hirata (1776-1843)

Hirata is conventionally ranked as one of the Four Great Men of Kokugaku (nativist) studies of Japan, and one of the most significant theologians of the Japanese Shinto religion.

Hirata had a great interest in another world.

What will happen to us after death?

Thus, Hirata collected evidences of another world from all over Japan.

As one of those evidences, Hirata investigated a mysterious nightmare that a 15 year old Japanese girl had.

As a result of the investigation, Hirata concluded that

Our dream is connected to another world as well as mythical world and actual world.

The Relation Between the Human Mind and Another World Described in Hitsuki Shinji, The Final Revelation of God

Interestingly, the relation between the human mind and another world is described in Hitsuki Shinji, the final revelation of God.

On June 10, 1944, Tenmei Okamoto (1897-1963), a Japanese painter received a divine revelation in Ameno Hitsuku Shrine located in Narita, Chiba, Japan.

Tenmei Okamoto (1897-1963) wearing a garment of a Shinto priest

Ameno Hitsuku Shrine

Actually, God declares in Hitsuki Shinji that

This is the final revelation of God, following the revelation of every religion around the world including Christanity, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism and so on.

Surprisingly, Hitsuki Shinji covers a wide range of topics from the future prediction, the structure of the spirit world, a new economic system to replace current capitalism, new political form, philosophy and science and so on.

The original text of Hitsuki Shinji. It includes a lot of numbers and symbols and thus it is written in ciphers which Tenmei himself could not read. 

Thus, Hitsuki Shinji is an amazing revelation from God that created the universe.

Hitsuki Shinji reveals the relation between our minds and another world.

It is written in Hitsuki Shinji, Volume 25, Shirogane (Platinum), Chapter 6 (617) as follows,

People of the spirit world live in the human heart.

They live in the spirit world making the human minds their bodies.

They live in the human minds.

I put it plainly so that you can understand easily.

According to Hitsuki Shinji, the people of the spirit world live in our minds.

In other words,

Our minds are connected to the spirit world, as Hirata indicated.

It is written in Hitsuki Shinji, Volume 25, Shirogane (Platinum), Chapter 1 (612) as follows,

In another world, there are people who make your minds their bodies.

They are what you call Kami (gods).

It is written in Hitsuki Shinji, Volume 26, Kurogane (Iron), Chapter 22 (640) as follows,

It’s pretty difficult for you to grasp your own mind.

There is another mind in your mind.

Furthermore, there is yet another mind in it.

There is the spirit world in your mind.

It’s pretty difficult for you as a bodily existence to grasp the spirit world.

Furthermore, it is written in Hitsuki Shinji, Volume 25, Shirogane (Platinum), Chapter 7 (618) as follows,

The spirit world is more exquisite and refined than the physical world.

There are time and space in it, but there are also no time and space.

Even though you have got multiple things in time order, you can line them up in one point in your mind regardless of the time and distance.

You can understand well the reason why there is no time and space in your mind.

As you can see from above description of Hitsuki Shinji , it is concluded that

1. Another world (the spirit world) exists in our minds.

2. Our minds are connected to each other through another world.

3. There is no time and space in another world as well as in our minds.

Amazingly, the above three points of the relation between the human mind and the spirit world described in Hitsuki Shinji are surprisingly consistent with Tenge’s findings which Tenge uncovered by noticing the common ground between Bohm’s implicit order and Jung’s collective unconsciousness.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Someday, the day may come when God’s science indicated by Shiro Tenge and  Hituski Shinji will reveal the amazing structure of our mind.

Published on August 11, 2019

Written by OTAKUPAPA


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