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Hitsuki Shinji: Amazing Prophecy Prevented the Assassination of the Prime Minister of Japan

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This is a true story of a revelation which is considered to be the final revelation of God that created the universe and its prophecy was fulfilled with 100% accuracy.

Fall of the Empire of Japan 

For nearly two years before 1945, the Empire of Japan had suffered a string of defeats in the South West Pacific, the Marianas campaign and the Philippines campaign.


Then, in the first half of 1945, the Allies captured the nearby islands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima

The battleship USS Idaho shelling Okinawa on April 1, 1945

At that time, the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy were outnumbered by Allied Forces everywhere.


Thus, it was just a matter of time that the Empire of the Sun would go down.

Amazing Psychic Unit of the Imperial Japanese Army

At that time, Takeo Takagi, a lieutenant colonel of the Imperial Japanese Army, gathered specially selected psychics from all over Japan.


His aim was to establish a special psychic unit to turn the tables in the war.

HQ building of the Imperial Japanese Army, Tokyo

The psychics gathered in Mental Training Hall at Hakone.


Takagi was sure that Japan is a divine land and thus he believed that God would give them a revelation to save Japan in a time of crisis.


Therefore, he investigated the candidates to find real psychics.


Takagi's mission was to establish a special psychic unit and to take full advantage of their psychic ability to military operations of the Imperial Japanese Army.


After serious consideration, Hitsuki Shinji, the final revelation of God, was singled out for the high credibility.

The original text of Hitsuki Shinji. They include a lot of numbers and symbols and thus they are written in ciphers. 

Hitsuki Shinji, the final revelation of God

On June 10, 1944, Tenmei Okamoto (1897-1963), a Japanese painter received a divine revelation in Ameno Hitsuku Shrine located in Narita, Chiba, Japan.

Tenmei Okamoto (1897-1963) wearing a garment of a Shinto priest

Ameno Hitsuku Shrine

Source Hoku-sou-san - own work

On that day, when Tenmei took a little rest in a shrine office, the blood vessels of his right hand suddenly bulged out.


Tenmei moved his right hand in pain and he found himself putting a pen on a paper.

Surprisingly, his right hand began to move spontaneously.


Then, Tenmei wrote some characters on the paper with pen against his will.


That was the beginning of the final revelation of God.


From that day, Tenmeis automatic writing happened intermittently and it continued for seventeen years by 1961.


The revelation was called as

Hitsuki Shinji

meaning in Japanese,

The Sun and the Moon Revelation

It is the final revelation of God that created the universe.


Surprisingly enough, according to some Japanese spiritual researchers, 

The predictions of Histuki Shinji have been fulfilled with 100% accuracy.

Actually, God declared in Hitsuki Shinji as follows.

There is not any bit of inaccuracy in this revelation.

Thus, Takagi paid attention to Hitsuki Shinji to know the fate of the Empire of Japan.

Assassination Plan against the Former Prime Minister of Japan

One day in summer of 1945, a group of young army officers of the Imperial Japanese Army visited Tenmei Okamoto.


Tenmei was a deputy Shinto priest who received Hitsuki Shinji in the form of code message from God by automatic writing.


Tenmei asked the young officers why they visited him.


They said to Tenmei.

Konoe is a coward and incompetent traitor.


If we allow Konoe do as he pleases, the Empire of Japan will surrender before the Allies.


So, we have to get rid of him in a couple of days.

Tenmei was surprised to hear their assassination plot of Konoe.


Prince Fumimaro Konoe was a Japanese politician in the Empire of Japan who served as the 34th, 38th and 39th Prime Minister of Japan.

Prince Fumimaro Konoe

Konoe was known as Prime Minister in the lead-up to Japan entering World War II.


However, when the tide of the war began to turn for the worse, he looked for a way to a peace overture.


Hideki Tojo, who ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor as the 27th Prime Minister, noticed Konoe’s peace move.

Hideki Tojo

Tojo made a threat against Konoe through Kenryo Sato, Tojo’s right hand.

I heard you are up to no good recently.


I think you’d better not. 

Tojo's remarks enraged Konoe.


From that day on, Konoe became the central figure of peace move against Tojo and the other militarists in the Empire of Japan.


At that time, there were two groups in Japan that seeked to bring about an early end of the war.


First is the civil group led by a diplomat, Shigeru Yoshida.

Shigeru Yoshida

Second is the political and military group led by Keisuke Okada who was an admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy and the 20th Prime Minister of Japan.

Keisuke Okada

Konoe acted as a coordinator for both groups.


He also worked with the member of the Imperial Way Faction that was anti-mainstream faction in the Imperial Japanese Army


In this way, Konoe conducted energetic activities of peace move in opposition to Japanese militarism.


Furthermore, in February 14, 1945, Konoe advised the Emperor, Hirohito to begin negotiations to end World War II.

Emperor of Japan, Hirohito

However, according to Grand Chamberlain Hisanori Fujita, Hirohito was still looking for a great victory and thus he firmly rejected Konoe’s recommendation for peace.


Under such circumstances, a radical group of the Imperial Japanese Army plotted an assassination of the former Prime Minister, Prince Konoe.

The Divine Revelation to Prevent the Assassination Plot

A young officer told Tenmei,

Fortunately, Konoe is currently staying in a private cottage in Karuizawa.


So, we are ready to carry the plan into action right now.

They all looked bloodthirsty.


The officer continued,

But, there was a suggestion from some of us that we should confirm the will of God before carrying out the plan just in case.


We have to move fast for the future of the Empire of Japan.


So, we need a divine message immediately!

Tenmei wondered what he should do.

The officer added to see Tenmei lost in thought.

The revelation you received is well-known to us.


So, it has a lot of credibility with some part of the Imperial Japanese Army.


Actually, your revelation was copied and passed out in the Army.

Tenmei was surprised to hear that Hitsuki Shinji has a powerful influence on the Imperial Japanese Army.


Actually, according to Shinichi Nakaya, a writer and a researcher on Hitsuki Shinji, he heard from the former soldier of the Imperial Japanese Army that Hitsuki Shinji was circulated among the soldiers.


After serious consideration, Tenmei replied to the officers.

I don’t mind asking God his will.


But, what will you do if it comes out against your plan.


Will you abort your assassination plan?


I will not ask God his will without confirming your determination.

Tenmei said decisively.


They talked in whispers for a while.


Then, the officer replied to Tenmei.

We will obey the divine will.

Thus, Tenmei took a bow with solemnity before the shrine and he asked God his will.

Then, he heard the voice of God.

You must not do such a thing!

As a result, the officers abandoned the assassination plan.

Hitsuki Shinji Predicted the Fall of the Imperial Japan and the Postwar Restoration

By the way, if Konoe had been assassinated by the army officers at that time, the Empire of Japan would have continued the war without accepting an unconditional surrender.


In this case, there would have been a great number of victims among Japanese people and also the allied soldiers.


In that sense, many lives were saved by the divine revelation.


However, it can also be considered that God prevented the assassination of Konoe because the fall of the Empire of Japan was predetermined and thus the assassination of Konoe would have only prolonged the agony of Japanese people.


Actually, Hitsuki Shinji clearly predicted the total destruction and the defeat of the Empire of Japan.

Aerial view of Tokyo following the war. The total destruction of Tokyo was clearly predicted in Hitsuki Shinji.

Atomic bomb mushroom clouds over Hiroshima (left) and Nagasaki (right)

Japanese foreign affairs minister Mamoru Shigemitsu signs the Japanese Instrument of Surrender on board USS Missouri as General Richard K. Sutherland watches, September 2, 1945

On the other hand, Hitsuki Shinji also predicted the postwar reconstruction of Japan.

After the WWII, Japan recovered remarkably from ashes, which was also predicted in Hitsuki Shinji.

Both of the above predictions were fulfilled.


As described above, Hitsuki Shinji was read among many officers and soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy.


Especially, the prediction of the restoration of postwar Japan helped prevent many Japanese soldiers from committing suicide at the Japan’s defeat in the war.


Furthermore, many predictions are written in Hitsuki Shinji and it is said that

The prediction accuracy is 100%.

Therefore, the predictions of Hitsuki shinji may be realized at this very moment.


Published on September 16, 2018

Updated on July 17, 2019

Written by OTAKUPAPA


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